New British Report: Cannabis Less Harmful Than Drinking, Smoking Tobacco

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director October 2, 2008

    The Global Cannabis Commission of the respected United Kingdom charity Beckley Foundation released a report today stating that cannabis is less harmful than alcohol or tobacco, and that there needs to be serious reconsideration of current prohibition policies.

    Report highlights:

    The differences between the annual deaths caused by cannabis and alcohol/tobacco products are stark: Two cannabis deaths worldwide, contrasted with an estimated 150,000 people in Britain alone die prematurely because of alcohol and tobacco consumption.

    Many of the harms associated with cannabis use are the results of prohibition itself, particularly the social harms arising from arrest and imprisonment.

    It is only through a regulated market that we can better protect young people from the even more potent forms of dope.

    31 responses to “New British Report: Cannabis Less Harmful Than Drinking, Smoking Tobacco”

    1. John says:

      Is this Beckly Foundation very influencial at all?

    2. David Di Donato says:

      And? This is about the hundredth study that says this. The government will still ignore it, and claim that it doesn’t exist. That’s what they do: ignore the studies that don’t agree with them.

    3. bjb says:

      2 deaths? Anybody know the circumstances? I’ve been reading legalization/decrim news for years, and I always see the figure of “0” when cannabis deaths are discussed. Now to hear “2”.. Is pot’s zero-death perfect record now over?

    4. Gustav says:

      What are those 2 deaths that are related to cannabis? Is there any more information regarding that?

    5. jjustin says:

      where can I view the full report?

    6. JM82 says:

      Music to my ears. *smile*

    7. angoh315 says:

      Ive never been so sure about marijuana deaths being zero.. I mean it dose make you a little slow/stupid there must be at least a few instances a year of people killing themselves on accident because of it. I don’t think its a large number but I find it hard to believe its zero

    8. Duca says:

      I’d really like to see the two deaths, out of curiosity.
      If Britain legalizes it, the US will finally look stupid hanging on to stubborn tradition, and peer pressure will hopefully change our laws too.

    9. Kada says:

      I don’t recall anything regaurding bud killing anyone, let alone 2 people. If this were true, the governemnt would be all over it.

    10. Rick says:

      i would be curious about the circumstances of the 2 cannabis related deaths, too.