Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Want to Reform Marijuana Laws

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Communications Director April 5, 2014

    A survey released this week by the publication Law Officer revealed that a majority of law enforcement officers want to see our country’s marijuana laws reformed.

    The poll, which questioned over 11,000 law enforcement officers regarding their opinions on drug policy, revealed that just over 64% believed our marijuana laws needed to be relaxed in some form. When asked “Do you believe possession of marijuana for personal use should…” and presented with several options, 35.68% of respondents stated that marijuana be legalized, regulated and taxed, 10.84% chose that it should be be legalized for medical reasons and with a doctor’s prescription only, 14.24% said it should continue to be illegal but only punished via fines (no incarceration), and 3.68% said marijuana should simply be decriminalized. Only 34.7% believed marijuana should continue to be illegal with the criminal penalties that are currently in place.

    “This poll reveals that support for marijuana prohibition is eroding even amongst those who are serving on the front lines enforcing it,” stated NORML Communications Director Erik Altieri, “When a majority of the American people and most of those tasked with implementing a law disagree with it in principle, it is time to change that law.”

    You can view the full results of this survey here.

    “Prohibition cannot be enforced for the simple reason that the majority of the American people do not want it enforced and are resisting its enforcement. That being so, the orderly thing to do under our form of government is to abolish a law that cannot be enforced, a law which the people of the country do not want enforced.” – New York Mayor Fiorello La Guardia on alcohol prohibition.

    24 Responses to “Majority of Law Enforcement Officers Want to Reform Marijuana Laws”

    1. Dave Evans says:

      Chris, no kidding having millions of cases reopened wouldn’t be alright. But that is what we’ll get if people start to realize how much some officers do lie. It has already been happening. We are constantly hearing about this or that person in jail of rape or murder that served years and years, but turns out they were innocent. Where do you suppose the false evidence that was used to convict them the first time around came from? The police, that is who. The police who had to lie or manipulate evidence in order to place the innocent people at the rape/murder scenes; that is who.

    2. Dave Evans says:

      Chris, “just following orders” is and always will be nothing more than an EXCUSE! They aren’t following law, if they are enforcing statutes they know are not constitutional. You don’t need a judge to tell you what you already know. You need to stop being a dick, or be fired.

      If the police keep acting like dicks, they will keep loosing rights. For example, they are whining about loosing “Stop and Frisk”. But they abused the shit out of it!!!!!!!! Why didn’t they control themselves and focus on their mission????? Why add thousands of bogus arrests thereby ending the program thanks to all the abuse?????? The police say it is being taking away from them, but they never even tried to stop abusing the law. And now they can’t do it, because they acted like assholes, over and over tend of thousands of times!!!!!! No one ordered them to break the law, they volunteered while claiming, “We have no choice, the law is the law”. Fucking lairs.

    3. chris says:


      I have followed a lot of your writtings and respect your thoughts because of your research, and have went to these findings ,

      My thoughts are in these readings…….it claims that both are dependent on each other ( N.D.D.S.—-S.O.D.) , almost a goat on the lawn ….lawn mower…..im sure its a job and a half to catch the bad drug dealers but I was unaware that our Legal drug cartel(Government) was allowed to cover their own tracks as well as they are allowed with these goats……

      Maybe one day we can see this prohibition become only a word in our past , but untill its moved into a class that allows it ….we can only wait on the next sunrise to watch the spines sit up and the spineless lay down…..will we ever be …….

      I know its a little off topic….But can you tell me or lend me a direction to look , as to who is responsible for getting the fence on cannabis lowered to a resonable level …..and or get the
      C.S.A. where cannabis isnt at the top……..
      all I can find is a bunch of people pointing fingerssss…saying “Its not my job.”

      So if its no ones job then I believe its a stalemate?

      As always
      thanks for reading

    4. mexweed says:

      “Gateway drug”? The gateway drug is not cannabis, but the paper roll “joint” (giant) which gets children used to the high-profit $igarette format, then all that’s needed is a little contact with nicotine… “Zap! hooked for life!”

      If cannabis prohibition wasn’t created by Big 2WackGo, it could have been, because it created the “easy to hide, quick to use up and be rid of” joint, otherwise every cannabis user would long since have been ONE-HIT LITERATE and even tobacco users would have learned HOW TO VAPE WITH A SINGLE TOKE UTENSIL.

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