Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Support for Marijuana Legalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director October 8, 2013


    They say things are bigger in Texas and, according to new survey data just released by Public Policy Polling, that includes support for marijuana law reform.

    PPP’s polling found that 58% of Texans support regulating marijuana like alcohol and only 38% were opposed. This change in policy was supported by 59% of women, 70% of Democrats, 57% of Independents, a majority of all racial demographics, and a majority of all age demographics.

    The survey also reported that 58% of Texans supported medical marijuana and 61% supported the decriminalization of possession of an ounce or less.

    You can read the full survey here.

    With a high profile governor’s race shaping up between Senator Wendy Davis, the only declared
    Democrat, and a Republican challenger (Attorney General Abbot seems to be leading in current polls) the time is ripe to make marijuana law reform a major issue in America’s second most populated state.

    TEXANS: You can contact the announced candidates for Texas governor by clicking on their links below. Send them a quick message telling them:

    “Public Policy Polling found that 58% of Texans support ending our costly war on marijuana and replacing it with a system of regulation similar to how we deal with alcohol. This majority support was spread across all age and ethnic demographics. It is time we consider a new approach to marijuana. As a Texas voter, I am very concerned with your position on the issues of marijuana law reform and would greatly appreciate if you could inform me of your stance on the taxation and regulation of marijuana, as well as allowing for its medical use and decriminalization of personal possession.”

    State Senator Wendy Davis

    Attorney General Greg Abbott
    Tom Pauken
    Miriam Martinez
    Larry Kilgore

    (If you receive a response please forward it to erik@norml.org)


    Miriam Martinez (posted in response to a question on her Facebook page): “I support the medical use of marijuana and decriminalization of personal possession.”

    64 Responses to “Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Support for Marijuana Legalization”

    1. victor says:

      im looking forward to voting for this

    2. Roberto Segura says:

      supporting this movement 100% of the wey its time to make a change in Texas and make it a better place

    3. Julian says:

      I’m surprised that anyone goes back this far to read old posts, but if you are than please watch the debates tonight on NBC at 8pm and vote for Wendy Davis if you want marijuana legalized in the state of Texas.
      There is a voter’s guide at the Texas NORML website. Early voting ends October 30th. Registration ends October 8th. Official vote is November 4th. If you know someone in your family or a friend who is not registered and is not a brainwashed prohibitionist zombie, please get them to register and vote for Wendy Davis!

    4. Anonymous says:

      Im tired of being controlled by right wing republicans in texas, they just cant admit that for over 30yrs they have been wrong about marijuana and for generations have used lies and scar tactics, well that brain washing isn’t working and NO LONGER ACCEPTABLE! MJ his not harmful like alcohol or tabacco so admit u are wrong and legalize it completely! U will never win my vote with this republican backward thinking!!

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