America Desperately Needs A 21st Century Update Of The Shafer Commission

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director October 12, 2008

    – Senators McCain and Obama:

    If elected, will you create a Presidential Commission to study marijuana—its Prohibition, Budgetary, Social, and Health effects, and to make recommendations for marijuana law reform?

    By George Rohrbacher, NORML Board Member

    Federal law prohibiting marijuana dates from 1937. The Marijuana Tax Stamp Act was debated on the floor of the House of Representatives for just over a minute and against the wishes of organizations such as the American Medical Association. Cannabis, as it was then known, was a component of at least 28 patent medicines made by industry leaders such as Merck, Eli Lilly, and Squibb. With the passage of this law, not only did the legal sale and possession of cannabis end, but all American research into medicinal use of marijuana ground to a halt, and even the ages-old knowledge of marijuana as a medicine went into deep remission.

    Today there is a whole universe of information on the subject of marijuana that is brand-new since the Shafer Commission last studied marijuana in the 1970’s. The information then available lead Nixon’s own handpicked commission come to a surprising conclusion: they recommended no legal penalties for adults possessing up 100 grams of marijuana. Nixon freaked out, flew into a rage, canceled print runs of the report, and refusing to read the document, he buried the Shafer Commission’s recommendations. Tricky Dick did exactly the opposite and started America’s full-scale War on ‘Weed’, instead. And now forty years later, the War on Pot continues to grind on, getting larger with each passing year. After hundreds of billions of dollars expended, after millions of people arrested, is it not time we studied marijuana again? Because, by every measure available, America’s current approach to marijuana has failed—and, in the words of former-President Jimmy Carter, it is “…doing more harm than good.”

    Here are 8 pressing reasons why a Presidential Commission on marijuana is needed now:

    1) By October 10, 2008, America will have recorded its 20-millionth marijuana arrest, with people of color and the young arrested in disproportionately large numbers. It is time for a re-assessment of marijuana policy, plain and simple.

    2) In addition to the pain and suffering visited by these millions of arrests on “we-the-people”, our government expends about $25 billion annually on its pot prohibition efforts, funds that should be expended elsewhere in the budget.

    3) In addition to huge costs on expense side, we lose billions in taxation revenue, as well. Because, despite all government efforts to eradicate it, America’s vast underground marijuana market continues on, just as it has for the last seventy years, creating crime where there need be none, churning out billions and billions of dollars in untaxed and unregulated commerce. A tax and regulate posture as a method of control, verses the ‘no control/out of control’ situation we have today where kids can get marijuana more easily than beer—which alternative should America choose?

    4) Marijuana use and purchase has been legal for the last 30 years in The Netherlands. This is the world’s great marijuana legalization experiment—and proof positive that a modern society will not collapse when pot becomes legal. Holland’s tightly regulated cannabis sales have created enormous tax revenues, while at the same time, usage rates for Holland’s teens continues to remain at just half of the usage rates of America’s teens even under our draconian prohibition model.

    5) There are more than a dozen states over the last dozen years (covering about 1/5 of the US population) that have passed medical marijuana laws, mostly by voter initiative. ‘We-The-People’ created America’s state-by-state crazy quilt of medical marijuana laws, now what have ‘we’ learned from these experiments?

    6) The modern use of cannabis/cannabinoids as medicine, buttressed now by 17,000 scientific studies, validates humanity’s medicinal use of cannabis that has been going on for as long as recorded history. In any rational world, a non-toxic, useful drug like cannabis would have been re-scheduled long ago by the federal government from Schedule I, where it now resides with heroin, to Schedule III with most prescription drugs, or lower.

    Why have the vested interests blocked cannabis from being rescheduled?

    7) On 10/07/03 America’s own Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) received US Patent #6630507 for the use of marijuana’s active ingredients under the title, “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuro-protectants.” While HHS filed and supported this application, at the very same time, in other executive-branch Cabinet-level offices, at the ONDCP and the DEA, their legislative charters direct them to fight all use of marijuana as a medicine (the charters contain no standards to correct this prohibitionist posture if marijuana is shown scientifically to be useful as medicine). Either the HHS or the DEA/ONDCP must be wrong.

    8.) A Presidential Commission hearing on the subject of marijuana law reform is a necessary exercise in government bureaucracy oversight, and is simply good government.

    America, after our 20-millionth marijuana arrest—is that amount of human wreckage not enough? How much longer must our government pursue its failed policy of marijuana prohibition?

    Presidential candidates McCain and Obama, show some guts, show some leadership and take the pledge: when you are elected, you will form a Presidential Commission via the National Academy of Sciences, or a like objective review body, to study marijuana.


    NOTE: Now, all you fellow voters out there in Blog-ville: Help me out with this.

    Help NORML.

    Help America!

    The Shafer Commission needs a 21st Century update. Does anybody think we need 10 or 20-million more marijuana arrests before Congress and the White House wakes up and changes our failed marijuana policies?

    The Supreme Court has told us repeatedly not to expect a judicial ruling to fix this social disaster; the change, the correction, must come legislatively. Well, 20-million marijuana arrests is enough and a Presidential Commission is what’s needed at the onset of the next president’s tenure to provide the political cover and scientific validation for members of Congress to find the guts to take the votes needed to reform this sorry mess after 70 long, shameful, and pathetic years.

    America eventually found the guts to end slavery, a social institution in place for over 200 years, evil and vile in its consequences but fiercely protected by special interests, even state governments; America can find the guts to end marijuana prohibition.

    50 responses to “America Desperately Needs A 21st Century Update Of The Shafer Commission”

    1. Mark says:

      All I am saying, is GIVE WEED A CHANCE……

      With the collapse of the economy can we NOW give cannabis a chance? We are pulling food crops out of the food chain to make fuel. If we legalize cannabis in all its forms we would get: 1.The worlds most use full medicine, 2.Fuel (both ethanol and bio diesel), 3. food (we could put the corn and soy used for fuel back into the food production pool, as well as add a new source of protein high in omega 3 and omega 6..hemp seed), 4. a cleaner softer fabric that last 10 times longer, 5. paper products, and 6.cosmetics, 7.lastly we could tax and sell cannabis for recreational use.
      Between those 7 uses, and there are hundreds more, we could pay for the bail out and have plenty left over over the course of time to pay for hundreds of social programs that are underfunded by the federal government now, like Social Security. We might even be able over time to pay for universal health care with the taxes raised from legal cannabis.

      The time is now.

    2. smoker says:

      4) it is not legal – EVERYWHERE marijuana is still illegal

    3. I pray to God this country will wake up and stop
      it’s endless assault on responsible cannabis users.
      How many studies, research projects, comissions will it take to get the point across.Cannabis is not the “evil” the leaders of this country want you to beleive. If any substance should be banned from use
      let start with our 2 major killers – alcohol and tobacco.

    4. GoldenGoblin says:

      Well said again. On number 5, if we had a standard set of laws and regulations this wouldn’t happen. It would be the same everywhere. I just can’t believe that industrial hemp was kicked out of our economy by the corporate greedsters. It is so self-defeating especially with talks of energy independence.

    5. Ray says:

      This is a great idea!

      Or maybe they could read the first one for once 😉

    6. This is a great article, and as I’ve done with all your other great articles, NORML, I’ll forward it directly to my facebook account. I absolutely love the fact that with one click I can do that, thanks to the brilliant minds at NORML!

    7. stephen says:

      this is a very well put together presentation; i believe if you showed that to the president and had a copy leak to the news, the president would have to start a commission because all of the facts are there, and its easy to understand.

      good work. if there’s ever going to be a change in the laws, we need more stuff like this

    8. Jim says:

      Dear NORML,

      My yahoo freemail doesn’t work well, so I’m using a comment blog to bring a misleading ( lie filled ) news submissions from Michigan to your attention.

      It’s laughable with its “inaccuracies”. There are only a few(?) dispensaries in California thanks to the DEA. “Drug use has exploded since they okayed medical pot.” Etc. etc.

      Diversion happens with prescribed drugs, but we shouldn’t stop prescribing them ( well, many have ) because a small percent are diverted. Nor should we not allow the use of pot and let many suffer because some of it MIGHT get diverted.

      For that matter, isn’t it about time someone with a little sense ( besides reformers ) started realizing that arresting and punishing almost a million ( many people rat and get let go ) people every year just because doing otherwise might be some slippery slope and send a wrong message is unjust and inhumane?? IF 1000 people a year started smoking pot but a million didn’t have their lives messed up, so what? The needs of the many should be more important. Decriminalizing isn’t going to cause a 1000 a year to do so though.



      Thanks for your efforts. Sorry if this is a waste of your time/blog space.

    9. Twostripe says:

      You hit the nail on the head. I too feel this could sure help right our country. Start a new tax base, put farmers back to growing a wonderful crop, create jobs manufacturing the 25,000 green products. It’s a real travisity and injustice that the country’s biased media will not report any of the info we read about daily thru NORML. Since the big media is scared the small local papers will not print many or any of the new information or editorials they receive.
      We must continue to put the word out by making the public aware of the real facts. I talk about it daily to anyone that will listen, and I have to admit most people have no idea of the benefits of the plant. I have found that most people favor some forms of legalization. We must also call our Reps in Washington, I try to give most people a card with their names and contact numbers.I think HR5842, & HR5843 are a step in the right direction, unfortunately they still leave all the money in the wrong hands, so LEGALIZATION is really the only way to go. Remember You got to feed the monkey to watch him sh-t.

    10. Watch Zeitgeist the Movie says:

      I just don’t understand why so many people feel they have to control others lives. Even when shown the basis for their wrongheaded approach is unfounded they try to ignore it even cover it up.
      I think this must be the difference between ignorance and stupidity.