Dickinson College Debate On Cannabis Legalization Now Online

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 27, 2008


    My recent debate with Cumberland County District Attorney David Freed at Dickinson College on September 4 in now online for viewing. Public debates at places such as colleges and universities are crucial in educating the public about alternatives to cannabis prohibition. Interested individuals and parties that would like to establish a NORML chapter or sponsor a debate between NORML and a proponent of cannabis prohibition are encouraged to contact NORML.

    33 responses to “Dickinson College Debate On Cannabis Legalization Now Online”

    1. Runlevel says:

      Freed dodges multiple direct questions in relation to violence, science, and the like being associated to cannabis use. Allen just presented the facts.

    2. John says:

      I enjoyed the debate. Very valid points and very interesting questions. Now if we could only get people talking about these things around Florida or Alabama. Out of all the places I’ve been (which aren’t many), I think if anyone is more against cannabis than anyone it would have to be people in the “Bible Belt”, aka south Alabama. Hope to see more of these debates in the near future.


    3. Cops killed Jesus says:

      I love how they admit in the beginning that they don’t even test anymore because “No one ever passed”. So enforcement by their own admission is a complete failure!

    4. Phillip says:

      While the DA tried….He just kept repeating himself….Kick ass job Allen!!!

    5. David Di Donato says:

      Could someone please put this on youtube? Thanks!

    6. PSYOP says:

      I actually listened to this debate when it first went up on the Dickinson College website. Allen did more than a great job, and I must say I was impressed with David Freed’s restraint, as he stated several times that he “thinks private conduct in one’s own home should remain private.” I think he knew not to go crazy with lies before an educated audience so he didn’t come off looking like the typical flat-earth, kill-em-all drug warrior. That said, I was rolling on the floor when he tried to say a recent murder was the result of a drunk guy smoking cannabis…

      Still, it would have been interesting to see the gloves come off a little bit further!

    7. Chris Reed says:

      NORML Executive easily won that debate. The opponent to legalization was clearly at a loss for words sometimes. I hope we win this.

    8. James says:

      Dave Freed is an interesting guy and unlike most drug warriors, he seems to have a brain, and yet while Allen was talking actual facts and numbers, Mr. Freed just seems to reply with oh, thats not the case. When Allen said 90% of Glaucoma patients respond fine to conventional meds but 10% dont and would embrace medical cannabis, Freed says well there are other conventional meds for glaucoma, completely ignoring the 10% of sufferers (2.4 million) who those treatments do not work on.

    9. Tyler says:

      It felt to me that Mr. Freed only had one argument and he was just constantly rewording it. “Potential for abuse and violence”.

      Stellar debate!