Reality Check For Anti-Marijuana Group: Legalization’s Coming

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director July 16, 2013

    The so-called Partnership for a Drug-Free [sic] America (PDFA) has been a prolific, yet impotent, anti-marijuana propaganda machine since its inception in the mid 1980’s under President Ronald ‘Just Say No’ Reagan. No other quasi governmental or private entity spent more money or had greater access to mainstream media to try to perpetuate the federal government’s failed cannabis prohibition. Only the now unpopular and underfunded DARE program rivaled PDFA in it’s high visibility efforts to maintain support among the American populace for cannabis prohibition–but was equally feckless–wasting billions in taxpayer dollars and not impacting youth drug use rates.

    norml_remember_prohibition_Both DARE and PDFA were largely ignored and underfunded by the George W. Bush Administration from 2000-2008, with the current administration continuing to follow suit by diminishing the size and scope of both’s finances and public reach.

    After the PDFA released a new survey today, with media outlets starting to contact NORML for commentary, only then did it become clear to me that the beginning of the end is die in the cast for PDFA when they chose to put out a survey that in effect says ‘marijuana legalization is coming, but only for adults’.

    Really?! PDFA needed to waste even more funding and bandwidth informing the public that support for cannabis legalization for adults is at an all time high, but that parents surveyed don’t think the herbal drug should be legalized for youth or marketed to children.

    Gee. Was there anybody in America advocating that children should be able to legally buy and use cannabis products?

    While the PFDA’s most recent survey seeks to create a political red herring about children and cannabis, the survey affirms the now obvious in American life: public support for continuing cannabis prohibition is at an all time low and tax-n-regulating cannabis is an alternative public policy that now enjoys majority support.

    After watching and archiving hundreds of anti-cannabis propaganda commercials from the PDFA going back to the late 1980s, reading this new survey acknowledging 1) Legalization is quickly picking up public and political support in America, 2) Americans want a sensible cannabis policy, where, like with alcohol products, only adults have legal and controlled access and 3) Parents have concerns about potential cannabis advertisements in mass media demonstrates to me that another major socio-political ‘tea leaf” has revealed itself with the PDFA now left to propagandize about if and how legal cannabis will marketed, not whether cannabis is an inherently ‘evil’ drug that will forever be prohibited.

    With even the hardcore anti-cannabis folks at PDFA now recognizing the changing attitudes about cannabis in favor of legalization, when will Congress and the White House finally embrace this political reality too?


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    1. Fat Freddy says:

      They’re finally realizing that people are becoming wise to the fact that the WOD/Private Prison System is the new Jim Crow. They don’t want to be seen as its enforcers although they’ve always been.

    2. troy grant says:

      You would own shares in the public treasure the same as you would own shares in Wal Mart. Then you receive dividends from their use and leases equally for all American citizens. These shares are non transferable so you can’t buy or sell them. They are deleted when one dies, so the value of all shares goes up. We could hire and fire the management of We the People Inc. in yearly onlline stockholder’s meetings, just like any other corporation. And we could protect our commons from overexploitation and destruction. As the largest, richest corporation, we would have a competitive advantage over all others. No other corporation would be able to ban cannabis or institute unfair laws for protectionist purposes by bribing politicians. Equal share distribution in trillions of dollars of our public lands, waters, resources, etc. would mean each American citizen would receive over a million dollars worth of shares in the commons. That is economic democracy that oligarchs can’t take away by privatizing the public treasure and continuing to steal it from the public.

    3. Ted Mishler says:

      So Troy, How does one go about mean you can’t just go up to a bank, and claim that you are owed for your part in the public treasure, they’d call the police on you, or ask you to leave, i suppose you are speaking about a better future way of living in the states?

      If only all people were considered equal per our constitution, but we are not those that suffer are the ones with out weed, so i suppose we are on the winning team no matter what:)

    4. Troy says:

      We the people still own our public lands, our public airwaves and much more with a value of many trillions, but are not getting our dividends from their leases while banks and corporations glom and privatize this our public treasure. Each American needs to have an equal share of stock in our public treasure and receive dividends from their use. Dividing 300 million people into say ten trillion means that each citizen would receive enough dividends that would make us all quite wealthy.

    5. Ted Mishler says:


      So are you saying, and i say this as someone who has little knowlege of corporations, are you sying that each of us are a part of the United States as a whole? Or are you saying that we can start our own corporations like normal?
      I keep wondering if there is something i just dont understand?. i mean the secrecy, does it extend to oh wait, gotta get thoughts together and finish toking

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