Attorney General: Drug Sentences Need Reform, Too Many In Prison

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director August 9, 2013

    In an interview earlier this week with National Public Radio, US Attorney General Eric Holder publicly acknowledged the obvious:

    -There are too many citizens in prison on low level drug charges

    -The mandatory minimum sentencing guidelines employed by the federal government should be reformed

    -The inherent outcome of the federal criminal justice system affirms serious racial disparities exist


    Holder: “The war on drugs is now 30, 40 years old. There have been a lot of unintended consequences. There’s been a decimation of certain communities, in particular communities of color.”

    “[W]e can certainly change our enforcement priorities, and so we have some control in that way,” Holder said. “How we deploy our agents, what we tell our prosecutors to charge, but I think this would be best done if the executive branch and the legislative branch work together to look at this whole issue and come up with changes that are acceptable to both.”

    Listen to interview here.

    The Drug Policy Alliance has multiple suggestions on how President Obama and Attorney General Holder ‘can go big’ in their last three years in office to substantively reform the failed war on some drugs.

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    1. Kasilofdan says:

      Uh hey I am a white guy and I got incarcerated for weed so shut up about the white guy is protected stuff. You know who you are.

    2. Samuel Revolinski says:

      Because weed helps with so many desieses farmcudical companies will fight this tooth and nail.

    3. Samuel Revolinski says:

      Weed will not get legalized because in 2008 the supreme court stated that corparations and private citzens should no longer have a cap on donations to campains. This means that all politics is a about money for real now. There is no democracy there is just money. So we should demand that there be a low a cap on campain contributions and lobbing should not be allowed.

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