VA Secretary Shulkin Still Hasn’t Responded to The American Legion’s Call for Marijuana Research

  • by Carly Wolf, NORML Political Associate October 6, 2017

    The American Legion has been calling on the federal government for over a year – specifically the Veterans Affairs Department – to support research into the therapeutic benefits of cannabis in treating veterans with PTSD.

    Many veterans have told both the Legion and NORML that they have been able to eliminate or reduce their dependency on other drugs, specifically opioids, by using cannabis.

    The Legion recently ramped up their efforts to convince VA Secretary Shulkin to expand research into the therapeutic and medicinal effects of cannabis by sending him a letter demanding for his direct involvement in making sure the medical marijuana study meets its goals.

    That letter was sent on September 19th. 17 days ago.

    Has Secretary Shulkin or the Dept. of Veterans Affairs responded? No. Have either even acknowledged receipt of the letter? To public knowledge, no.

    Why hasn’t Sec. Shulkin or the VA responded? Is he going to listen to the nation’s largest Veterans advocacy group? One that is pleading for help that our veterans so desperately need and deserve? Great question. The American Legion seems to be wondering the same thing.

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    The Legion has been expressing their frustration on Twitter for Sec. Shulkin’s failure to act on this pressing issue.

    Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.36.06 PM


    Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.46.37 PM

    Secretary Shulkin is doing himself, our veterans, and to a larger extent, our nation, a huge disservice by not acknowledging the Legion’s cry for help and support.

    Join us in calling upon Secretary Shulkin to listen to the pleas of Veterans.

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    21 responses to “VA Secretary Shulkin Still Hasn’t Responded to The American Legion’s Call for Marijuana Research”

    1. Peabody 's Cow says:

      It totally behooves me why people are seeking as our government is utilizing MARIJUANA AND ECSTASY for PTSD, yet opoid treatment, usually the last resort,fr true pain pts- is being removed, making older vets suffer. If its about getting high,it may not really have a thing to do with chronic pain. MARIJUANA has its own demons, why add more unnecessarily? Quality of life is far different than a feel good moment!!
      Once the door on marijuana is open, that demon will destroy more than it will help.

    2. John poston says:

      Dear American Legion Fellows,
      If there ever were a plant on earth that combatted the detrimental acavages of Cancer, it is Canabis. It only has psychological aspected when heated at high temps.
      Hemp has been Black Listed back in our history, because it heals so well.
      Biig Pharma drugs can make it as someone’s being heard, while the Medical Industry earns billions of dollars while the Dlow Kill goes on.
      No doubt Shulikin is up against a Rock & a hard place => ($) !

    3. Pascus says:

      IT amazes me how they are absolutely shameless about how they treat us. I walk thru the v.a. clinic/hospital and see all these signs (we care about our vets or vets are our number 1 priority) and it makes me want to rip them all down. It is nothing less than sickening that they would not be all over this. ESPECIALLY with all the testimonials from vets. Helpin with PTSD. PAIN ETC ETC. slowin suicides. It has been so clear how little we mean. PATHETIC

    4. alj says:

      My VA doctor asked me if used cannabis lately, I said no but I’d like to. The VA, a huge pharma customer will never allow anything outside chemical poisons. They don’t really care about vets health.

    5. Wounded says:

      Cannabis use for patients is about feeling better not getting high.Its a major misconception that people who use this sacred plant walk about dazed and confused.While I don’t know if cannabis will allow me to discontinue opioid pain killers, I do know it will replace the tranquilizers that leave you dazed and confused.I pray the VA will get their act together many depend on them.

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