Colorado Now Accepting Applications For Retail Cannabis Outlets

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director October 2, 2013

    The state of Colorado’s Marijuana Enforcement Division yesterday began accepting formal applications from those seeking to open the first-in-the-nation retail cannabis outlets.

    The agency had accepted 23 applications by mid-day yesterday, according to The Denver Post. The agency has just under 100 appointments already scheduled this week from entrepreneurs seeking state licenses to engage in retail marijuana production, infused products operation, and/or storefront cannabis sales.

    Applicants will receive final authorization by the end of the year. Retail cannabis facilities to serve those age 21 and older are expected to be operational early next year.

    Under state law, persons 21 and older may legally possess, consume, and cultivate personal use quantities of cannabis (up to one ounce and/or six plants). Licensed business may also legally commercially produce cannabis and engage in retail sales of the plant.

    In an August memorandum, Deputy Attorney General Cole directed the US Attorneys in all 50 states, including Colorado, not to interfere with the implementation of state marijuana regulations unless such activities specifically undermined eight explicit federal law enforcement priorities.

    34 Responses to “Colorado Now Accepting Applications For Retail Cannabis Outlets”

    1. Bill says:

      Im so happy im gitty, we have get PA governor out in 2014 and find one that support 80 percent legalization.

    2. OHC says:

      Boycott that creepy piece of junk Florida even more than you already are! Think of the HASH!

    3. celtic giraffe says:

      Looks like I will be vacationing in Colorado from now on!

    4. chris says:

      Might have to agree awith Kevin on the the comment from ALEX.
      SO no one should move to the state due to you have to many fruits and nuts?
      so sick people are fruits and nuts?
      I am thinking with all due respect for people who want to vaction there ie….. EVENING BUD , should be considered the fruits and nuts for driving to give their money to people that want to segregate the sick from the vacioners.
      But with due respect for you sir just because your state led the way for the other states to follow ……you may not always have the place of choice your state has right now because when its free every where, people like yourself should be left out and then maybe your selfish stingy comments wont cloud your judgment against others for want to rejoice in your state of confussion.
      is this a rant…….so sorry just wanted to bark out against those with a powerful self-connection to themselves that disregard others ……meaning your not better than those would like to share within your state you should feel ashamed to feel like your better than those who fight the same war beside you..

      as always
      thanks for reading

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