VP Candidate Courts “Joe Six Pack,” But Says “Joe Doobie” Should Be In Jail

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director October 3, 2008

    Last night’s Vice Presidential debate featured nary a word about drug policy, but did show — inadvertently — how American culture promotes booze while simultaneously stigmatizing cannabis.

    In what was no doubt a deliberate effort to appeal to so-called “Middle-America, working-class voters,” Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin affectionately invoked the term “Joe Six Pack” — a phrase that despite its literal connotation (The typical American is an alcoholic) is nevertheless championed in the American lexicon.

    Now just imagine for a moment that instead of proactively reaching out to “Joe Six Pack,” Governor Palin instead invoked the phrase “Joe Doobie” in a similarly veiled attempt to court those millions of Americans who use cannabis responsibly (a voting block that arguably dwarfs the number of Americans who put away a six pack of beer each evening).

    Of course, I don’t have to tell you what would have happened. We already know. Ms. Palin’s political aspirations would have been torpedoed faster than you can say “Anheuser-Busch.” Yet there’s not a political commentator, lawmaker, drug educator, DARE officer, or MADD spokesperson out there who has any objection to the implication that America’s working class are a bunch of simple-minded boozers.

    The hypocrisy is enough to drive me to drink.

    19 responses to “VP Candidate Courts “Joe Six Pack,” But Says “Joe Doobie” Should Be In Jail”

    1. leaving florida soon says:

      Yeah the hypocrisy is right Where weed can’t even be shown as addictive, alcohol not only is addictive it induces violence and is horribly damaging to human health.
      I think it was the American Medical Association that recently said that more than half of men and nearly half of women in America are now or have been alcoholics. Yet weed is the gate way Drug.

    2. RevRayGreen says:

      I’m one of the McCain/Palin platforms is job creation…… hiring 1 Million more LEO’s to fight the war on marijuana is probably part of it…………

    3. Mikmo6 says:

      Say it ain’t so, Joe!!

    4. Phil E. Drifter says:

      I know, i watched the debate. I don’t recall past VP debates offhand but do they ALWAYS have unknown moderators who lob softball questions at the candidates?

      ‘What news magazines do you read, Mrs. Palin, to stay on top of US news?’
      ‘I read a lot of them.’
      ‘Can you name one specifically?’
      ‘all of them.’

      This may be falling into what I’m desperately hoping for, that Obama has discussed drug laws with Biden who has been an ardent supporter of minimum prison sentencing for drug users, and he’s finally broken thru to biden to explain that as long as street drugs are illegal, uncle sam HIMSELF is supporting terrorists, instead of making money from taxes off of drugs.

      Marijuana in particular WAS used as a medicine, before it was outlawed (and before it was temp relegalized for farmers to grow hemp for ww2 (it saved our ass/navy), so desperate were they that they promised any farmer AND his sons would not be drafted, that’s how much rope and cloth they needed from hemp.

      I have tons of pictures about drugs and pot at photobucket.com/phillydrifter (DRUGS) on the lefthand side.


    5. Uzz Baldrin says:

      Joe Doobie. Thanks Paul, I’m gonna start using that one. Good piece.

    6. JM82 says:

      Im voting for Obama. I think he will be more open to new drug policies. Either way the next president is screwed when it comes to fixing our economy.

      McCain openly said he would not change cannabis laws and he was against medical marajuana.”we have other medications for any ilness/pain”

    7. Pakapal says:

      The gov’t, or for that matter, most people, don’t want what is best for YOU.

    8. Excelion says:

      That really makes me mad she called the american middle class a bunch of drunks and people are taking it as a fucking complement that is an insult.

    9. if you vote either dem or rep you will get the same thing out of the admin, more of the same. to make a REAL CHANGE,we All need to do a write in for RON PAUL! he is the only one that uses the constitution in governing, as it should be. but don’t worrie we will all be in a concentration camp before you know it, just keep hoping that the dem’s or repulican currently running will do anything for the people of this country, other than take our freedoms. good luck to those naive enough to belive them. PEACE. AL

    10. did you know that income tax IS illegal, thats 400 trillion, yea 400 trillion a week that we pay every week and what have you seen good come our way? humm1 makes you think, right. so what to do, well when my kids dont know how to save or spend properly I just dont give them money. guess what works there to, yea cut them off, oooh but i have to live, guess what? lived a long time before they came along to RULE us. so make a change. get smart dont fall for the B.S. dont be scared just have faith in GOD and yourself! NOW its up to us to do what we have to by any means necessary. when big bussiness runs our country as it is, then we are just slaves to be beaten into submission. I’m done, so do what you want and when the sky really starts to fall, you can say AL was right, but he could’nt say I told you so. cause THEY had already did away with him and your next. PEACE. AL