Former President of Mexico: End Marijuana Prohibition Now

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director July 17, 2013

    Our friends at High Times scored a really provocative and informative interview with Vicente Fox, the former president of Mexico, where Mr. Fox demonstrates both a wide range of knowledge about the need for countries like America and Mexico to end cannabis prohibition and forward-looking vision about the need for regulation and tax laws similar to alcohol products.

    Mr. Obama and company, when your own Partnership for a Drug-Free [sic] America is left little-to-do but inane surveys indicating that American parents do not want cannabis marketed to their children when it is legal and the former president of the country where America’s failed war on some drugs has caused the most social upheaval, street violence, political and law enforcement corruption…maybe you should start listening and acting upon their recommendations.

    Just saying…

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    1. grandma3d says:

      President Obama is out of touch with the people!The majority of the citizen’s of our country want cannabis legalized. The president thinks if he ignore’s us we will go away. But, we will not go away! Stand Strong!

      Help NORML help us win! this senseless war on people. Help legalize Cannabis! Suport NORML, Pledge to send in a monthly donation to NORML. $10, or $20 a month. Which is very affordable, it works out to only $.33 to $.66 a day.

    2. jimmy says:

      And BTW, IMO, nothing any president, past or present, says about the drug war, matters. It has to be taken down, state by state, and not by a single person which would make it dictatorial.

      The people who are powerful enough to be of higher rank than the president, like the people who gave orders to Nixon in office, about starting the CSA drug war, about the genocide in Vietnam, and creating HMO’s.

      I would think those people don’t care what any president’s opinion is. I don’t think he could end cannabis prohibition IF HE TRIED. Seriously

    3. jimmy says:

      First, the scheduling of cannabis into schedule I, is unjust and based on lies. Worse is that the scheduling system itself is arbitrary and also based on lies, not on science. Drug agencies like DEA and NIDA suppress the scientific spirit by focusing on a desired conclusion, e.g., NIDA only allow research for the harm (not any benefits or good) caused by “drugs.” The term “drug” there means “substances banned by Nixon’s Failed Drug War.” They are talking about certain, select drugs that were chosen to have draconian penalties for use, mere possession.

      The social problems caused by prohibition are so pervasive, unnecessary, yet so inanely marketed as “someone else’s” problem. Drug war prohibition is a national problem that affects everyone starting with the wasted revenue to fund the drug war.

      It is commonly stated that the word “failed,” as in “failed drug war” has become inextricably linked to “drug war.” That’s how other countries refer to it

      The Drug War is terrorism against its own citizenry. The punishments are draconian and do not fit the crime, and matter in general is simple oppression, human rights violations, terrorism.

      If there is a War on Terror, that war should put an end War on Drugs. So many damn wars it is a state of constant warfare from Orwell’s 1984. Let the wars starting fighting each other like battle bots.

      War on Terror vs. War on Drugs. One has to be victorious. We wouldn’t want to be inconsistent and hypocritical with our wars, would we? After all, 1/3 of our pay goes to federal taxes and so they better be honest (shudder) in Congress.

      And people are not making that connection. Nixon’s drug war was meant primarily to oppress people and then to create a score of worthless money wasting federal agencies like a tax-payer funded iron fist that tax-payers had no say in stopping their creation or dismantling.

      Laws that are obscenely unjust, and based on deliberate lies, when carried too far, even after the majority of states have decided (and they will)to change a bad law and also corruption that causes more problems than it solves, then people will figure out a way to put the politicians, who are government workers/servants, in their place.

    4. Realist says:

      Keep dreaming people. Obama was against the drug war right until he was in a position to do something about it, then it was “Let’s bust more potheads than Bush, that way the Christians will finally give me a break.” – how’d that work out? Like dropping the public option so people wouldn’t call him a socialist. Sure.
      Actually, editor, both Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton have spoken about ending the drug war AFTER leaving office. But it won’t do. The powers that be will never allow poor people freedom over their own bodies, for one simple reason: they own us. You rich people can have your “medical” (wink wink) marijuana, but don’t for a second believe that just because a majority of Americans are on our side that it has a chance of happening.
      Remember back-ground checks, closing the gun-show loop hole, etc? 90% support in the public. 0% support among the majority party (bafflingly Republican despite getting a third less votes as a whole for congress).
      This isn’t a democracy, your voice doesn’t matter. You have a billion dollars? Well maybe you get a peep, and some medical buds, but the bottom 90% of the populace will get arrested no matter what. They still arrest people for being homosexual in the south. They can’t charge them, of course, because of a 2003 supreme court decision, but it doesn’t matter. There is absolute impunity among rich white people and they can bust whoever, whenever, and even get away with murder.
      Who cares what the law says? People who remember the ’70s know that this isn’t the first time on this merry-go-round. Wait until Chris Cristie’s wife’s “Just say no” campaign.
      You guys are such a bunch of dewy-eyed naive children. Bend before your masters people. The only rule that really counts is the golden rule: He who has the gold makes the rules.

    5. plop says:

      Mexico has lost more lives in their drug war than the US has in our middle east war. This man has good reason to be aware of the failures of the war on drugs.

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