Uruguay: Lawmakers Authorize Marijuana Production And Sales

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director December 11, 2013

    Members of the Uruguay Senate late today approved legislation authorizing for the licensed production and retail sale of cannabis to all citizens age 18 and older. Members of Uruguay’s House had previously approved the measure months earlier. The bill now goes to President José Mujica, who intends to sign the measure into law in the coming days.

    Uruguay will be the first nation in modern history to regulate the licensed production and sale of cannabis.

    “This is an attempt to bring an end to the illegal drugs trade by identifying the market and bringing it into the light of day,” said President Mujica in a statement.

    Under the pending law, residents of the South American nation will be able to legally purchase up to 40 grams per cannabis per month. (Sales to non-residents are will not be allowed.) Price controls will set the cost of cannabis available at state-stores to $1 per gram. The forthcoming law would also allow households to grow up to six cannabis plants each; it also allows for the establishment of cooperatives, which will be able to grow as many as 99 plants.

    Specific regulations overseeing the new policy must be in place 120 days after the measure is signed into law.

    Under present law, the possession of personal use amounts of cannabis is not subject to criminal penalties; however, marijuana cultivation and sale are classified as criminal offenses.

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    1. mexweed says:

      Thanks @Dave for mentioning the “On Federal Property” restriction, one of the “Holder 8 points”. One way to resolve that is– don’t go on Fed land just as a tourist or vacationer, go there to do serious work, like clip and pick up and haul away deadwood from drought zones to prevent $$ billion-dollar fires like in California recently. Urge Feds to tolerate “Occupational Use” by persons serving their country!

      Another Holder point is to tolerate small quantity use and possession– urge expanding the Federal language to include EXEMPTING any person from suspicion of committing any offense who possesses a vaporizer, pen vape, e-cig or 25-mg-serving-size Long-Drawtube-Augmented One-Hitter (choomette, kiseru, midwakh, sebsi)– indicating intention to abstain from using 500-mg H-ot B-urning O-verdose M-onoxide “rolling papers”, number #1 cause worldwide of complaints and defamation against cannabis users.

      Many restrictive local laws have been written in response to complaints of “marijuana smoke wafting” over into someone’s airspace– which happens with a “joint” (giant) or its nicotine-infested cousin, “blunt”, but never with a one-hitter!

      Form an organization to open One Hit Head Shops everywhere selling millions of modern dosage-restriction utensils to win respect for cannabis users. If you want to keep warm till April, open a shop in Montevideo selling Utensilios de una tocqada. Open a shop in Kingston with a big sign showing Bob serving a single toke with a choomette and the slogan, “More Marley, Less Monoxide!”

    2. Liberty says:

      Goooo Uruguay

    3. Dave Evans says:

      The weirdos don’t want you to go somewhere and buy marijuana. It is just for locals, and they need to get a “license to possess” first.

      Amsterdam coffee shop can only sell to locals also. The UN is basically insisting on this as a condition of not being further attacked for legalizing marijuana. There is to be no “marijuana vacations”–this would require the UN to wage economy warfare against any country that allows people to freely smoke marijuana via sanctions.

      Just think about how ridiculous this is, just like banning marijauana from Federal Land! No you can’t go for a hike or go fishing and smoke a jay, you have to hide in a hole in order to toke without harassment. As if arresting people for marijuana has something to do with being a Ranger.


    4. PokeyTwo says:

      Why is the Amsterdam coffee shop industry safe? Are we forgetting about Colorado legalizing bud and concentrates?

      Why would I ever fly to Amsterdam when I can just drive to Colorado?

    5. douglas g morgan says:

      For 15$ an hour, I will aggressively hard sell anyone the medicinal and recreational benefits’ legalizing marijuana will provide this country. I will be the most aggressive, most influential lobbyist this country has ever seen! Try me… I will produce!!

    6. Mark I says:

      Separating cannabis from all the other recreational and legal drugs will not only remove the gateway classification, but it will allow cannabis to develop independantly without the baggage of ineuindo and fearfilled propaganda.

    7. grandma3d says:

      “Don’t hate,embrace!

    8. Evening Bud says:

      I just read an article that noted how much pressure the UN is already giving Mujica for legalizing pot in Uruguay. To his credit, he’s firing back, saying the UN is very selective in its pressure, condemning him for reneging on a 1961 UN mandate about drugs, while saying nothing to the US, Colorado’s and Washington state’s recent legalization notwithstanding. He also mentioned that the two US states have a larger combined population than his country!

      Apparently, Brazil is also giving him flak, but again, he’s brushing it off. Way to go! That’s the way you fight those guys. I’m even prouder of him now than I already was.

      The guy was a leftist guerilla in Uruguay, and spent some 14 years or so in prison, his capture no doubt funded in part by the good ole USA, so he knows a thing or two about fighting corruption. But he never smoked a joint in his life–just understands that the war on drugs is an expensive failure, funded in very large part, again, by the good ole USA.

    9. Demonhype says:

      AAAAND….the UN is threatening Uruguay over this. That didn’t take long. Was I mistaken or did I previously see something about how they are going to revisit and reconsider their stance on MJ?

      I hope the prohibitionists are not going to be able to strongarm their way out of this. They seem to be throwing everything plus the kitchen sink at us at this point trying to keep their precious injustice in place.

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