Want To Know Why Pot Is Still Illegal? Ask Your Governor

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director October 1, 2008

    Marijuana law reformers, myself included, have spilled volumes of ink commenting on the numerous reasons and vested interests responsible for the continued prohibition of cannabis. But while these lengthy writings may be worthwhile intellectual exercises, I fear that they overlook the obvious.

    That’s why, right now, I’d like to give you seven specific reasons why the use of cannabis by adults — including seriously ill patients — remains a crime in America. Ready? Here they are:

    Governor Donald Carcieri (R-Rhode Island)
    Governor James Douglas (R-Vermont)
    Governor Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii)
    Governor John Lynch (D-New Hampshire)
    Governor Tim Pawlenty (R-Minnesota)
    Governor Jodi Rell (R-Connecticut)
    Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (R-California)

    Each of these Governors have single-handedly opted to kill marijuana law reform legislation in their states — either by the stroke of a pen (Carcieri, Lingle, Rell, Schwarzenegger) or by applying enough legislative pressure to abruptly halt ‘pro-pot’ proposals from ever reaching their desk. (In fairness to Gov. Douglas, he has allowed both medical marijuana and hemp law reform bills to become law without his signature.) Governors Carcieri and Schwarzenegger are multiple offenders — having combined to veto half a dozen marijuana-law reform bills in recent years.

    Want to know why pot remains illegal in America? You can start by asking your Governor.

    41 responses to “Want To Know Why Pot Is Still Illegal? Ask Your Governor”

    1. David says:

      This is absolutely ridiculous. I’m writing a letter to Schwarzenegger right now.

    2. Really Arnold.. says:

      I saw a video of a reporter asking him if smoking marijuana was a bad thing.. he said no

      “We knew how to have a good time”

      I thought he was pro-cannabis

    3. Download Zeitgeist Addendum 3/10/08 says:

      Charlie Crist gov of florida just signed a bill making it felony to rent to someone who grows or sells weed effectively making imposable for anyone who has been convicted of a weed offense to rent a home.
      I should note his website calls him “The People’s Governor” also He admits to smoking pot.

      The truth is smoking pot could be promoted as a path to success after all in 16 years 4 consecutive election no candidate who hasn’t smoked pot has won the presidency, in fact seeing as both democratic & republican candidates for president this year as well as the republican vp candidate all have smoked pot in 2012 we will be able to say in 20 years 5 elections no one has been elected president with out first smoking pot.

      Bill Clinton 2 Terms
      George W Bush 2 Terms
      John McCain National Hero 26 Years in Congress
      Barack Obama seemingly unstoppable shooting star of the democratic party
      Sara Palin seemingly unstoppable shooting star of the republican party

      What do they all in common? Well yes they smoked pot, but what the biggest thing they all have in common is they never got caught. They would not have gotten to be heros or shooting stars if they had screwed up and run a stop sign with some weed in their pocket.

    4. here is another reason. go and google (Zeitgeist the movie). then you will be awoke to the truth. it is what it is. ron paul for prez, have to do a write in.

    5. Mikmo6 says:

      heh-heh — he certainly does seem to be enjoying it — perhaps he should veto himself!

    6. Joseph says:

      so everywhere in the u.s.a, that i smoke, while not a patient i am a criminal.. are we free?

    7. ph0ed1n says:

      I love you guys, but…

      Your governor list is dominated by “R” (i.e. Conservatives).

      You all know that politicians do not act on principle when their constituents oppose principle.

      Many Conservatives still wrongly believe that marijuana use is proven to be harmful, and therefore our public servants have a duty to do whatever they can to prevent such use.

      There are basically two facets to righteousness.

      One is to be right. We are.

      The second is to have the right presentation.

      This second facet is where the drug law reform movement has failed IMHO.

      To be effective, the presentation must be tailored to the intended audience.

      Conservative support is necessary to have the majority public support needed to end drug prohibition, but the presentation of the reform movement has done little to nothing to reach out to Conservatives.

      I’m going to guess that it’s because the dominant members of the reform movement have a “D” in the voter registration list.

      Want to end drug prohibition? Start recruiting well-articulate Conservatives to present our righteousness to that crucial audience.

    8. Jon Harmon says:

      I just sent an e-mail to Lynch!

    9. I am so ashamed of my governor that I want to go to my Medical Marijuanna Dr.’s office and rip the naked picture of Arnold Swartzenager off the wall!!! What ever happened to compassion for the sick and dying!
      I think that the people who have no mercy such as our governor are going to have quite a surprise when they stand before the God of Mercy and Justice and give an account of why they continued to allow the sick and dying to continue to suffer, and even have them thrown into jail. I do not think they want to see the inside of God’s jail. Remember Arnold, at Neuromburg the Guards at the consentration camp said that they were just following orders!!! Guess what , that excuse brought a noose around their neck and they were hung!!!!
      Arnold, you are not worthy to be my governor!!!!!!!

    10. A rope leash says:

      If politicians had any sense, they would legalize weed immediately. Why? Because there’s almost no limit to what I’d let them do if they’d just let me have a smoke when I wanted it.

      I’m upset that they are screwing us on this bailout plan. It’s only fair that they should give us legal weed in exchange.

      I don’t like the war, I don’t like taxes, I don’t like drug prohibition, and I don’t like being a slave. All I’ve ever wanted to do in my life is fall in love, write, and get high. Who are they to make it so difficult?

      Here’s the deal…let me get high, and you elite f’tards can do as you wish otherwise, with no complaints from me. Fair enough?