Democrats and Republicans Reject Recent Action by AG Sessions

  • by Kevin Mahmalji, NORML Outreach Director January 5, 2018


    Following yesterday’s announcement by the DOJ that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had rescinded the Cole Memo, an Obama-era memorandum issued by Attorney General James Cole in 2013, federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle quickly denounced the decision.

    Reject AG Sessions’ Efforts to Revert to the Failed Criminal Policies of the ‘Just Say No’ Era

    In addition to taking to the floor of the Senate to express his frustrations, Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) continued to vent on Twitter. He had this to say:

    “This reported action directly contradicts what Attorney General Sessions told me prior to his confirmation. With no prior notice to Congress, the Justice Department has trampled on the will of the voters in CO and other states.”

    Sharing some of the same frustrations as her counterpart in the Senate, Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) shared the following in a email to supporters:

    “Sessions’ actions to protect the bottom lines of the for-profit private prison industry, and Big Pharma whose opioids and drugs flourish in part due to the marijuana prohibition, while trampling on states’ rights and turning everyday Americans into criminals, is the latest injustice that the Attorney General has suffered on the American people.”

    Being the cosponsor of pending legislation, that if passed by Congress would stop AG Sessions in his tracks, Representative Gabbard also took a minute to encourage support for her bill, HR 1227:

    “I am calling on every member of Congress to take up the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act to remove marijuana from the list of federally controlled substances.”

    With prominent Democrats and Republicans promising a fight and threatening to derail DOJ nominations, and thousands of calls and emails from activists asking lawmakers to reject Mr. Sessions’ misguided plan, it appears that political courage comes in many forms.

    To join the fight, take a few minutes to contact your representative and encourage their support for HR 1227: The Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act: http://norml.org/action-center/item/federal-bill-introduced-to-end-federal-marijuana-prohibition and email Chapters@NORML.org for a list of upcoming meetings and lobby days.

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    1. Mark Mitcham says:

      Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO): “This reported action directly contradicts what Attorney General Sessions told me prior to his confirmation. With no prior notice to Congress, the Justice Department has trampled on the will of the voters in CO and other states.”

      What a load of crap by Senator Cory Gardner (R), pretending to be all shocked and shit to find out that Trump is a liar.

      Now that the Republicans have gotten their ripoff tax heist, and never stop trying to take away our Healthcare, all at the expense of us working Americans, NOW, all of a sudden, they want to go back to pretending like they actually give a fuck about the health and well-being of their constituents.

      Well, I don’t buy it.

      Senator Cory Gardner is a Trump lapdog, and so he must pay the price for being a Trump supporter on Election Day.

      Fuck Trump, and all his Republican enablers! This is Cory Gardner’s fault, and now he is trying to evade the blame. Don’t let him get away with it. There are no good Republicans here.

    2. mylesaway says:

      At the risk of sounding positive about this muck we’ve been stuck in for so many generations now I’m going to do just that. Something’s up with the pyrimiad paridigm. There’s definitely a shift. Just to who or where? After a lifetime of forced participation and evaluation of the most ungodly chess game ever played……there not gonna do shit!!! Except help us role out the foundation for our will, our fucking planet, and our plants will!!! Prohibition is in the corner, checkmate right now!!! Let’s get this thing knocked out already. Can we please have flowers now? That’s what we’re asking for!!! Here’s to hoping flower power sticks this time

    3. Ha Ha says:

      What the Attorney.General. is doing although everyone seems to be disagreeing ‘except for me’ is constitutional. Reasons: I live within a decriminalized border area and since this low-decriminalized things have gone worse. Drug users are not always the best people. This is a country area, plus some youths – long hair hippy type (18-20) acted like they were going jump me one jumping at me when I was walking home from town, never happened before. Voting authority has gone to their heads.
      Only after the US marijuana craze.
      It’s degenerative.
      Now the law.
      The Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) establishes that the Constitution, federal laws made pursuant to it, and treaties made under its authority, constitute the supreme law of the land.
      James Madison defends the Supremacy Clause as vital to the functioning of the nation. He noted that state legislatures were invested with all powers not specifically defined in the Constitution, but also said that having the federal government subservient to various state constitutions would be an inversion of the principles of government, concluding that if supremacy were not established “it would have seen the authority of the whole society everywhere subordinate to the authority of the parts; it would have seen a monster, in which the head was under the direction of the members”.
      What he is saying is the authority of the combined countries people (the USA) would be placed on a low level, really low and shallow, while increasing the authority of the lesser public and the lesser states.
      So although Marijuana is a luxury to a few in a few states the damages done to the entire citizenry of the US is enormous while remaining Federal laws apply to them and is discriminatory towards the subjective under standing regulation. until Sessions.
      you will not post this.

    4. Mark Mitcham says:

      Getting rid of Sessions, without getting rid of Trump, won’t help. Sessions is to Trump as shit is to asshole. If we get rid of Sessions, Trump will simply shit out another unqualified, corrupt, and bought-off Republican turd.

      No, The Republicans walked in lockstep to bring us to this fucked-up situation, and the duplicitous bastards don’t get to slink away and disassociate from each other now. ALL REPUBLICANS OWN THIS STINKING MESS, AND ALL MUST PAY THE PRICE AT THE BALLOT BOX, ON ELECTION DAY.


      NORML Action Center: http://norml.org/act

    5. Dain Bramage says:

      Any Republican Senator or Congressman who supports Trump is aiding and abetting an active, traitorous Russian operative. That’s going on right fucking now!

      Trump’s objective is dictatorial, absolute power, and he and his supporters are not shy about it. To deny this is delusional thinking.

      This makes Trump, and all Trump supporters, fascist traitors to America.

      Listen! Republicans like Cory Gardner (R-CO) are trying to play the marijuana community for fools.

      NORML grades politicians based on their statements and their voting record with respect to marijuana. But since fascism and marijuana legalization are mutually exclusive goals, it should be obvious that any politician who allies themselves with Trump (whether they admit it or not) should receive an automatic “F” on marijuana policy. Trump’s appointment of Sessions alone is proof of that, just like every other treasonous appointment he has made in government, fascist loyalty over service to America.

      You got to see the big picture here… If The Resistance fails, marijuana legalization fails!

      Get on the big blue wave, that’s the ticket out of this clusterfuck!

    6. Dain Bramage says:

      Look at it like this: every bit of work that NORML, or any legalization activist, has ever done has been done based on a fundamental premise: this is a democracy, and not a fascist police state.

      If this premise is not true, there is no point in lobbying, or even voting.

      Marijuana legalization depends on Democracy; and for the moment, Democracy depends on The Resistance defeating Trump.

      The Republicans made Trump, and they must go down in flames with him. They made their bed; now it is time for them to lie in it.

    7. Miles says:

      This is something I think everyone who is considering whether or not cannabis should be legal should watch!!! Seriously, everyone in America and especially our so-called representatives should see this.

      This is GreenFlowerMedia’s response to Sessions and it is brilliant.


    8. Dain Bramage says:

      Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) is the very same Senator whose constituents had to make, and “debate” with, an honest-to-god cardboard cut-out stand-in for the Senator, in lieu of actual town-hall debates, or meetings with constituents, over the shameful display of fascism as Republicans tried repeatedly to take away our Healthcare.

      Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) does not give a shit what his constituents think. Just ask him about Healthcare.

      At least, you can ask his cardboard cut-out, life-size photo!

    9. Negative Nancy says:

      Cannabis is medicine. But Senator Gardner couldn’t care less about the health of his constituents, as evidenced by his support for the taking away of their healthcare, for the benefit of his corporate donors.

    10. John Groesse says:

      Everyone sees now the vike corruption in our government right now. Sessions is an old school greedy misinformed follower of failed propositions

      • Mark Mitcham says:

        So, who is to blame for Sessions? Trump. And, who is to blame for Trump? Republicans. Even now, the Republicans cover up for Trump and the Russian rigging of our elections.

        We can certainly expect every kind of voter suppression technique imaginable — think Third World Banana Republic Despot, and you have Trump and his gang of ass-wipes.

        That’s why The Resistance is so critical.

        Purge the traitors — get on the Big Blue Wave, and vote to punish Trump and his Republican traitors, on Election Day!

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