Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Support for Marijuana Legalization

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director October 8, 2013


    They say things are bigger in Texas and, according to new survey data just released by Public Policy Polling, that includes support for marijuana law reform.

    PPP’s polling found that 58% of Texans support regulating marijuana like alcohol and only 38% were opposed. This change in policy was supported by 59% of women, 70% of Democrats, 57% of Independents, a majority of all racial demographics, and a majority of all age demographics.

    The survey also reported that 58% of Texans supported medical marijuana and 61% supported the decriminalization of possession of an ounce or less.

    You can read the full survey here.

    With a high profile governor’s race shaping up between Senator Wendy Davis, the only declared
    Democrat, and a Republican challenger (Attorney General Abbot seems to be leading in current polls) the time is ripe to make marijuana law reform a major issue in America’s second most populated state.

    TEXANS: You can contact the announced candidates for Texas governor by clicking on their links below. Send them a quick message telling them:

    “Public Policy Polling found that 58% of Texans support ending our costly war on marijuana and replacing it with a system of regulation similar to how we deal with alcohol. This majority support was spread across all age and ethnic demographics. It is time we consider a new approach to marijuana. As a Texas voter, I am very concerned with your position on the issues of marijuana law reform and would greatly appreciate if you could inform me of your stance on the taxation and regulation of marijuana, as well as allowing for its medical use and decriminalization of personal possession.”

    State Senator Wendy Davis

    Attorney General Greg Abbott
    Tom Pauken
    Miriam Martinez
    Larry Kilgore

    (If you receive a response please forward it to erik@norml.org)


    Miriam Martinez (posted in response to a question on her Facebook page): “I support the medical use of marijuana and decriminalization of personal possession.”

    64 responses to “Everything is Bigger in Texas, Including Support for Marijuana Legalization”

    1. Voice of The Resistance says:

      Ok Idaho, you guys, and girls were plenty willing to take a hit when the bong got passed your way, but you won’t do anything to help me change the laws

    2. TheOracle says:

      ¿What would legalization in Tejas mean for the profit margins of the private prison corporations there? ¿Would it relieve the violence on the other side of the frontera between the U.S. y México? Too many Mexicans have died and suffered already. This would be a fantistic realization that Vincente Fox could use to convince the Mexican gobierno to legalize so Nortes could visit and get their weed legally in small amounts for personal consumption, naturalemente they could get it in Tejas but maybe they want some excellente Mexican indicas and sativas.

    3. Paulpot says:

      News like this makes me feel that the next President will have no option but to support reform.
      And thank you people of Texas for your enlightened opinion.

    4. Hempster says:

      I don’t understand why that citizens in Colorado and Washington can freely smoke and others in the same damn country, paying the same damn taxes can’t?

    5. Douglas says:

      I sent Wendy a e-mail asking her if she is pro cannnabis probiton or anti cannabis probiton. on the 9 of oct. She still has not reply

    6. Julio Rodriguez SR says:

      It is about time we actually get a choice to vote for it. People die everyday because they drink alcohol. No one has ever died smoking marijuana. Nor have they gotten so blized they cant even walk. The only thing they might run into is a couple of drive-thru. But people act as if Marijuana is so bad. But can never say why….

    7. Julian says:

      Thank you Norml,
      For connecting Americans with the Democratic process as it must be. Here is a posting of the letter I just sent Wendy Davis:

      Dear Wendy Davis,
      As a Texas Democrat, a Central Texas builder and a father of two, how can I help you win this race for Governor?
      Here is my answer: You will win votes campaigning for indsutrial hemp to grow once again across these beautiful lands we love.
      In less than 25 years, an area from Texas to Kansas will not have enough ground water to grow corn as a viable crop, a source of celullose ethanol, much less for food. Even with recent rains, lake Travis is only 1/3rd full. Texans are worried about their water supply.
      Hemp uses less water than corn. Hemp contains %80 celullose, requires no pesticides and no fertilizers. Despite what the DEA would have us believe, hemp does not contain psychoactive amounts of THC to make anyone “high” from smoking it, and medicinal growers of marijuana would not want their crop anywhere near a hemp farm for fear of crossbreeding lower THC strains.
      Hemp can “create jobs without spending a dime.” If Tea Party Republicans can’t agree with that, they have been reduced to nothing more than money-laundering corporate spies.
      The future of America is within the competing exports of food, building materials, medicine and celullose ethanol fuel made from industrial hemp. We need to keep up with innovation from China! We can use the revenue from sensible, legal cannabis regulation on education and human health. We can live healthier, happier lives. Please lead the way for us, Wendy Davis. We will follow you to victory.
      Blanco, TX

    8. David M. says:

      Go Texas!!!! Legalize it!

    9. chris says:

      Many rebublicans and tea party supporters are for legalization. I believe in the constitution, balanced federal budget,low taxes, personal responsiblity, and recreational use.

    10. Chris says:

      In Texas there is more republican support than democrat. Check out this info.


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