Poll: Marijuana Ballot Measures Likely To Increase Overall Voter Turnout

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 25, 2014

    Marijuana-related initiatives are likely to increase voter turnout, according to polling data released by George Washington University.

    Nearly four out of ten participants in the nationwide survey said that they would be “much more likely” to go to the polls if an initiative seeking to legalize marijuana appeared on the ballot. An additional 30 percent of respondents said that they would be “somewhat” more likely to participate in an election that also included a marijuana-specific ballot measure.

    Presently, two statewide cannabis reform measures have qualified to appear on the 2014 ballot. Alaska voters will decide whether to allow for the commercial production, retail sale, and use of cannabis by those over age 21. The measure will appear on the August 19 primary ballot. According to the results of a February Public Policy Polling survey, 55 percent of registered Alaska voters “think (that) marijuana should be legally allowed for recreational use, that stores should be allowed to sell it, and that its sales should be taxed and regulated similarly to alcohol.”

    Florida voters in November will decide on a measure to allow for the use and dispensing of marijuana by those who are authorized by their physician to engage in cannabis therapy. Survey data released in November by Quinnipiac University reported that 82 percent of Florida voters support reforming state law to allow for the medicinal use of marijuana.

    Several proposed ballot measures to regulate the production and sale of marijuana for adults also are pending in Oregon. All of these measures are still in the signature-gathering phase.

    25 Responses to “Poll: Marijuana Ballot Measures Likely To Increase Overall Voter Turnout”

    1. Mark I says:

      Cannabis voter initiatives will increase voter turnout. Like how the civil rights legislation increase voter turnouts.

    2. Weed The People says:

      Cuomo is a terrible failure ! He doesn’t care about the people in pain & suffering ! I rather vote for a potted plant than this crook cuomo !
      New York Politicans have no compassion. Shame on them. Shame on us if we continue to keep them in office.

    3. Julian says:

      Has anyone been following the move from the State Department to train and deploy DPS to foreign countries to fight in the drug war? I get that law enforcement is gearing up asset forfeitures while they still last. But could this be a move among the Federal Government to get drug policing out of the domestic tangles of the Department of Justice and contracted internationally out of the State Department?
      Also, what is the news on the Department of Health and Human Services authorizing the FDA to research medicinal marijuana?

    4. Voice of the Resistance says:

      I want to thank Norml, and our allies in other organizations; the ACLU, DPA, SSDP, and all the activists known and unknown who have helped make this great time possible.

    5. Miles says:

      This is off topic but needs to be shared among all stoner fans of Cosmos!!!


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