Why I Oppose the Nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

  • by NORML January 7, 2017

    By George Rohrbacher,
    Former Washington State Senator (R),
    Former NORML board member

    Sen. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for Attorney General, stated on the floor of the Senate last April, “Good people do not use marijuana”, and in doing so, Sessions defamed countless people. Individuals who are Good People and whom, by the millions, have said, “YES” to responsibly consuming marijuana here in America.

    Through the ballot box, nearly a quarter of America’s citizens have regained their marijuana freedom. Their message to the federal government at this moment is loud and clear, exactly the same as was our forebears’ message, fighting for our life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

    I take Sessions’ demeaning public statement is an insult to my sweet wife of 46 years, Ann, who uses cannabis salve for the neuro-muscular aches and pains of an active life and uses cannabis tincture as a sleeping aid most nights. Annie served as business manager of our small county fair for a decade. She was superintendent of our rural school district in eastern Washington. She is mother of 4 and grandmother of 9. Annie is the very definition of “good people”, Sessions’ ignorant, arrogant and insulting sentiment stating otherwise is wrong, dead wrong.

    I urge you to join me in contacting our Senators to question these views. 

    Millions of Good People do use marijuana! Millions of them.

    While over a ten-year period, 8.2 million marijuana arrests; almost nine in 10 were for possession alone.

    Raised in Auburn, Alabama, where my dad was a research scientist at the USDA lab there, my formative years in the South taught me to respect women and to never, never let an affront to one’s wife go unchallenged.

    Jeff Sessions in insulting my wife has, by proxy, insulted millions and millions of others, too. They are Good People who use marijuana. After eight decades of marijuana prohibition, America’s voters, state-by-state, they are regaining their freedom through the ballot box. Unless he clarifies otherwise, Jeff Sessions’ views on cannabis law reform make him unfit to become America’s next Attorney General.

    Join me in sharing these views with our federally elected officials. 



    —these are folks are just like millions and millions of other cannabis using Americans—


    17 responses to “Why I Oppose the Nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General”

    1. Anonymous says:

      He was selected by President-Elect PeePee!

    2. Anonymous says:


      Strange Days Indeed!

    3. csaaphill says:

      not sure if my comments are getting through or not but on the other same story about sessions it doesn’t seem so but since one did here I will say it here. Remember when the left was in power and the right turned to constitutional sheriffs and tenth amendment ones? Well…. Turn about is fair play. I say look into the local sheriffs even if they appose legalization they may stand with you to stop the feds enforcing these unconstitutional laws. Seriously The sheriff can and has been able to tell the feds to take a hike if and when they try to shut down a grow or business.

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