Washington, DC: Marijuana Initiative Backers Turn In 57,000 Signatures For Proposed 2014 District Ballot Measure

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director July 8, 2014

    Proponents of a District initiative to permit the possession and cultivation of limited amounts of marijuana by those age 21 or older have turned in 57,000 signatures to the DC Board of Elections. The total is more the twice the number of signatures from registered voters necessary to place the measure on the 2014 electoral ballot.

    District of Columbia election officials will meet in mid-August to certify the measure for the ballot.

    The proposed ballot initiative (Initiative Measure 71) seeks to remove all criminal and civil penalties in regard to the adult possession of up to two ounces of cannabis and/or the cultivation of up to six plants (no more than three mature).

    Nearly two out of three District residents favor legalizing the possession and use of marijuana by adults, according to a January 2014 Washington Post poll.

    Even if approved by District voters this fall, members of the DC City Council still possess the authority to amend the measure. Members of Congress could also potentially halt the law’s implementation. Federal lawmakers possess oversight regarding the implementation of all District laws.

    This spring, DC city council members approved legislation reducing minor marijuana possession offenses to a $25 civil fine. That ordinance is scheduled to take effect later this month. However, federal legislation seeking to undermine this measure is presently pending in the US House of Representatives.

    38 Responses to “Washington, DC: Marijuana Initiative Backers Turn In 57,000 Signatures For Proposed 2014 District Ballot Measure”

    1. daniel says:

      legalize don’t penalize and don’t march on texas get yo qas shot

    2. Evening Bud says:

      @ Dave Evans,

      It’s true. The GOP went off the deep end. I think they took the teachings of St. Ronnie and St. Newt too much to heart. They’ve developed a hatred of govt that is both unrealistic and counterproductive. And they’ve become extremely confrontational and unwilling to compromise on almost anything. This is largely because the extreme right-wingers in the party–some call it their base–has taken over that party; GOP politicos are more beholden to that group than to the country at large. And they wonder why they’ve lost the popular vote in 5 of the last 6 presidential elections.

      The Dems shifted to the right, as well, as you’ve noted. Bill Clinton and Obama would’ve been considered Republicans some 40-50 years ago. There are many in the Dem party who are now trying to rectify that problem.

    3. Dave Evans says:

      Well, I’m a little confused by what I see. The Democrats now act like Republicans used when I was a kid. Republicans have turned from a party that cares about their neighbors, into one that wants to lower our American potential by attacking health care, education, and basically investing in War.

      How is investing in death working out us? The only reason they don’t want people to get abortions is so there will be a large enough population of poor, neglected people to fight their Holy Wars in the Middle East.

      The Republican Party has filled up with sociopaths. They aren’t so welcome in the Democrat Party anymore.

    4. Evening Bud says:

      Sorry, my previous post is meant for Dave Evans!

    5. Evening Bud says:

      Sorry brother, but I can’t agree with your ratio. I think a far more accurate model: for every shithead Dem there are 50 shithead Republicans. Don’t believe me? Look at the states that have MMJ; look at the two that have legalized. Look at the states that won’t legalize until you and I are both long dead and buried: bright red states. I’d say there are more than a few shitheads running things in those states.

    6. Anne O'Green says:

      I recall being in northern California in 1972 and walking through a “Marijuana Garden and “picking the leaves for herb and Tea…”

      I enjoyed those days;I hope these days return!
      Thanks all !! Keep up the great postings! : )

    7. Anne O'Green says:

      I have been doing a lot of thinking about The War on Weed (Schedule I dilemma)homegrown etc.
      I think I understand where Norml is “coming from”…Norml wants our Nation to “tax and regulate the Marijuana Herb in every state”; then after that tackle “Home MJ Herbal Grow”;
      I am “down with Norml and Norml’s “strategy.
      All in good time we will be able to Home Grow!
      (I agree home grow is “The Holy Grail tho’)!!!

    8. Weed Woman says:

      @ Norml…thanks for the Criminal Justice Policy Foundation info: http://www.cjpf.org
      lots of great info…I might investigate the tax card template Norml was mentioning; concerning my post on “taxing homegrown” [Editor’s note: The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation circulated a template for a federal home cultivation license in the early 1990s as a means to allow home production, govt would know who was producing and a small annual fee would be fetched to pay for the system at Dept of Treasury.
      I am with this idea…Anne/ weed woman/ conn.

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