Left and Right Media Agree: Let’s End Marijuana Prohibition

  • by Allen St. Pierre, NORML Executive Director November 5, 2013



    One’s eyes rarely lie or distort reality. So when walking by my favorite newspaper stand in downtown Washington, D.C. last night another clear political tea leaf revealed itself about the increasing acceptance in America for ending cannabis prohibition when I spied the competing covers for the most recent editions of The Nation and Reason Magazine.




    Both magazines are populated with interesting and though-provoking pieces about ending cannabis prohibition, the coming commerce in cannabis post-prohibition and ‘liberal guilt’ for supporting the war on some drugs.


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    1. Sean Griffin says:

      I’m a 20 year old man from wheeling West Virginia with a major hip disorder causing me to get prescribed pain killers I’m tired of taking. Marijunna is illegal in my state causing me to have to take pain killers I can’t stand. I looked up there’s soo many patients with the same lower back an hip disease (perthese) getting prescribed medicinal cannabis out west. Not to mention my best friend but more like a brother had a brother who was Vice President of cannabis research science who fought brain cancer for 7 long years using nothing but cannaboids. The doctors gave him a year with kemo, he survived 7 years using highly concentrated forms of cannabis oil. It’s time everybody opens their eyes and sees what this medicine can do! It’s time to end prohibition. Me and my fellow believes will be in DC on 4/20 protesting the unfair laws our state undergoes. We have connections with Harvard graduates and need help of anybody who believes in the cause as much as we do. Lets make it happen!

    2. Dave Evans says:

      I read Reason magazine… because I’m a libertarian. It’s not a “right” magazine. It’s libertarian, which is neither left or right.

      [Editor’s note: In America, there can be little doubt on a left/right scale, libertarianism is undeniably on the right side of the political spectrum.]

      I find it amusing how every one that isn’t a libertarian has a place assigned for them from their point of view. Libertarians are not on the “right” simply because they aren’t Liberals. The “right” in this country consists of nitwits pretending to be libertarian and freedom loving but this is only what they say. They do nothing to forward “freedom”, but they do twist the libertarian message into gibberish. How it getting rid of regulations a goal worthy of people that constantly mention personal responsibility? How, in their minds, should we ignore the folks poisoning our water and air and not hold them responsible? Their message is false, empty of logic and not libertarian. These creeps just want the votes of confused libertarians. I suppose the issue is two fold; fascists pretending to be libertarian and libertarians foolishly voting for them.

    3. Dave says:

      Reason magazine is not right-wing. It is a libertarian publication and libertarians specifically reject the right-left classification of political views because they are very right with regards to economics and taxation (in other words pro-economic freedom) and very left with regards to personal liberties (in other words pro-personal freedoms).

      [Editor’s note: “libertarians specifically reject the right-left classification of political views”. 1) It is impossible to speak universally for all libertarians as there are many very conservative libertarians and 2) political players don’t get to define where they fit on the political spectrum, voters do–how many ‘libertarian Democrats’ are there? Virtually none as the political moniker is too incongruent. However, there is an appreciable percentage of Republicans that self-identify as ‘libertarian’. Currently, are Republicans on the left or right side of the American political spectrum? It is in answering this fairly obvious question that casts the blog post’s narrative. (A blog post apparently in concert with the view of other drug policy reform groups who also noticed the magazine cover comparison.)]

    4. Render Unto Caesar says:

      Render Unto Caesar says:
      November 15, 2013 at 7:38 pm
      I read Reason magazine… because I’m a libertarian. It’s not a “right” magazine. It’s libertarian, which is neither left or right.

      [Editor’s note: In America, there can be little doubt on a left/right scale, libertarianism is undeniably on the right side of the political spectrum.]

      Render Unto Caesar’s response:

      I disagree on the basis that left and right are defined by positions that, in my opinion, lack principle. Left and right are predefined platform’s now, neither of which I identify with. I believe in policy, or lack thereof, which maximizes liberty, so I categorize myself as libertarian. Accepted left and right policy both very frequently squelch liberty.

      [Editor’s note: OK…as a self-described libertarian maybe you’re not able to see through your political bias, but, friend, if you’re ‘Libertarian’ you’re not on the left side of politics (overtly pro-union, pro-reproductive rights, anti-gun, pro-govt) and you’re not in the center of American politics (if this was the case the Libertarian Party, after 45 years, would champion more support in the American populace than <5%)…guess where this leaves you?

      Right of center…as many political scientists and commentators consider pure libertarianism as representing the most right-leaning component on the current American political spectrum.

      Key word is ‘current’, what today is ‘left’ or ‘right’ in politics can become mainstream in a single generation.]

    5. julian says:

      Correction: prohibiting ALL cellulose ethanol including super Clean and productive HEMP is not justified just because CORN ethanol in not efficient.

    6. julian says:

      Well, they did it. Koch brothers and crude oil lobby got what they wanted and outlawed increased ethanol use and democrats and Obama went with the bandwagon. Environmentalists too! America fell into a corn trap.
      So corn uses too much fertilizer for what’s worth making cellulose ethanol?
      Fine, hemp doesn’t use ANY and contains more cellulose.
      More than 10 percent ethanol is damaging cars?
      fine. Quit whining and build an engine calibrated for 100percent ethanol like Henry Ford did in the first place. (hempcar.org)
      we can’t allow this ignorance to prevail. Marijuana prohibition is not just about growing our own food and Medicine; it’s about growing our own FUEL AND ENERGY.
      And the sustainable fuel supply from hemp to ethanol isn’t the best part. We can build our homes and vehicles out of hemp trapping carbon into cellulose plastics and everything we build.
      That’s conservation at its best. Prohibiting ALL cellulose ethanol just because it doesn’t work is corporate lobbying at its worst.
      hemp uses less water than corn. Hemp requires no pesticides. Let’s get educated and get our laws right.

    7. Chano says:

      The sad fact is that the propaganda campaign from the 30’s still effects our everyday lives. You can openly talk about alcohol abuse with coworkers or even your boss.
      You can literally get alcohol poisoning, a DUI and a drunk in public at the same time; and you wont lose your job.
      But God forbid you have any THC in your system. Ever. Really.
      30 days on a UA and 90 days on a follicle. Plus most places will random.

      Please, and I say please test people for actual drugs. I don’t want anyone handling equipment coming down from a 3 day high. And anyone that would handle dangerous equipment after toking on a J shouldn’t be in that position anyway.
      Marijuana has no effect on a persons ability to be a professional. Crane operators and refinery workers aren’t going to work drunk, why would they go high. What a person does to wind down at the end of the day should be their business.

      But just like anything that is abused, there can be effects. You will develop chemical dependence. Same as you will with alcohol, tobacco, and pizza. Same would go for sex, anger etc. Bad habits will continue to grow, the body will always develop around what is consumed. The gateway myth is a falsehood. I have been around a lot of bad stuff off and on, and I have never touched most of it. A persons ability to control their own actions is just that, “they are in control of themselves” Weed is not a gateway for a person to completely throw away their morals or beliefs or common sense. “Gateway” falls right into the Reefer Madness film, we will all start taking our clothes off, cursing and shooting each other.

      Obviously employers don’t want their workers zombied out stoned not getting anything accomplished.
      –While there can be some debate over a persons ability to perform certain jobs even better stoned. i.e. janitors–
      Again, this goes right to taking away an individuals choice to be a responsible adult. We are not capable of making decisions on our own. Big Brother knows what’s best for us lemmings.

      I could get into my own struggles with these laws and regulations but I will digress.

      When a substance has no harmful effects. Has multiple positive effects. Has no reported deaths or tragedies connected to it. And it will promote commercial, agricultural, health and privatized business. Why would it be wrong, immoral or taboo to support it?

      The only criminal in all of these years of oppression is the government itself. NORML shows the numbers for it. Countless lives are destroyed for it. For what? For Control.

    8. Render Unto Caesar says:

      I read Reason magazine… because I’m a libertarian. It’s not a “right” magazine. It’s libertarian, which is neither left or right.

      [Editor’s note: In America, there can be little doubt on a left/right scale, libertarianism is undeniably on the right side of the political spectrum.]

    9. ray glass says:

      I cannot wait till it is legalized. I am tired of being lied to by our government. Marijuana use can decrease alcohol consumption. I quit a 25 year habit of alcoholism with marijuana. Texas is one of the worst places to be as the marijuana here is for the most part cheap mexican weed. I cannot wait till I can buy primo weed and hashish, hashish oil.

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