I’m Thankful For Lisa Ling And National Geographic!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director November 26, 2008

    Wow!” That was my first thought after watching the trailer for an upcoming National Geographic Explorer entitled Marijuana Nation.

    I’m keen to reply to the oft ask question ‘why is cannabis is illegal?’ that if we have a watchdog press regarding cannabis prohibition rather than a lapdog press, there is little doubt in my mind that substantive reforms occur quickly–not over decades, which is what the general pace of reform has been when otherwise intelligent, critically-thinking journalists parrot the government’s propaganda, thereby mis-educating (in some cases, regarding some media outlets, outright misleading) the citizenry who rely so heavily on what is supposed to be verified and credible information.

    While having not seen the entire product, if the trailer of NatlGeo journalist Lisa Ling’s commentary is an indicator, I’m greatly looking forward to viewing Marijuana Nation on National Geographic at 10PM (eastern/pacific), Tuesday, December 2.

    Ms. Ling has covered the war on some drugs as a total-hands-on-journalist (a rarity these days!) from virtually all angles, from Colombia to Compton, and her personal commentary regarding what she has seen (i.e., aghast at the high level of military-style domestic law enforcement for cannabis) and believes regarding America’s cannabis prohibition laws is Murrow-esque.


    63 responses to “I’m Thankful For Lisa Ling And National Geographic!”

    1. Adam says:

      this shit is geat!!!

      this is the kind of “real” media attention our issues need most.

      as a community we should do every thing we can to get this seen in wasshington dc then the rest of the country.

    2. Adam says:

      yes i am !!

    3. Jillian says:

      There is something terribly WRONG when the police and organized gangs want the same thing!!!

      END the Federal Marijuana Prohibition and STOP funding the gangs!

    4. Jason says:

      Lets just hope obama and congress watch this. All i want 4 christmas is for the gov. to use some common sense. Oh well one can hope 4 a change.

    5. Mitch Earleywine says:

      God Bless Her! Looks like it’ll be a visually interesting, informed show with the potential to put a human face on the horrors of cannabis prohibition. Spread the word!

    6. Liberty says:

      This is the first proponent to get airtime on a major network since “In pot we trust” on showtime. Lets hope they listen!

    7. Watch zeitgeist the movie says:

      yeah I’m amazed too at the amount of military hardware the fascist use to go after weed. I’m on the county farm serving my sentence in the drug civil war, out there they have tanks,boats,aircraft,attack dogs. they spend day after day at their gun range shooting off machine guns or running around their obstacle course/S&M park like their gonna invade Poland.
      Honestly these guys are a bigger threat to America than Bin laden.

      Osama if he hadn’t died back in the winter of 2001, I mean 😉

    8. Tim says:

      It is about time that our elected officials realize that their colon is not see-through, and pull their heads out of their asses and get to work on ending this nearly 80 year old prohibition on Marijuana.

    9. LISA Ling is a very smart and credible journalist…from her mouth to Barack Obama’s ears?
      HER NAME IS LISA not Lucy…
      Thank you,
      Michelle Holton
      P.S I met her in NYC in 2001…have a photo with her in my pics on myspace.com/leapcop

    10. Matt says:

      Outstanding! National Geographic reaches quite a diverse audience, and if the information provided on this show is actually factual and based on reality (as opposed to the untrue propoganda spewed forth by those who are either misinformed or insecure or both about Cannabis), then this could be another excellent validation point for the Legalization & Taxation of Cannabis.

      Hopefully Barack Obama will bring about real CHANGE with his administration and embrace the #1 cash crop in the US (I know I didn’t imagine that; I read it somewhere) and actually CHANGE the economy for the better, while at the same time ending the OPPRESSION and SLAVERY (yes, I DID go there!) that the government continues to inflict upon the American people by restricting them from truly enjoying their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness (via Cannabis).

      YES WE CAN. . .Legalize & Tax the proceeds of the sale of Cannabis to responsible adult consumers. . .NO WE CAN’T wait anymore. . .the time is NOW!!!

      (It’s the single biggest chunk out of Federal spending that needs to go away. . .just think of the impact. . .not to mention the “snowball” effect once the states begin to follow suit!!!)