Study: CBD Oil “Highly Promising” In Pediatric Epilepsy Treatment

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 27, 2016

    cbdThe administration of cannabis oil extracts high in cannabidiol reduces seizure frequency in children with intractable epilepsy, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the journal Seizure.

    Israeli researchers retrospectively evaluated the effects of CBD oil in a multicenter cohort of 74 patients with intractable epilepsy. Participants in the trial were resistant to conventional epilepsy treatment and were treated with CBD extracts for a period of at least three months. Extracts in the study were provided by a pair of Israeli-licensed growers and were standardized to possess a CBD to THC ratio of 20 to 1.

    Investigators reported: “CBD treatment yielded a significant positive effect on seizure load. Most of the children (89 percent) reported reduction in seizure frequency. … In addition, we observed improvement in behavior and alertness, language, communication, motor skills and sleep.”

    They concluded, “The results of this multicenter study on CBD treatment for intractable epilepsy in a population of children and adolescents are highly promising. Further prospective, well-designed clinical trials using enriched CBD medical cannabis are warranted.”

    Previously published retrospective studies and surveys, such as those here and here and here, have also reported CBD administration to be efficacious in reducing seizure frequency.

    In 2013, the United States Food and Drug Administration granted orphan drug status to imported, pharmaceutically standardized CBD (aka Epidiolex) extracts for use in experimental pediatric treatment. Open-label safety trial data published online in December 2015 in the journal Lancet Neurology reported a median reduction in seizures in adolescent patient treated with Epidiolex that approached 40 percent. Authors concluded, “Our findings suggest that cannabidiol might reduce seizure frequency and might have an adequate safety profile in children and young adults with highly treatment-resistant epilepsy.”

    An abstract of the study, “CBD-enriched medical cannabis for intractable pediatric epilepsy: The current Israeli experience,” appears online here.

    8 Responses to “Study: CBD Oil “Highly Promising” In Pediatric Epilepsy Treatment”

    1. mexweed says:

      If it turned out vaporized dry homegrown high-CBD-variant budflower bits were 79% as good as $omeone’s $proprietary CBD extract and cost the family 1/44th as much, how would corporations make any money?

      Who will fund eminent researchers like the Israelis mentioned to conduct a strain-by-strain experimentation toward finding the best CBD strain for epileptic or their parent to raise, harvest, sift and vapetoke with a flexdrawtube one-hitter made from $1.29 worth of findling parts left lying around in your Garage by the previous god.

      • Diggy Dust says:

        I would like to see corporations stop making so much money off of medicine, personally. I have a hard time trusting people to “cure” us when they are literally making billions off of us being sick. People should go into the medical industry because they want to help other human beings, not because they want to become millionaires.

    2. Anonymous says:

      ‘intractable epilepsy’ means very difficult to deal with. I guess it really is unsurprising that the homeostatic, endocannabinoid system approach might provide relief.

    3. JAY says:

      Where would pharmacology be if research happened 40 years ago? Anyone else a little pissed off!

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        Fuck yes! You really gotta wonder, when places like Spain and Israel are able to do cannabis research to save kids lives, yet we here in USA are PROHIBITED from doing so, because… reefer madness: a lethal combination of stupidity, malice, and violence. So, yeah, I’m pissed. “Land of the Free”, my ass! I call bullshit on that.
        (Of course, they hang ’em in Iran. So it could be worse! That’s why we have to make sure it keeps moving in the other direction. We now have a sitting Gov. Paul LePage advocating killing drug dealers on sight! Monsters! It is repugnant.)

    4. Julian says:

      As someone with a close nephew who suffers from epilepsy, I can say I lobbied my Congressman passionately before the Texas legislature passed the CBD whole plant legislation. Video of whole plant CBD oil… Not just some pure CBD patented extract… Has really moved us forward with our Congressman.

      It broke my heart to hear from my Representatives’ staffer that a person with epilepsy had just been in the office before me that day and she was asking me if the pauses in his conversation when one eye closed were seizures.

      I answered “yes, very likely. It takes me at least two hours to visit my state senator and representative just from the security line to the door. Without a legally prescribed or recommended supply of cannabis, a patient with epilepsy has to consume a 1 1/2 hour supply of cannabis, haul @$$ through the capitol and make it to your office without having a seizure to explain to you that he or she shouldn’t go to jail for consuming the only non-toxic treatment effective for mitigating seizures. Now you tell me, is that justice?”

      • Jim says:

        It is unfortunate for your Nephew whom suffers from Epileptic seizures. I hope he has access to Marijuana derivatives even though being in Texas. As for Me an my family we live in Texas also. Both me an my wife have chronic medical issues. My wife having migraines along with TMJ. I am a Type II Diabetic along with neuropathy. In my hands an feet. I also have DVT Blood clots in my legs. Both me an my wife have additional medical issues in conjunction to the ones mentioned. My wife’s problems in a lot of ways is very similar to your nephews. Her migraines are very similar acting like an epileptic seizure. Just like all people in a chronic pain situation which hurts an is debilitating.

        I have had personal conversations with my wife’s Doctors and my Doctors. In fact one of my wife’s Doctors, is a leading supporter to the legalization of Marijuana. Our Doctors are all in support of the legalization of Marijuana.

        I which I did have a lot of monies to financially support the Marijuana cause, but I do not. So I do what I can to drive an motivate individuals to support the Marijuana cause. I believe in the short future, a whole lot of individuals in addition to the current once which have access to the Marijuana will see the major benefits this medical side of this plant can offer to a lot of suffering people.

        • Julian says:

          Sorry I did not look back at this blog to respond earlier, Jim; Thank you for the kind response.
          Texas NORML has been pushing our state legislature for better access for the state law that tells Texas doctors to “diagnose” to “recommend” cannabis to protect them from Federal prosecution and losing their license in 2017.
          Ironically, the Federal government could possibly reschedule or deschedule marijuana even sooner than that under the Federal Controlled Substances Act, either by Bernie Sanders becoming president through executive order or by a new Congress in 2017 passing any of the legislation we can write them about through the Take Action link at the upper right hand corner, or even by traveling this may to the Federal citizen lobby in DC.
          With that said, traveling to meet your own representative by seeking the support of Texas NORML, friends and/or family, is a very effective way to lobby your local Senator and State representative. As a person who suffers from seizures, face to face, eye to eye with your Congressman can be a very empowering, gratifying experience when citizen lobbying, and I urge you to contact Texas NORML to arrange such a meeting.
          Best Regards.

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