You Asked For The Public’s Opinion; Now When Are You Going To Act On It?

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 16, 2009

    In August I commented on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s revealing interview with CNN, where she called on the public to actively voice their support for marijuana law reform.

    “We have important work to do outside the Congress in order for us to have success inside the Congress.” Pelosi said. “[W]e need peoples’ help to be in touch with their members of Congress to say why this (marijuana law reform) should be the case.”

    Ask and you shall receive.

    In the past few months the public has taken their message to the hallowed halls of Washington, DC in unprecedented numbers:

    Over 700 individuals have posted comments to The Hill.com’s influential Congress Blog calling on lawmakers to amend federal marijuana policy;

    In December, a question calling for the legalization of marijuana bested over 7,300 public policy issues to claim the top spot in Change.gov’s inaugural ‘Open for Questions’ poll;

    In a follow up poll conducted by Change.gov this month, marijuana law reformed was the eighth-most popular question voted on by the public, out of a staggering 76,000 issues;

    This week, the question “legalize the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana” finished first (by nearly 5,000 votes) in Change.org’s inaugural “Ideas for Change’ online poll;

    And finally, in yet a third poll hosted by the Obama Transition Team, the public’s call for “ending marijuana prohibition” is — you guessed it — polling ahead of all other issues. (To participate in this latest poll, please visit: http://citizensbriefingbook.change.gov and click on “popular ideas.”)

    In short Madam Speaker, the people have done their part — just as you requested. The question now is: When are your colleagues and the incoming administration going to do their part to end the federal government’s war on marijuana consumers?

    35 responses to “You Asked For The Public’s Opinion; Now When Are You Going To Act On It?”

    1. Jared says:

      This is amazing. If Obama does not act on this i will no longer trust him on any policy

    2. BEANO says:

      I am happy to see that marijuana legalization is going to become a wide and spread issue among America. As blogged before, three US television networks are going to broadcast coverage about the issue (I set my computer to record them all :-D). The Obama administration may have tried to blow off and ignore this issue, but now that four different surveys with different rules have listed marijuana at the top (or close to), they can’t. They’ll have to do something. Congrats, and keep pushing the issue! Don’t give up!

    3. The people have spoken and will continue to speak loud and clear.

      Marijuana has entered the mainstream. The American public is tired of their tax dollars being wasted on a futile and damaging war on pot.

      It’s time for the politicians to start listening.

    4. Mahakal says:

      Surely cannabis rescheduling should be a top priority of the new Congress. Otherwise the inherent contradiction of respecting the states which have made medical marijuana legal while claiming federally that cannabis has no medicinal use cannot be resolved. Barack Obama needs to keep being pushed on this issue and so does Nancy Pelosi. Thank you Paul and NORML for getting the word out.

    5. A. Silva says:

      YES, YES, YES!! We have commented, we have written our “leaders, we have emailed the Transition Team, we have spent time educating ourselves on the TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Let the gardeners save the world. TAX IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. normlrecruiter says:


    7. ChronJohn says:

      So how did the Change.org press conference go?

    8. Raoul Duke says:

      Why trust him on any policy at this point, eh? He’s just as bad as Nixon! That bastard…but in a different respect, of course.

    9. brian says:

      the president is “hired” to uphold the will of the people,if he doesn’t what good is he for us,if he denies our will then he should be “fired” right!! if mcdonalds hired me to do there will and i didn’t i would be fired right!! pray obama didn’t lie to us on his aplication!!the will of the people have spoken,now start listening and follow thru with our will Mr. President Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. joe says:

      well,I HOPE this shows the goverment that we(americans)feel strong about cannabis reform.I honestly dont understand why its so wrong to CHANGE.what dont they understand after 70yrs of prohibition we will still smoke and luv this awesome,useful creation legal or illegal.I urge friends of cannabis culture you have to OPEN YOUR INNER STRENGH and do what you can do.Even if you put a bumper sticker on your car.you helpd the cause.I WROTE to my pa congressmen(thanks with help from norml,mpp),I ran off flyers from MPP and handed them out.I talk to people who have simalar thoughts but are afraid to express themself.BELIEVE me this is the right time 4 this. I feel real good about what to come.we hve to show the opposition is we are real,the organizations r real.and show them more than the stoner image they protray us as.so when u write that letter be respectful and show them that we are educated cannabis consumers.AND IF U DIDNT SIGN THE MARC EMERY EXTRADITION PETITION U SHOULD.www,noextradition.net.h ?needs the support of cannabis tokers world wide. that man has been a great actiivist.he has stired the POT of the goverment and they dont like it.I WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A GOOD HIT WITH NORML,MPP,SAFER AND ALL CANNABIS LUVERS.much luv 4ALL THE STATES THAT HAVE FOLLOWED CALIS LEAD INTO MEDICAL CANNABIS , SWISS,CANADA AND OF COURSE AMSTERDAM 4 looking into cannabis with an open mind.U HAVE TO DO YOUR PART