Trump Should Abolish the Drug Czar’s Office

  • by Erik Altieri, NORML Executive Director April 14, 2017

    The Trump Administration is widely expected to pick Representative Tom Marino for Drug Czar.

    Representative Marino is a longtime, rabid drug warrior who has a consistent record of voting against marijuana law reform legislation — a position that runs counter to that of the majority of voters and his own constituents. His appointment to this office highlights the fact that this administration remains committed to the failed 1980s ‘war on drugs’ playbook.

    The Trump administration promised to eliminate bureaucratic waste. It should start by eliminating the office of the Drug Czar.

    The White House Drug Czar is required, by statute, “to oppose any attempt to legalize the use of a substance that is listed in Schedule I” and to “ensure that no Federal funds … shall be expended for any study or contract relating to the legalization (for a medical use or any other use) of a substance listed in Schedule I.” This narrow-minded, Flat Earth mentality refuses to acknowledge the reality that the majority of the country is now authorized to engage in the use of medical cannabis and it mandates that US drug policy be dictated by rhetoric and ideology rather than by science and evidence.

    NORML opposes Marino’s appointment to the position of Drug Czar and we further call for this anti-science agency to be abolished entirely.

    Click here to send a message to President Trump – End the charade of the Drug Czar by abolishing the position.

    The Drug Czar’s office is a remnant of a bygone era when US drug policy was framed as a ‘war’ fueled largely by rhetoric and ideology. In 2017 we can do better and we must. The majority of Americans view drug abuse as a public health issue, they favor regulating cannabis as opposed to criminalizing it, and they are demanding policy changes based on facts.

    Tell President Trump: There is no place for ‘Czars’ in today’s American government, particularly those like Marino who still cling to outdated and failed drug war policies that embody misplaced ideologies of the past.

    17 responses to “Trump Should Abolish the Drug Czar’s Office”

    1. Nomad says:

      Trump is not in charge.

      • ET says:

        No, but he is an essential cog in the machine. This means if one fails, they all fail.

        -Government – the governing body of a nation, state, or community.
        -Governing – conduct the policy, actions, and affairs of (a state, organization, or people).
        -Policy – a course or principle of action adopted or proposed by a government, party, business, or individual.
        -Actions – the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
        -Affairs – an event or sequence of events of a specified kind or that has previously been referred to.

        It is their job to represent us. Let’s also not forget that the President picks the people in their cabinet to make decisions for him.The President is just as responsible for anything that happens to this country, As well as the people who voted for him. This applies to both sides of a two party system.

    2. Joe Schwinn says:

      NO! Abolishing the drug Czar will not be a good idea. What it will is rescheduling the different substance with comprehensive law enforcement. Even Marijuana need regulation. You can scream all you want, that is the facts. Only a pot head will believe marijuana do not pose any danger. We got you the pot heads to mess everything for the recreational user. Been a responsible adult require for those adult to set personal boundaries. However we got to have a drug Czar because you pot head are so ignorant, that you believe….. I can drive fine when high, well if only you where at risk, I say drive you self over a cliff, I will be fine with that. However I got grand children,daughter,wife , mother… Every time you get on the wheel you put them in danger. Smoking is your business, well when you light up in your home and desregard the children in the house,that is irresponsible behavior, however when confronted, your ignorance show. Still smoking in a house with children. Pot head are the problem, when a pot head priorities Marijuana make it first after, work, housing, food or family. Take a good look and you will see where ever there is a pot head everything is neglected. We need regulation and enforcement a Czar is need it because we also have the crack head very close behind falow the pot head behavior. Be honest heroine users, cocaine users….always the one how suffer the drug abusser lack of priorities are the families. So you shut not be talking about eliminating the Czar office as it shut be talk about restructuring the system to reflect real meaningful change for dealing with all drug abusers in a comprehensive to jail time way. That is the reality of having a Czar.

      • Julian says:

        Alright Joe, I wasn’t going to post anything but that’s it! Clean up you $#!+!

        “What it will is rescheduling the different substance with comprehensive law enforcement.”

        Fix your syntax. (Inhale….(pause…) … WTF!!!!!????)

    3. The Aparent Outsider says:

      If any one whom has a pulse in this country thinks duhhh duhhh Trump is going to have ANY sensible policies I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, it’s “a beautiful thing” the most beautiful bridge you’ve seen.

      Asking this fucking dope-no pun intended- for anything that’s not going to line his pockets, is a waste of breath.

      3 year’s 7 months and 13 days left of what will become remembered as the worst presidency in US history. If we make it that long, sneeking suspicion WW3 is right around the corner.

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