Drug Warriors May Run, But They Can’t Hide

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 1, 2008


    Speaking of debate, my recent appearance on Dr. Drew Pinsky’s nationally syndicated radio show is now archived here. (Click on ‘show audio’ for July 31, 2008.)

    Dr. Drew and I spent 30 minutes discussing HR 5843 and whether the federal government has any business legislating what substances adults put into their bodies. By the end of the segment it appears that even the good doctor concedes that the answer is “no.”

    Anyone who follows this issue closely knows that paid prohibitionists like John Walters and Scott Burns refuse to engage in debate with marijuana law reformers.  

    In fact, several years ago the US Drug Enforcement Administration actually published and disseminated a publication, “How to Hold Your Own in a Drug Legalization Debate,” that recommended its employees decline invitations to publicly debate drug policy issues.

    Given this environment, it’s refreshing to see the creation of a website like OpposingViews.com.

    The new site, recently profiled by the Washington Post, faces off experts head-to-head on various hot-button political issues, including drug policy.

    Ever wonder why drug warriors steadfastly refuse to debate reformers on drug policy issues? Just click here, here, and here, and you’ll have your answer.

    15 responses to “Drug Warriors May Run, But They Can’t Hide”

    1. Mike G says:

      Anybody else notice how those in favor of pot-prohibition did not post one objection (rebuttal) to any of the points raised by the pro-legalization posters?

      It makes me laugh to picture the deer in the headlights look these anti pot guys must have had on their faces when they read the pro-pot points. Oh, wait….I’m sure they didn’t even read our side.

    2. Ray W says:

      I just read that the US federal Government. has Medical Marijuana and its cancer treating propertys patended … Weed was made by GOD .. isnt it on just about every form of money that our government makes.. “IN GOD WE TRUST” seems awful two faced to me?!?!?! Them voting against something that makes everyone feel so much better (medicaly) and most of the Republicans say it was CREATED by the MIGHTY GOD that they say they worship, and yet they Patened it because of its medical propertys, and say on their created money “IN GOD WE TRUST”

    3. Cloud says:

      I agree with Ray W above that republican’s (on average) along with the christian right take a very hypocritical stance on marijuana. If god created the world and everything in it then he created marijuana. So this goes out to all you right-winged blasphemers out there: Are you saying that God in all his infinite wisdom was wrong when he created pot? I think not.
      I would also just like to point out to Ray that “IN GOD WE TRUST” was added to our money along with the addition of “under god” in the pledge in the 1950’s to combat communism. I guess that republican’s flip-flop on more issues than we thought. Then again it’s probably that they, just like the catholic church of ole’, use the idea of “god” to control the people.
      Rising up against a government that is in the wrong is the most American thing that you can do. Fight for your rights and the rights of this country as a whole. Stop the outdated and immoral war on drugs. Legalize it!!!

    4. Bruno says:


      David Evans says Marijuana causes AIDS.

      That’s hilarious!

    5. Bruno says:

      He should add that it can cause burns if the lighter is dropped.

      It can cause some choking or severe disgust if the ash pulls through.

      It can cause blisters in the thumb area if the carb heats up too much.

      It can cause breathlessness if something moderately funny is mentioned during use.

      And most importantly, it CAN cause nausea if and when the bong water is accidentally or purposefully spilled, splashed, drunk and/or interacted with under any normal circumstances.

      The reasons for prohibition should be obvious. You know, under these same circumstances (and those provided by the DEA and Drug Czar), my neighbor should be prohibited as well. I’m starting a case.

    6. Fred Hood says:

      Tried the hear the radio audio but the site I went to had Toby Keith on the July 31st show??Thanks for the opposingview tip went there and gave them an earfull! The machine is running on 100 billion a year including kickbacks to our so called leaders. That is why they keep putting us in jail at a rate of one every 38 seconds. We are sacrificed for nothing more than money and power. Time for a change and it is coming in Nov!!

    7. Anonymous says:

      One point – the DEA aren’t policy makers, so it’s like having a debate with LEO about traffic tickets; same with the military, they have special PR people to talk to the press.
      Despite that, I don’t hold it against them to not debate, they don’t have the tools, and the argument against cannabis is bunk.

    8. lindsay. says:

      I just talked to Dr. Pinsky on his radio show. He made it clear that his view that the prohibition does not seem to work; he aslo made it clear that he does not really care all that much about drug laws (though he said that those laws help him to help people who are in need of drug treatment).

    9. Mike G., I’ve been following this debate on Opposing Views, and actually, it looks like Dr. Kevin Sabet, the “pot-prohibition” guy, did finally counter NORML’s arguments. Check it out.

    10. nick says:

      the prohibition against marijuana was created in order to help the large oil companies and textile industries thrive and prosper while the rest of the world suffers. Ever since the bill was passed to make marijuana illegal with the help of Dupont and more directly Harry Anslinger, hemp has been illegal to grow and farm in the United states which has robbed the world of very valuable things such as a clean source of energy, food and countless others things that are more beneficial and superior to the products produced under oil company patented operations.

      On the issue of drug prohibition, it is clear to me that some agency stands to benefit from Marijuana’s prohibition. Oil, textile, alcohol and tobacco industries fund each about a million dollars a day to drug free organizations and anti-pot campaigns. propaganda is spread just as it always is about the hemp plant in order to demonize it. It has been said to be a cure for cancer in the case of the rick simpson story. Yes thats right a cure for cancer. Then why is it not known? Because the hemp plant cannot be patented which therefore equals no money for pharmaceutical companies and the people pushing the drugs. It is my opinion that an adult has the right to put whatever they want into their body as long as the side effects are listed and it clearly states what the risks are. Enforcing a law which tries to regulate private morality will never work and this will remain the case throughout history. Cigarette companies have attributed to the millions of deaths from lung cancer every year. Alcohol attributes to just as many deaths and yet they are both legal. Throughout history, hemp has caused the deaths of a total of 0 people. how many deaths, NONE. So why is it illegal, obviously someone has pulled the wool over your eyes America. So i ask all of you, dont always believe what you hear. Ask questions, research. Dont just give into what you hear and take it as the truth. discover the benfits of hemp before you make your decision’s and i guarantee you will feel just like the rest of the anti-prohibitionists do. Face it America, our prisons are full and our treasury is empty due to the prohibition against illicit drugs and more specifically marijuana. but until we all make a stand it will remain this way forever, which is what big business wants us to do. I choose not to be herded around like sheep. I choose to have a say in what happens in our society. America, help yourselves. Help your family. Help the world.