Medical Cannabis Activists’ Gift To DEA: A Lump Of Coal

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 26, 2008

    The purpose of the Christmas Eve medical cannabis activists protest held in downtown Los Angeles was to deliver bags of coal for Christmas to the DEA because they were bad this past year by raiding medical marijuana dispensaries, stealing money and medicine along with items like cars and jewelry all under the so-called ‘color of authority’. Activists called on “President-elect Obama to keep his campaign promise and end the raids on the medical marijuana dispensaries here in California. To stop this wave of ‘domestic terrorism’ by President Bush’s Drug Enforcement Administration against California medical marijuana patients and providers.”

    Protesters included care providers Virgil Grant and Patrick Duff, both of whom suffered at the hands (and taxpayers’ expense) DEA raids in 2008.


    Mark your calendar for Sunday Feb 1, 2009, also known as Super Bowl Sunday, as a major protest in support of medical cannabis patients’ rights is being planned in Los Angeles for that day. More details to follow………

    21 responses to “Medical Cannabis Activists’ Gift To DEA: A Lump Of Coal”

    1. matt says:

      this is why medical marijuana is still not embraced. take one look at the people in that picture.

    2. Dave says:

      It seems we already have a so called president that is already going back on his word,, where is these peoples honor? Why can’t they just tell the honest truth for once instead of trying to hide behind the same bull we have heard for years now?
      Medical evidence plainly shows that it is medicine for some people. How can one man make something illegal when the world is asking for legal use of it?

    3. Jim Lunsford says:

      Letting these criminal organizations know how we feel about them at every possible opportunity is doubtless an important part of our war to restore liberty in the United States. I salute all of those brave patriots who stood up to tyranny in support of Truth, Liberty, and Justice for All. How strange that the very government that was founded on these principles, is the biggest violator of them. Peace, Jim

    4. Chris says:

      If the super bowl idea works, and gets tv airtime. Then how could something/ somebody deny that rules( I say rules because it seems like the gov’t has to babysit us, as if we can’t decide what to do ouselves), like ours are effective and helpfull with our failing economy. LOL now that seems like a run on sentence.

    5. That’s all they desserve! They need to except what their new purpose is. There no Ellyed Ness! Ha!

    6. Royce says:

      I live in Santa Rosa and I want to start a march here on feb.1, how can i do it?

    7. pedro says:


    8. A.Silva says:

      Overgrow the government.

    9. pink shaman says:

      God bless these soldiers we need more ppl like this that will (GET UP STAND UP FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!)

    10. Andrew says:

      While I’m definitely a supporter of the cause and I applaud what these people did, I can’t help feel like this is an example of something that we, as people whose goal it is to legalize marijuana, are doing wrong…

      To be frank, I’m talking about how these people look. Now, I know that just because someone sports some unkempt hair or wears a rasta-colored article of clothing means absolutely nothing as to how intelligent or thoughtful that person is, but that’s not how our government (those who have the power to change laws) sees it.

      The government sees people in suits as equals or at least someone worth talking to. It doesn’t matter if he’s in reality a nuclear physicist, they don’t give a fuck what the guy with the dreadlocks has to say. Is this wrong? Yes, but it’s reality, and I feel we need to accept this truth.