Is It Time To Start Using The “M” Word? (And No, I Don’t Mean Marijuana)

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director November 3, 2008

    With less than 24 hours until Election Day, Michigan’s Proposal 1 is supported by a 2 to 1 margin, according to the latest polling results. No wonder our opponents are desperate.

    Currently, more than one-in-five Americans reside in a state that recognizes the use of medical cannabis under a doctor’s supervision. If Michigan voters approve Prop. 1 on Tuesday, that percentage will be just shy of one-in-four (23.5 percent).

    To put this percentage in proper perspective, consider this: In 2000, virtually the same percentage of voting age Americans (24.5 percent) voted for George Bush. After a slightly higher percentage (28 percent) re-elected Bush in 2004, the President and the mainstream media claimed a “re-election mandate.”

    Why then will neither the media nor politicians in Washington — including our allies in Congress — declare a similar mandate regarding the medical use of cannabis?

    Clearly America has spoken. Why isn’t Washington listening?

    29 responses to “Is It Time To Start Using The “M” Word? (And No, I Don’t Mean Marijuana)”

    1. Why isn’t Washinton listening? Because power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Or the fact that if cannabis hadn’t been outlawed, uncle sam wouldn’t have been able to stuff his prisons with minorities to recover the slave labor lost post-Civil war by replacing it with prison labor. Or the fact that a multitude of corporations would never be able to compete with industrial hemp: cotton, food, tobacco, medicine, oil…


    2. Matt Karazin says:

      Don’t get me wrong, I agree with this article’s message, “Why isn’t Washington listening?” I just don’t agree with the logic behind the comparison, “more than one-in-five Americans RESIDE in a state that recognizes…” and “virtually the same percentage… VOTED for George Bush.” Thats not proper!

    3. steveyboy says:

      Would some one please lead a fight to get to vote in Florida ! Veteran needs medicine that the VA denies !

    4. josh says:

      Washington isn’t listening because they are making to much money from the lobiest of the cigarette, alchohal, oil and drug companies.Also if they made it legal they would have not even half the jail and prison populations that they have now and the economy would really be S.O.L., and we know it’s wrong but we’re not running the country.

    5. Texas John says:

      I am proud to say that my father and some of our family will now be saying “yes” on prop. 1 after I showed them a few articles from this site. Thank you NORML for helping my voice to be heard in Michigan (even though I reside in Texas).

    6. Watch Zeitgeist the Movie says:

      Steveyboy there is no hope for Florida they have consistently tightened weed laws and will continue to do so.
      My honest advice is to leave the state Florida doesn’t want you and more importantly has nothing to offer.

      A side from wanting to imprison anyone who doesn’t fit the model of a trailer dwelling retiree or a 9to5 fishing on Saturday church on Sunday redneck. Florida really dosn’t meet anyone other than the above’s needs the payscale is very low and the cost of living is high.
      At least it’s high when you consider how low the pay scale is. If you are here living on a pension and or social security you are probably making more than the working people of Florida.
      I’m guessing your family probably got to Florida when someone retired and the rest of the family piled in like lemmings.

      There’s a whole country out there in most of it people make more money and live free-er lives then we do get out while you can.

    7. Dustin says:

      i am proud to say i smoke weed!

    8. Christian J. Brandt says:

      I’m from Flint, Michigan and an avid Marijuana supporter.

      I was born into a regular, everyday family. We went on picnics, road our bikes, had block parties; I can say I never grew up in hate, or poverty, or sin, we are a Christian family. The one thing I grew up with, that many kids didn’t: was Marijuana.

      My father smoked, and his family before him. My mother smoked, and her family before her. My grandmother, my uncles, my aunts. My brother began smoking in High School with no penalty- as did I.

      It enlightened us. It cured us. It calmed us.

      While parents were punishing their children for something as simple as Marijuana- I was smoking with my mother, doing homework, and having a blast.

      Marijuana has helped me to look past the hazy smoke in daily life, look deeper into the world- and today- my vast knowledge of Marijuana has helped me sway many people into voting for Preposition 1.

      Why hide my BORN FAMILY TRADITION AND CULTURE from the GOVERNMENT? Why PUNISH people who FEEL BETTER in their mind, body, and soul who smoke Marijuana? Why arrest 100 people EVERY HOUR for just having a little bud?

      This shit needs to stop.

      Vote Prep 1 today.
      For tomorrow will be a brighter day.
      And if Prep 1 does not pass,
      The people of Michigan are stupider than I already believe them to be.


    9. george metesky says:

      Thanks for all you do. Our government and the powers that be, only serve their own limited purposes. When we can light up and move from paranoia and into a new free society, we the people, will have truely spoken.

    10. Libertarian Mac says:

      I smoke weed too. And I am proud to say that I have a college degree, a good job and have yet to shoot heroin, smoke crack or snort meth. Nor have I killed anyone. In fact my greatest crime was getting high and eating all of my g/f’s valentine day candy.