FDA Seeking Public Comments On CBD

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director August 29, 2017

    oil_bottlesOn Regulations.Gov, right now, the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is soliciting public comments with regard to the therapeutic utility and abuse liability of various controlled substances, including cannabidiol (CBD).

    The agency will consider these comments prior to preparing a formal response to the World Health Organization, which is considering placing the substances within their international drug scheduling code.

    Now, to be frank, it’s a little silly that the FDA is seeking public comment on a topic that would normally be judged based on the merits of evidence-based science and data. But prohibition itself would be considered silly if not for the detrimental effects of a criminal record and lifelong penalties and stigma associated with it.

    That being said, cannabidiol is defined by the US Drug Enforcement Administration as a Schedule I controlled substance, despite:

    • Its therapeutic properties and lack of abuse potential, despite the safety trials which have determined the substance to be non-toxic and well-tolerated in human subjects
    • Seventeen states explicitly recognizing by state-law that CBD as a therapeutic agent
    • The head of the US National Institute on Drug Abuse publically acknowledging that CBD is “a safe drug with no addictive effects” 

    So a request for public comment should never go unfulfilled. So we made it incredibly easy for you to do so.


    27 responses to “FDA Seeking Public Comments On CBD”

    1. Heather says:

      I didn’t realize CBD oil was still considered a controlled substance despite its non-psychoactive effects. Hopefully these public comments will help give it a better reputation and lead to a change in policy.

    2. Julian says:

      Come on NORML! Keep signing! Let’s crash the FDA website!

    3. Marnie says:

      Ridiculous that that CBD which has no psychoactive effects and has been shown to be highly beneficial
      For a lot of conditions and is non toxic and cannot be abused is even considered illegal.

    4. Julian says:


      Dr. Sue Sisley is facing a critical deadline next month on Oct. 1st. She only has 22 out of the 76 veterans she needs for her critical FDA and American Legion approved research on marijuana’s medical efficacy for treatment to turn PTSD into PTSGrowth. If you or someone you know is a willing veteran candidate to participate in this life-saving research please contact Dr. Sisley at


    5. Sam Stowell says:

      CBD oil may be fine for some. Whole plant is what the masses want and need. My husband who contracted HIV/AIDS in the early 80’s, lived through chemo due to Carposy’s Sarcoma, is alive today because he would finish the chemo, go out to his car and smoke a joint. All 15 other patients who did not smoke died.
      The old lie (since 1937) is complete bs. EVERYONE knows cannabis is no more, or less dangerous than aspirin, and much less toxic than alcohol which is readily available in all 50 states.
      Wake up America.
      Deregulate, legalize, and give this country the freedom to grow. Cannabis should be no more regulated than growing your own tomato, cucumber, carrot, or rosemary. It is simply a plant that was demonized by corporations in the 30’s because it was cheaper and would have destroyed the wood pulp (newspaper) industries.
      I speak for many. Get a clue

    6. Dan says:

      It helps people, end of story. Those suffering from PTSD or severe anxiety can use this completely harmless “drug”.

    7. Wade Chapman says:

      I thank CBD for giving back my life! It infuriates me that big pharms and the all mighty dollar are trying to prevent us from getting relief from pain, anxiety and depression by seeking out natural products. I discovered HempWorx CBD Oil and it has changed my life, my wife’s life and our dog! We need the freedom to choose what we want to do for our own health.

    8. liam says:

      I had broken my thumb and every time the weather changes, I’d feel a very unpleasant sensation at the point where it was broken. CBD Oral Spray for pain relief definitely helped a lot. Thanks CBD

    9. Dave says:

      No Question CBD has been big in helping my Chronic Pain. I have been able to reduce Gabapentin and I forgot about Advil! Last year I had 4 different neck and back injections and procedures. With CBD, it’s really helped a lot!

    10. liam says:

      I had broken my thumb and every time the weather changes, I’d feel a very unpleasant sensation at the point where it was broken. CBD Oral Spray for pain relief definitely helped me a lot. Thanks CBD

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