New House Legislation To Stop AG Jeff Sessions From Cracking Down

  • by Justin Strekal, NORML Political Director January 12, 2018

    Representative Barbara Lee

    Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA) and Don Young (R-AK today filed a resolution, HR 4779, known as The RE.F.E.R. Act, prohibiting the federal government from taking punitive action against those operating in states where the use and distribution of marijuana is legal.

    NORML is pleased to have worked with Rep. Lee’s office in drafting the language of HR 4779, which “protects individuals in states that have laws which permit the use of cannabis” for either medical or recreational purposes. Specifically, HR 4779 bars federal funding for any efforts that seek to “detain, prosecute, sentence, or initiate civil proceedings against an individual, business or property that is involved in the cultivation, distribution, possession, dispensation, or the use of cannabis in accordance with the law or regulation of the state or unit of local government in which the individual is located.”

    “The federal government should respect the will of the voters in states that have voted to decriminalize cannabis. It’s time to stop wasting taxpayer money on the failed War on Drugs,” said Congresswoman Barbara Lee. “I’m proud to introduce the REFER Act, which would prevent the Attorney General and others in the Trump Administration from stifling the budding cannabis industry. If the federal government chooses to interfere in these state matters, it’s up to Congress to prevent this harmful overreach.”

    It also prohibits the federal government from taking any punitive action against a financial institution “solely because the institution provides financial services to an entity” that is involved in state-sanctioned marijuana-related activities.

    Take action today to tell Congress to support HR 4779!

    With the Justice Department having rescinded Obama-era directives limiting the federal government’s involvement in marijuana states, and with the future of the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment uncertain, it is pivotal that you urge your elected officials to act on HR 4779.

    79 responses to “New House Legislation To Stop AG Jeff Sessions From Cracking Down”

    1. Jody Noller says:

      I support Hb4779.

    2. Jody Noller says:

      I support HR4779.

    3. Julian says:

      The R.E.F.E.R. Act? That’s bold! I can easily imagine a joint resolution to get REFER rolled up and passed!

      SIGNED and SENT!!!

      (Does Barbara Lee got Chinese eyes? She sure looks happy in that pic…)

    4. Matt says:

      Stand with Lee and Young and hb4779. Stand for a better and inevitable FUTURE.

    5. Heidi says:

      YES! fully support HB4779 call your congress people today! tell them to support this.

    6. Tina says:

      #legalize Indiana nationwide

    7. Mark says:

      Just the cheeto administration sucking up to big pharma…their all mighty dollars have bought and paid for our almighty governing body….$$ mean more what’s right.or just

    8. Anonymous says:

      Get dope out of my state! It causes crime, homeless people everywhere and makes beautiful Denver smell bad! Dirty politicians, dopers and cartels can get the f out! The silent majority are sick of it. Smoke in your own house and not on our streets!

      • TheOracle says:

        A majority of voters passed the ballot measures that legalized in Colorado. The solution to the nuisance of people smoking weed out on the streets is for there to be places where consumption IS allowed on the premises for those who can’t partake of the sacred herb at home, like because they don’t have a home in Colorado, so like a place for tourists to go. If you have Amsterdam style coffeeshops or a Bring Your Own Bud shop, you could put it out of sight and out of mind.

      • Sean says:

        I’ll help chip in for a one ticket to Manila, Philippines for you, since you and President Duterte seem to be on the same page.

      • Evening Bud says:


        I suspect your drama has to do with the influx of people in Denver and the large number of homeless. That’s proof in itself how badly many people want legalization, how badly they want to live in a place where you won’t get busted for a friggin’ joint.

        You’ll have to put up with that for a while, alas, until more states legalize. In the meantime, if the situation continues to bug you, you might consider relocating to the South. There are plenty of states south of the Mason-Dixon that probably won’t see legalization for years, maybe many years, so you wouldn’t have to be around that awful Devil’s Weed! Something to consider . . .

    9. Joe Flabeets says:

      Last Fall young men hoping to be accepted into college fraternities drank themselves to DEATH seeking that acceptance. Had their peers forced them to smoke a handful of blunts in place of drinking the alcohol those young men would still be with us. True.

      Reform of marijuana laws is uniting the people of this country right now like nothing else but our representatives dally. Why? Is it lobbying and money from the alcohol and pharmaceutical industries that encourages the delay?

      Lawmakers are backing the wrong inebriant. They celebrate the openings of new craft beer venues, wineries and distilleries as “agritourism” and promote them in their official press releases. CHEERS!

      Americans do not want to add to the intoxicated state of the Country. They want a healthier, safer and yes more pleasant ALTERNATIVE.

      Alcoholism and opiod abuse are real problems. When Virginia sells 151 proof liquor in their own stores and then prohibits marijuana use in the interest of protecting it’s citizens. Well, it’s more than a little hypocritical don’t you think?

      Can you help reform cannabis laws? Yes. Please contact your representatives directly. Really not that hard.

    10. The truth matters says:

      It is a sad day where politicians with their own greedy agendas that go against the will of the people and the elected representatives that echo the voted right of the people, to NOT follow what has clearly been deemed a logical progression of a long fought and futile battle, to keep prohibition intact. It cannot and will not stand, in a democratic country, who’s educated understanding of why could be an aid and not a harm, to millions of registered voters. MTV did not melt kids brains, nor did rock music like these old dinosaurs would have you believe. Alcohol and Big tobacco fund most of the political agenda and they too have come to understand the 420 movement is not just a movement, it is in fact the next evolutionary step on the humanitarian platform of freedom. Stop trying to be like communist China , you are a country of elected officials by the people! FOR the People!
      MJ Is here to stay. Not just for the adult that wants to casually smoke a joint while watching Sunday night football with his corona, but for the millions of registered voters that NEED something far more gentle than prescription drugs that KILL more Americans every day than weed we’ve could.
      Wake up American suits on the hill. You will be yesterday’s news but tomorrow’s news, it belongs to to the people and they have spoken!

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