Florida: Medical Cannabis Measure Qualifies For 2014 Ballot

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 24, 2014

    The Florida Division of Elections today confirmed that proponents of a 2014 statewide measure to allow for the physician-supervised use of cannabis have gathered sufficient signatures to qualify for the November ballot.

    The measure seeks to authorize doctors to recommend cannabis therapy to their patients at their discretion and authorizes the state Department of Health to register and regulate centers that produce and distribute marijuana for medical purposes.

    Backers of the measure, United for Care, turned in over 683,000 valid signatures from Florida voters to qualify the measure. The initiative seeks to amend the state constitution.

    Survey data released in November by Quinnipiac University reported that 82 percent of Florida voters support reforming state law to allow for the medicinal use of marijuana. Because the proposed measure seeks to amend the state constitution, 60 percent of voters must decide in favor of it before it may be enacted.

    Proponents of the measure still await a ruling from the Florida Supreme Court as to whether the measure will appear before voters this fall. State Attorney General Pam Bondi is contesting the language of the measure in a suit backed by House Speaker Will Weatherford, Senate President Don Gaetz and Gov. Rick Scott.

    The state Supreme Court must decide on the issue by April 1.

    40 Responses to “Florida: Medical Cannabis Measure Qualifies For 2014 Ballot”

    1. The reason this millionaire billionaire got into the mix is because he wants to build casinos hear anything this is marijuana passes he won’t be able to pass for the Palm of Rick Scott hand for approvel,this way it separate so Obama and then when there’s no marijuana’s he will get his way big casinos will be built we have plenty of casinos and pari-mutuels it’s ????? Learn the facts past medical marijuana hat just pass it ,decriminalize it also ! Let’s lock up real criminals are jails don’t have spaces for them but if we took out all the pot people you have plenty a room FOR CRIMANALS

    2. Donna says:

      What I would like to know is what connection this Billionaire from Vegas has to do with this. He has given 5 million to the cause to help prevent the passing of the law. All I can think that him and Rick Scott are involved with the Pharmaceutical industry and make too much money off of it. Look at the name and who he has been affiliated with. He did not make his money off of just casinos. He does not just do his contribution to be a nice guy. Could the mob be behind this. He has back up politician in FL before. What gains are in it for him. He needs to go back to Vegas and role his own dice.

    3. Fat Freddy says:

      I’ve know quite a few conservative old farts in Florida, vehemently against marijuana, who got cancer and assorted painful age related disease who are using it. They get it from their families and grandchildren, the fucking hypocrites. These old assholes don’t seem to care that they and our regressive Florida government are putting their own young families in danger of fines, felony and prison. Florida, where the conservative scum of the earth go to die.

    4. Frankie says:

      I lived in Florida for 20 years and had to move to Califoirnia where life is far better then in Florida. Florida laws are insane for marijuana which is a medicine. I use it for anxiety, sleep aid, and helps my pain with my Diverticulitis. But Florida doctors will give you anti-depressants by the millions. You do not know how many Floridians left for California, just so they do not get persecuted and lose 20,000 iun legal fees, fines and loss of their drivers liscence. VOTE YES FOR LEGAL AND MEDICAKL MARIJUANA IN FLORIDA OR DECRIMILIZATION. I loved that state, but enough is enough. Stay away from Florida till weed is legal. Go west as they say where life is sweeter !!!!

    5. fat Freddy says:

      The Florida AMA just went against Medical Marijuana.

    6. Lino Alvarado says:

      Everyone wants medical mariguana in florida,we have a right to vote we as voter have the right to take and put in office.medical mariguana will be right know the best for florida,help sick people ,stop people from growing and not paying electric the state will not be broke and crying for money the tax dollars will be great ,the buttom line is florida has the chance to help people that need mariguana their health and let’s not bull anyone it’s a money making industry for everyone

    7. tuna colada says:

      to think that 44 years after I graduated high school this is still an issue leaves me dumbfounded..med MJ is fine but why regulate ordinary consumption and production?Im a Floridian and refuse to move to another state to consume a plant that will grow wild anywhere.STOP THE MADNESS,just leave us alone with our herbal supplement and get on with running the damn state!

    8. Making patients stick to 1 dispensary and undergo a 14 day waiting period should be considered cruel and unusual. Just imagine, you’re on vacation in Miami, but live in Gainesville and you run out of medication and need to get some more. Well guess what? Your up shits creek without a paddle. I’m extremely thankful that this isn’t the case for all other prescription medications. Getting marijuana legalized medicinally is great, because it truly does provide a wealth of health benefits for a growing list of ailments. With that being said, it has also become a double edged sword in some cases, and the Charlotte’s web is one of those cases. Lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves for putting such draconian regulations on something that eases suffering of children suffering from seizures, reduces tumor size, increases appetite, etc. etc. etc. If the regulations of Charlotte’s web are any indication of how things are going to play out after a successful passage in November, Florida is going to be in a world of hurt when it comes to any type of a real medical marijuana industry. Time is going to be the best thing that helps push this plant to the place it should be, which is completely unregulated and decriminalized. We still have politicians that were brainwashed with government propaganda their entire lives. The sad thing is, almost everyone walking the planet knows plenty of people that use marijuana that don’t just sit around and do nothing, or think they can fly, or any of the other horrible things the BIG PHARMA backed GOV PROPAGANDA machine has put out there. If only our politicians could grow a pair and think for themselves.

    9. Just recently the legislature in Florida approved the Charlotte’s Web strain for medical use by Cancer and seizure patients. This is a step in the right direction, but the regulations imposed for the 5 licenses it will approve for growing almost makes it a failure to start. To apply for a license to cultivate the Charlotte’s Web strain you will have to have a plant nursery that has operated for a minimum of 30 years and maintain a minimum of 400,000 plants. We are hoping and praying in Florida that voters approve Amendment 2. It appears that Florida is going to have one of the most heavily regulated medical marijuana industries in the country. After obtaining a prescription from a doctor patients will then have to apply for a license from the state. Patients will only be able to purchase from 1 dispensary and to change dispensaries patients will have to undergo a 14 day waiting period.

    10. Fat Freddy says:

      Its a shame that medical cannabis dispensaries will lobby against its legalization like they did in California because it would hurt their bottom lines. Pot should be as unregulated as parsley, oregano, or any other herb. We have to start somewhere, but producing another anti-legalization lobby is unfortunate, to say the least.

      And the fact that some politicians are salivating over more tax revenues to squander makes it worse. But like those of us who voted for Obama and are disappointed, at this stage of the game, we’ll probably take what we can get.

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