Final Round of Change.org Voting Starts Now!

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 5, 2009

    Starting today, Change.org (not to be confused with the Obama administration’s website, Change.gov, which is also running a poll) has begun it’s final round of voting on public policy questions for the incoming administration.

    As many of you know, our issue was the top vote getter in the preliminary voting, so there’s a very good chance that — with your help — we will finish #1.

    And it is important that we do.

    According to the website:

    The top 10 rated ideas from the final round will be presented to the Obama administration on January 16th at an event at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, co-hosted by the Case Foundation. At the event we will also announce the launch of a national advocacy campaign behind each idea in collaboration with our nonprofit partners to turn each idea into actual policy.

    Change.org’s press conference will no doubt be covered by the mainstream media. Imagine the splash we will make when the public’s call to legalize marijuana is presented as the #1 idea for the new administration.

    Well, we won’t have to imagine if you get out and vote!

    Right now, the public’s call to “legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana” is the most popular issue on the website. (A related question asking Obama to “end the war on drugs” is #4.) However, several other important issues are just a few votes behind, so it is vital that those of you reading this post take the time to log on to the Ideas for Change website and vote to make cannabis legalization the #1 issue in America!

    Voting ends at 5pm eastern time on Thursday, January 15.

    Help us put the new administration and the national press on notice on January 16, 2008. Please forward this post to your friends and colleagues, and most of all: vote!

    48 responses to “Final Round of Change.org Voting Starts Now!”

    1. jim says:

      the website has been rigged or something! i voted on the last one but it wont let me sign in or anything now. i have several friends who have the same problem. i also know people who couldnt sign up that never voted on the questions but HAD emailed mr obamas website regarding mj decrim or legalization. kinda funny that they cant sign up in the second round eh? maybe thats why the IMPORTANT question wasnt in the top ten this time!! looks like we embarrassed them a little bit! there has got to be some underlying reason (that has never been made public) why the topic cant even be discussed. these guys have their fingers in the cookie jar somewhere. no one in their right mind would continue cannabis prohibition unless doing so would put them and many others in prison and make our government look like the corrupt, mafia-esque organization that it really is. start listening UNCLE SAM!!

    2. John Doe says:

      If NORML scheduled a protest in D.C. or anywhere for that matter… I would be there in a heartbeat no questions asked. I think it will be the only option we have if this round of questions still leaves our cause unrecognized.

    3. A. Silva says:

      Please continue to vote. Regardless if the transition team gives us a real answer or not, the issue was written about in Equire, etc.

      Free the people

    4. paul armentano says:

      Jim et al.

      The Change.org poll is not ‘rigged.’ First of all, by the sound of your e-mail it appears that you are conflating Change.org with Change.gov. These are two entirely different sites! The Ideas for Change/Change.org site is NOT AFFILIATED with the Obama administration (Change.gov). However, Change.org will be presenting their top 10 ideas formally to the Obama administration, and they will be partnering with non-profits to campaign the administration in support of these ideas. They will also be holding a conference at the National Press Club on 1/16 ro announce the top 10 ideas. In my mind, this poll is every bit as significant, if not more so, than the Change.gov poll(s).

      The fact that Change.org has slow downloads is a legitimate complaint but that’s because they aren’t set up for the type of heavy traffic we generate — not because there’s a plot to stifle marijuana law reform. If someone is having trouble logging on, they ought to just try back the next day. The poll is open for voting for the next two weeks.

      Please check out the following link:


      You will see that marijuana law reform is currently #1 and that drug law reform is #3. Please vote and tell your friends and colleagues to do so to.

    5. rev.420 says:

      peace and blessings of health and higher vibration thru burnt offerings of the kine sacrament the holy healing motherplant ganja, from us all at greenfaithministry.com

    6. rev.420 says:



    7. Louis H. says:

      I believe it is time to decriminalize Cannabis. The effort by the government to stop the use of Marijuana is a total failure , a waste of time , money and lives. Most Americans do not see the personal use of Marijuana as a threat to them , the days of “reefer madness” are a generation behind us. By making a plant that any person could grow illegal only encourages criminal elements to supply the demand . To-day I read a news article about the pollution of our wilderness areas where marijuana growers set up armed camps, grow their crops ,then leave all of the mess behind, chemicals, propane tanks, garbage , human waste. If citizens could grow their own cannabis those illegal grow operations would disappear overnight.
      President Obama, if you had been busted for your use of marijuana , do you think you would be president to-day ?????

      This 4th of July declare your independence from federal oppression, be at the White House ,ring the White House with thousands of citizens, light up at noon, one HUGE smoke ring above the White House, what a beautiful sight….
      If you can’t make it to D.C. then organize around your State Capitol.

    8. Dan says:

      This is to Jim
      I had the same problem… before I realized that the site sends an email with a link you have to follow before you can register with the site to vote.

      Anyways, I think this would be wonderful if we kept it up at number one. They can’t ignore this twice, especially seeing how ending the war on drugs is currently in second place.

    9. Vote like a Beast says:

      This is so Pathetic, voting on some stupid website or getting your picture taken at some protest is only making us look more ridiculous. I read the comments posted on change.org and change.com. All the same tired old appeals to Logic and Reason and Compassion and Due Process that I myself have made thousands of times since 1976. NO ONE CARES.
      We could easily fully legalize ( same rules as alcohol ) marijuana in the next 3 election cycles ( every 2 years). BUT WE WON’T. Not as long as we “agree to disagree on some issues while working together on others”. Gun owners NEVER vote for anyone who doesn’t tow the NRA line. Senior Citizens NEVER vote for anyone who doesn’t bow down to their political clout. They accept no compromise, they DEMAND their will be done.
      I myself VOTED FOR MARIJAUANA PROHIBITION in every election from 1980 to 1992. I voted for either the Democrat or the Republican, (when it comes to Marijauna it really doesn’t matter which). Did the candidate’s lie to me, did they betray me, did they flip on this issue. NO in each election they swore to oppose legalization with every bone in their body, AND I VOTED FOR THEM ANYWAY. Since 1994 I’ve either voted Green. Independent, or not voted at all. Was this a vote for the candidate I LEAST wanted to win. Maybe, but I didn’t vote to put myself in jail, and I never will again.
      In every state that lame halfway reforms have passed the vote was overwhelming usually winning with 55% + of the popular vote. A true landslide. Now consider this MOST ELECTIONS are decided by just 2 or 3 percent of the popular vote. We don’t even need a tenth of the votes we got in the medical and decrim elections to FULLY LEGALIZE marijuana nationwide. If a NORML sponsored candidate could capture just 5 percent of the popular vote, both major parties would fall over themselves to get that 5 percent.. But first they will try the old CAN’T WE WORK TOGETHER ON OTHER ISSUES ANYWAY. ANSWER:JUST SAY NO.
      So don’t make an ass out of yourself on Obama’s website, he didn’t lie to you. If you want your voice heard don’t try to clog his website with the same old arguments. That’s not the language of politics in the U.S. ONLY one comment WILL COMMAND ATTENTION. I DON’T SUPPORT MARIJUANA PROHIBITION AND ABSOLUTLY WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANYONE WHO DOES, PERIOD…

    10. GM says:

      Here’s another crazy thing about the website. It shows the questions with the most votes on the first page and then goes down from there; however, the legalization question is on the second page even though it has the most votes! whats up with that?