California: 60 Percent of Likely Voters Back Legalization

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 26, 2013

    Six out of ten likely California voters support making cannabis legal, according to survey data released yesterday by the Public Policy Institute of California. Sixty-eight percent of likely voters also believe that the US government should not enforce federal anti-marijuana laws in states that have approved the plant’s use. The percentages are the highest ever reported by the polling firm in favor of allowing adults to possess and consume cannabis socially.

    Support for marijuana law reform fell slightly among all adults. Among all Californians, not just likely voters, 52 percent responded that “marijuana should be made legal,” and 61 percent believed that the federal government should not interfere with statewide marijuana laws.

    Men (57 percent), Democrats (64 percent), and Independents (60 percent) were more likely to express support for legalizing marijuana than were women (47 percent) or Republicans (45 percent). Caucasians (63 percent) and African Americans (61 percent) also expressed far greater support for legalization than did Asians (48 percent) or Latinos (36 percent).

    Pollsters surveyed 1,703 Californians, including 1,429 registered voters. The PPIC poll possesses a margin of error of between 3.7 percent.

    In recent months, polls in several other states — including Arizona, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Oklahoma — have shown majority support for marijuana law reform, as have national polls.

    48 Responses to “California: 60 Percent of Likely Voters Back Legalization”

    1. chris says:

      I am way behind the curve on this-but just wanted to voice my opinion. I hope for the day that it becomes legal to smoke and grow- A little concerned if it becomes a legalized and taxable commodity though, it would be much like tobbacco- all the small businesses would disapear and phillip morris would take over the industry. It would be Highly taxed- And regulated, the quality would either be diminished, polluted, or both. There would be strict restrictions on who can buy and where. It aint gonna be like coffe or tea! I say if you can grow it you can smoke it (anybody can, it’s a weed)I know this is unrealistic because there is too much money involved, and I would rather see it taxed and sold by corrupt industries than see the useless drug wars and incarcerations continue, but it is just a lesser of two evils. Goodbye Humbolt county- Hello big fields somewhere that only migrant workers will be hired at for less than fair wages…It is the opposite of prohibition I am thinking- they went from taxed to illegal-instant mob scene; had they just said hey! if you can brew it you can drink it! then Capone would not be doing time for tax evasion!
      Anyways- I am going outside now to pull some non-profit weeds

    2. Evening Bud says:

      @ Kevin,

      Try not to be so despondent brother. In case you hadn’t heard, Colo and Wash legalized it. I’m already planning a trip to Colo next spring. Spring time in the Rockies, hell yeah!

    3. Kevin says:

      Whoopty doo here we go again! The government is never going to do anything about Marijuana!
      We are all wasting our time; The Supreme court won’t even listen to us! They “DON’T CARE”!

    4. Evening Bud says:

      @ Demon,

      I’ve been reading various articles on the net about several states moving in the direction legalization for recreation, including a few in New England and even Alaska. And I’m stoked about that. Still, if/when CA goes legal, it will be a back-breaker, IMO, to the prohibitionists, especially when the tax money starts pouring into that state’s coffers.

    5. mexweed says:

      @Dezznutz, I wanted to add that although alcohol companies are just as scared of cannabis and should be, tobacco (i.e. smoking cigs) is a bigger issue with 6,000,000 deaths per year compared to 2,500,000 for alcohol.

      As for traffic accident deaths– often “a $igarette or two” made the difference whether a drunk was emboldened to try to drive the car home; as for homicides, often “a $igarette or two” helped an angry drunk remember to take the gun along.

      @Dave has it right about Republicans; I think $igarette smoking (totally irrational ecocidal habit) and $igarette corporations are the largest sources of corruption on planet– but Cannabis to the Rescue, among other things teaching millions of users to reject H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide roll-up papers in favor of the 25-mg-per-serving One-Hitter format.

    6. Dave Evans says:

      dezznutz1001, nice name. I see what you did, but that doesn’t make it true. I seriously wonder if a lot of republicans aren’t dyslexic… They say, we want to save money, but they invented the War on Marijuana, not the Wars on Drugs which both parties founded. It is Rebublicans who keep writing new laws making prohibition worse and who a fighting to keep illegal guns on our streets.

      Obama Care should be called Romney Care–And it was written mostly by real conservatives, not these wack job tea baggers that just represent the Cock Brothers. The reason Christian are opposing Obama Care in massive numbers is because they are dyslexic, there really isn’t a better reason for supporting laws that undermine Christian Values???

      Jesus said, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. if your job is helping people with their health, then you do your job when someone need your help. On the other hand, we have to drug warriors who would rather lock you up, even it is already proven to be an effective treatment. The correct choice should be simple to make (help sick people get their medicine) and the police unions should be there to protect officers when they do make the correct choice, not bribing our elected officials to continue this Drug War for their profit.

      Right now, police unions and some corporations are the largest sources of corruption in this country. Guess which party almost always has their back?

    7. mexweed says:

      @dezznutz, oh yes, I do rail against smoking cannabis, because vaping is better– and you CAN vape with a long-stemmed one-hitter. (Just attach a flexible drawtube to the “butt” end of the “bat” or one-hitter; hold the flame an inch or more below the opening and suck steadily so that air entering on the herb is about 385F.)

      I’m not against tobacco per se (in moderation) but against the $igarette format (700-mg-per-lightup), a drug cocktail of monoxide, heat shock and 4221 combustion toxins. A 500-mg giant joint is just as bad, providing dopy symptoms blamed on the cannabis by ignorant prohibitionists.

      Sorry @Demonhype that you have stayed total non-user, one 25-mg toke (now and then, or every other day) is not going to wrench your life off its rails like a H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide joint might. If worried about finding work, try the self-employed, entrepreneur approach– customers buying a hand-made wooden toy for infant and toddler, or set of sanded blocks, aren’t going to drug-test the seller.

    8. Demonhype says:

      @mexweed: YES! The most fascinating thing about marijuana is that it doesn’t even have to be smoked! I mentioned to someone that if it were legal I might try it–as even my mother told me that I’m so high-strung that it would do me good–and this person reminded me that I’m not so good with smoke. All I had to say is “ever hear of pot brownies?” LOL That makes MJ even healthier and even less dangerous than the poisons that are, for some reason, more legal.

      What surprised me is that I’m not a user and I know this, while this person has admitted to using MJ in their lives! You don’t need to use to know these things–just open your freaking ears!

      I simply cannot wait for those crooks involved in the Drug War, both those waging it and those profiting off of it, are out on the street. I would love it if everyone who ever worked in a Drug War industry was unable to find work ever again and became entirely unemployable–just as they did to honest MJ users for decades. Justice! (Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?)

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