California Cops To Feds: Please Help Us Break The Law!

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director December 19, 2008

    It’s been twelve years since California voters approved the physician-supervised use, possession, and cultivation of marijuana, and it’s been nearly five years since the state legislature mandated that, “qualified patients … who associate within the state of California in order collectively or cooperatively to cultivate marijuana for medical purposes, shall not … be subject to state criminal sanctions.”

    Too bad nobody told the cops.

    According to papers recently submitted to Congress by the US Drug Enforcement Administration, representatives from the California Police Chiefs Association believe that they can simply override laws that they philosophically disagree with.

    Here’s what Association President Steve Krull had to say about this matter in a 2006 letter to former DEA head Karen Tandy: “[A] concentrated effort [by the DEA in California] sustained over a period of time would send a strong message to local and county government that ‘medical marijuana’ is not allowed [in this state.]”

    Except for the fact that it is.

    Jacob Sullum over at Reason.com nails the situation here, but my added frustration comes from mainstream media’s utter failure to cover this story. Forget that this topic has any connection to marijuana; the larger and more far reaching issue here is that we now have physical evidence that a rogue group of law enforcement officers are trying to undermine democracy and the rule of law.

    Perhaps if this sort of behavior was taking place in a foreign country, the US news media would be investigating the issue seriously. But instead the guilty parties are our own police officers, so the mainstream press simply sweeps the story under the rug.

    Nothing to see here, except there is.

    22 responses to “California Cops To Feds: Please Help Us Break The Law!”

    1. rebel_scum says:

      bogus. when do we march?!

    2. med user says:

      Amazing but even more amazing is like Paul said nothing will get printed or aired in the main stream media! We can only hope.

    3. Zac From Santa Cruz says:

      Dude I hate to be blunt but no shit. Cops have never followed their own rules. Next time you get a sitation for anything ask them about other laws and watch their expression turn to a almost confused look. They dont even know all the laws yet they are allowed to enforce them. whats wrong with that picture? I thought public servant meant you do what we tell you to. Its their job to follow state law mandate! Not make up their own moral objections! Could you imagen if all law enforcement was based upon each officers morality. Cops and criminals have the same brain scans. We as Californians need to change this commision’s members. Vote them out. empeach their ass. I dont care! But technically they have already voided their own term by the letter of the so called “law” by refusing to enforce what is on the books. How are they different from a vilante gang now? Jesus I need to move to Canada. Peace Norml. Stay Stoned.

    4. Cherokee Fred Hussein aka Stupid old man says:

      I am not lawyer but to me it seems the people busted would have reason to sue the local cops that conspired to overrule a vote of the people. Have we come to a point of revolution it seems so to me. Will we allow the cops to have unlimited power to do as they wish? Include conspiring to go against a law voted legal by their employer? If we let this on go God help us reminds me of Nazi Germany!


    5. Jonathan Wright says:

      utterly sickening… Can that not be taken to court? Can nothing be done about this?

    6. BS43 says:

      Typical. They must know something we don’t. Maybe its the fact that they believe since they enforce the law then in some way shape or form the law doesn’t apply to them. Now, this is kind of scary knowing that people have worked so hard to pass legislature and do it the right and correct way and their is a group that sees the law and acknowledges it but then goes against the very people that they’ve sworn to protect. This is a criminal act if you ask me this type of blatant disregard for the law and it’s people should be punishable. Somebaody should have the balls and absolutely take each one of these vigilantes and throw them away for awhile and see how they like it. They wouldn’t last a week. They think this is a joke, well to them it might be but I take this seriously. The govt. blows smoke and does what they want when they want with no remorse. It really is ridiculous to think that people have worked so hard for this and they treat it as nothing more than a disbelief that an act like this should be punishable by law but they do nothing about it. So if they don’t have to abide by the law why the hell should we. I see govt. officials getting raises, why? Cause their doing such a good job? No, I don’t see it. All I see is this govt. telling the people to do one thing if they want a change and when they do it they use it against them. It’s crap and I for one am truly fed up with the way they blow patients and activists off as if we were just a small child asking for a toy. I think they do this just to see how much they can get away with before the people of this country say enough and march up to the White House and let them know that they can keep playing these games but one day it will bite them in the ass. Enough is enough, you tell us to do things a certain way and when we do it your way and we come out on top you act like a sore loser and do what you want anyways. It’s corruption at it’s highest degree. I hope and pray that Mr. Obama sees through all of the whispers of people who think they know what’s best when they’re only looking out for themselves and the companies that fill their pockets. So let me get this straight, we pay them and they also make more on the side by screwing us over. Yeah, that sounds like corruption to me. Please, stop pursuing non-violent individuals that only care about living their lives to the fullest. We’re just like everyone else except that we refuse to just stand idlely by while we see this down right disregard for people and their preferred lifestyle. “It’s easy to hate what you don’t understand”. Or maybe, they understand they just don’t want to admit that we’re right and they’re wrong. This is injustice and it needs to stop now! Quit twisting the laws follow them like you swore to do or get out. It’s that simple and if they aren’t following the law someone needs to step in and get rid of these con-artists. If you break the laws you pay the consequences, unless you are the law. It’s Bullshyt.

    7. Tyler Gross says:

      This proves that a lot of police abuse their privileges, are not up to par, or refuse to change their thought process.

      Personally, i know of a cop bar that any cop will allow another cop to drive home drunk. Why? Because who’s going to stop another cop? They speed when there’s no chase, they go through stop lights without having a purpose, and they arrest and ticket individuals who aren’t necessarily breaking the law.

      It sickens me, I’m dedicated to eventually start a website and Photograph and Video tape all the corruption I find in what’s supposed to be the leaders of our nation.

      If anyone would like to help me create this, I’d gladly appreciate the help. You can contact me at info AT webmaking DOT biz

      Have a good day!

    8. Hey says:

      then the police wonder why the public hates them so much.Gee I wonder.

    9. Mikmo6 says:

      Here, here. Tyler Gross is right, let’s start a COPS show that shows how they really are without letting them edit everything so they look reasonable. Let’s show them going ballistic when a judge tells them they have to give a medical cannabis patient his stash back instead of accepting a lawful verdict peacefully (as a a true PEACE officer would do).

      And while we’re at it, how about taking on this policy of the police violating the rights and safety of adult pain sufferers who use cannabis legally. Just what are they thinking?

      They claim they do so in the name of sending the right message to kids, so that young kids don’t use drugs — survey says — number one answer!!! We are all familiar with this “argument” that the drug warriors all make.

      Maybe I’m reaching here, but when it comes to drug warriors mentality, a good catch phrase cures all ills and provides good enough excuse for law enforcement to pick and choose which laws they consider important and which they can completely ignore.

      I think we need to come up with a good catch-phrase to describe this phenomenon. How about “Voodoo healthcare,” or possibly “Trickle-down public safety?” How about promoting jail time ss an “anti-drug” so we can all remain “above the influence?” (oops, that’s already been done, hasn’t it?)

    10. David Williams says:

      Nothing new here. Law Enforcement has been corrupt since it’s conception. In fact, the FBI was formed to fight corruption. That is why they were called “the untouchables”. The aforementioned nick-name was indicative of the idealistic notion that these federal cops were untouched by corruption. Regrettably, these turds need to be flushed in the same manner that the local and state officers require. As long as the low-standards and nepotistic standards apply to the hiring and training of these organizations continue, so shall a disregard for established law.