Democratic Party of Oregon Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director August 20, 2014

    Earlier today, the Democratic Party of Oregon came out in support of Measure 91, which would legalize and regulate the adult use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana in the state.

    These endorsements were made by a “voting body comprised of the State Central Committee delegates, alternates, and associates.” A measure required a two-thirds vote for or against for the Party to take an official position.

    In a press release highlighting their supportive position, the Democratic Party of Oregon stated that “a majority of Americans and large majority of Democrats now support state regulation of legal marijuana use. Measure 91 is the right approach to legalization in Oregon, strictly regulating use while funding law enforcement and schools. Vote Yes on 91.”

    You can read the full release here.

    You can learn more about Measure 91, including ways you can donate or volunteer, by visiting their website here.

    NORML will be providing much more coverage on this and other ballot initiatives as election season heats up. Stay tuned.

    29 responses to “Democratic Party of Oregon Endorses Marijuana Legalization Initiative”

    1. Cupishere says:

      I think the idea of banning homemade extracts is ridiculous. I could somewhat understand if the wanted to ban home BHO production, due to the dangers involved. However, banning simple methods using grain alcohol – people cook with alcohol all the time, water, ice, and even simply shaking the bud and using screens makes this proposition scary. If people want to concentrate their marijuana, they should be allowed to do so. The alternative is buying it out outrageous prices from a dispensery or retail shop. For people with cancer, most could not afford 60 grams of RSO bought from a dispensery. The only affordable way to acquire it is by growing and making it yourself.

    2. Steve says:

      There seem to be a few misinformed “stoners against legalization” on this thread who will find any provision in a measure they dislike and nit-pick it to death. Truth be told, there will never be a legalization measure that these people will support, in all likelihood because they profit off of the black market and the current status quo, just like Kevin Sabet. So for the doubters, I would point out: homemade concentrates are currently illegal anyway. Voting for measure 91 will not change this situation, nor will it have any effect on the medical program. But facts, reality and logic don’t matter anyway, because debating prohibitionists, whether of the Kevin Sabet variety or the “stoners against legalization” variety, is like debating anti-vaxers. They are not swayed by logic and reason, they just spread lies and propaganda for their own agenda.

    3. JOE HEMP says:



      MEDICAL PATIENTS can still MAKE THEIR OWN LEGALLY in any way they choose…

      CAN ITA BE TRUE…theres actually some truth to the proposition that this law does not interfere with existing MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAW in Oregon?

      Maybe i will move there !!!

    4. phrtao says:

      Question: If homemade extracts are banned will vaporisers be banned ?since they actually extract from the weed rather than combusting it. Surely grinders with a screen and kief tray will not be allowed. Ludicrously difficult law to enforce !

      On the other hand – could some one actually run a service where you turn up with a sack of weed and they do the extraction for you ?

    5. travis says:

      This “no homemade extract/ Measure 91 Section 57” is really small potatoes compared to the nearly wide open corruption going on in “medical only” states with weak laws like Connecticut. Connecticut thinks there is nothing wrong with give soul power of cannabis production to 4, that’s right only 4 companies, guaranteeing millions in profits for these individuals meanwhile, guaranteeing short supply and therefore extremely inflated price on the legal market driving patients to rely on the black market. As I’ve posted in the past, just because it comes from a corporation, doesn’t make it safer than a quality job done in a basement? Ya’ll go to farmers markets don’t you? Why? Because the local product is in fact far superior. The science/lab tests don’t discriminate and neither should our laws. As long as it’s medical grade, it should be allowed to come from anyone, even if it must be sold at a licensed dispensary. Just like the local mega grocers will carry corn and apples from the farm down the road. I would really appreciate someone commenting on my post, and please correct me if I am misguided or if my ideas are flawed. I’m all for legalization, just not in trade for a new form of big tobacco.

    6. Longtime Toker says:

      This measure will give people a lot of peace from narco-tyrrany that they had not had before. At least you guys get to vote on it. In the Deep South, imagine how long it will be before we can. It seems to me a definite improvement over what we had before. The more states that can legalize, the less it will fund organized crime, and the less the “War on Drug(-User)s” can proceed. The more that legalize, the more a saner drug policy can be sought in future years.

    7. Cupishere says:

      l will criticise any ballot initiative that places more restrictions on marijuana than more dangerous substances like alcohol or puts ridiculous rules as to how you can use marijuana at home. If someone wants to produce hash or concentrates in their home, they have the right to do so. You see, I’m not against legalization. I am only against prohibition pretending to be legalization.

      Any law that bans home growing or what you can do to marijuana in your own home is only proposing the continuation of prohibition.

    8. Dave Evans says:

      Sometimes I wonder… Where does it says you can’t make hash??? It doesn’t. Where does is say you can’t make concentrates? It doesn’t. It outlines a series of dangerous chemical reagents that sane people should not be mixing with marijuana in the first place as being banned.

      What is the problem with that?

    9. Alpha Obama says:

      Prove that Oregonians are leaders. Legalize cannabis. See the economic boom Colorado has experienced. ALL you tax benefits will go to Washington if you don’t legalize it, Along with a lot of young smart business types.

    10. mexweed says:

      Regret that no answer has appeared to @phrtao’s question about vaporisers (which arguably extract) or screen grinding (which I learned to do with a wire screen made from a 6″ x 10″ tape-bordered rectangle with 45-degree volded corners wrapped into a basket-like shape).

      If anyone’s interested, make four quality-variant fractions by

      (a) grinding through 1/8″ screen; save seeds for flowerpot and stems for teapot;

      (b) shaking sifted part through 1/16″ (16S);

      (c) grinding remainder through 1/16″ (16G, less good but still tokable; save stems for tea);

      (d)then optionally shaking both fractions through 1/32″ to get nutrient-rich powder-like kief (32S) which can be included in cookies or butter etc.

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