Americans’ Top Political Priority: Marijuana Law Reform!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director January 16, 2009

    Thanks to everyone who voted in change.org’s “Ideas for change in America” competition. Out of 7,847 ideas generated, “Legalize the Medicinal and Recreational Use of Marijuana” was voted the #1 idea for change (with 19,530 votes) in America!yes-we-cannabis.jpg

    Now its time to direct our strong commitment for marijuana law reform at Obama’s official website, where “ending marijuana prohibition” continues to remain in first place…so let’s keep it that way by telling all our like-minded friends, family and co-workers to vote now to make sure that Washington policymakers–from both parties–recognize the clear popularity marijuana law reform enjoys in the United States.

    57 responses to “Americans’ Top Political Priority: Marijuana Law Reform!”

    1. smiles says:

      We can’t gave up. We have to keep writing Obama and State Congress. keep voting, keep posting.

    2. Fonz says:

      Proud to say that helped make it happen 🙂

    3. Honestly, NORML says:

      I appreciate the fact that NORML is trying to create energy around marijuana reform in the new administration with this poll. However, given the depth of the economic crisis this country is facing, it is more than hyperbole to claim that marijuana law reform is ‘Americans Top Political Priority’ on the basis of less than 20,000 votes in a unscientific self-selecting online poll; it’s the kind of disingenuous spin we are used to seeing from the other side of this debate.

      Instead of railing that marijuana law reform OUGHT to be the number one problem for lawmakers to solve right now, NORML ought to be making the case that marijuana law reform is a simple and sensible part of the solution to our ACTUAL number one problems: the economic downturn and the quest for renewable energy.

      Mr. Armentano has done a fabulous job editing the Clinical Applications booklet regarding medical marijuana. Why doesn’t he bring his considerable intellect to bear on creating a similar booklet regarding the exciting potential benefits to our economy of permitting hemp growth for biofuel and other uses. How much does Canada make from these industries, and what are their future potential? How much could taxing marijuana help the current insolvency of states like California?

      These are questions that can, should, and probably already have been answered by NORML; why not compile them and bring them before lawmakers? We need to be prepared since there is the potential of Congressional hearings at some point in this administration. Let us be relevant and topical and adapt to the political environment, instead of being shrill and insisting that it adapt to us.


    4. mr reuben says:

      Was there a response from Obama when they presented him with this idea?

    5. Gabriel Robles says:

      alright hell yea lets do this hemp/marijuana will save the world youl see lets fight till the end!!

    6. Rob J says:

      This blog is meant for our leaders to read.In a way it is meant to thankyou but you have to read the whole blog to see why.
      I am a 47 yr old male. I am self employed for 22 years running a successful home maintenance buisnes.
      I started smoking pot in my senior year of highschool and never quit. I am your avg American citizen who works to pay his bills and try to live a happy life. I give respect to others and try my damdest to be a good citizen!
      I went to the Army directly after highschool and spent 2 yrs 6 months of a 3 yrs commitment and was discharged with a general under honorable condition discharge, Unable to Addapt to Military Life. LOL. I was a M.P. . My gung ho Seargent knew I smoked pot and I refused to bust people for smoking a joint. I had numerous letters of accomaditions on doing a outstanding job but was discharged for smoking the “BUD”
      After the Army I came home and started working and paying taxes and doing everything a GOOD citizen should be doing. But I still smoked the “TREE”
      A yr and a half later I got busted for dealing pot and spent 22 months in prison. I was not the dealer but the person who went and picked it up. I know I know… in the eyes of the law it was me who sold it to the snitch, along with another dozen others. I was the only one who didnt grow up with the snitch since grade school. anyway …… I got out of prison with the attitude I will never go back !!!! BUT I STILL SMOKED THE “HERB”
      I started working 2 days after being released. Paying my taxes and and being a good boy to avoid being sent back on a parole violation. I was only able to smoke a cpl times a month so as not to have anything in my system. I got married to a lady with 2 very young boys and raised them as my own cause there sperm donor was a bum. At this time I was off parole and was now a daily smoker of Ganja. BUT I was still a ………………..CRIMINAL ……………
      2 years after being released I started my own buisness doing home repair like painting and fixing things around the house. I didnt intend to start a buisness but my wife was pregnant and we was needing the extra cash. I didnt want to go to welfare to ask for help so I went out and found some small jobs to do and stayed busy for the whole summer basically working 2 fulltime jobs all the way to winter time. Spring came the next year and the phone was ringing off the hook for help around their home and it was then I decided to start my own buisness. There was 2 reason for my decision in doing this. 1) the factory was just starting to piss test for drugs. 2) I really enjoyed working for myself and seeing what I did made a difference ……BUT I WAS STILL A CRIMINAL…
      Now 22 yrs later I have only had 1 run in with the law. I got stopped for speeding and and ended up being busted for possesion and paraphenalia. I was not smoking it at the time but I did have a corner baggie worth and SOB, my very first pipe I had purchased way back when I was In the Army. Lost my license for 6 months for the paraphenalia charged. Which made me a criminal again cause I had to drive in my buisness.or go on welfare. But thankfully I never got stopped during that 6 months !!!!! And I never quit smoking grass. and to this day I am still a CRIMINAL
      Now after reading this you may say how is this a Thankyou to the Goverment. Well if the goverment had leagalized marijuana way back before I started my buisness I prob never would of quit. Instead I would still be working a deadend job for for 300.00 bring home pay a week barely making ends meet not knowing if my job will be there tomorrow,the factory I was working at made car parts…doors fenders hoods etc.)
      My home town of Wooster Ohio have lost many factories during the last 8-10 years. hmmmm. the BUSH years.. We have lost thousands of jobs as many comunities across the US are experiencing and I am sooooooo glad I dont have to worry about that !!!!

    7. Ray says:

      How loud do the American people need to yell in order to be heard?

    8. Anonymous says:

      I think the change.org people went way out of their way to NOT mention the number one issue. I call bullshit on this organization. Talk about “bias”. THANKS A LOT CHANGE/NOT .ORG.

    9. Shaman Stacy says:

      Me too Fonz, I’m voting and posting every place I can as often as I can! I am tired of being a victim of my own government. I am speaking loudly and often. We must continue the fight for our rights. If we don’t fight for them no one else will. Change can happen if we make it happen. Keep up the excellent work everyone, now is our time. Blessed be~

    10. orcaman42 says:

      If anything needs to be chain-mailed out to all your buddies… This is it. Blog about it, post the url everywhere you can! Then donate some to NORML cuz they’re helping to organizing us. More than “other” organizations.