DEA Still Raiding: Is This The Last Gasp Of A Dying Policy?

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 23, 2009

    There may be a new president, but in DEA-land, it’s still business as usual — at least for the time being.

    On Thursday, just two days after President Barack Obama was sworn into office, DEA officials raided the office of a California medical marijuana provider, as well as two medical grow houses in Colorado.

    Is this behavior the final gasp of a dying regime, or an unfortunate harbinger of things to come? That could be up to you.

    Several marijuana law reform groups, including Americans for Safe Access and MPP — as well as national media outlets — are urging concerned citizens to contact the new administration in opposition to the DEA’s actions.

    Call or e-mail the White House and tell Obama’s staff that our new President must honor his campaign pledge not to use Justice Department resources to circumvent state medical marijuana laws.

    In the coming months, President Obama and his team will be appointing new DEA administrators.  Congress will also be holding additional hearings regarding Obama’s pick for U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder. Let’s make it clear to the President, now, that the DEA’s behavior is unacceptable and must not continue under an Obama administration.

    Let’s make yesterday’s raids the last acts of a morally and fiscally bankrupt federal policy. Act now.

    43 responses to “DEA Still Raiding: Is This The Last Gasp Of A Dying Policy?”

    1. matticus says:

      The medicinal properties of cannabis can no longer be refuted. Why does the federal government continue to classify Cannabis as a schedule one drug?

      Rick Simpson of Canada has cured cancer with a concentrated form of cannabis that he likes to call hemp oil. He gives this oil to people suffering from cancer away free of charge. As of now he is touring across Canada spreading the truth that cannabis oil can cure cancer, and it won’t be long before word spreads to the public.

    2. suprime says:

      we are not criminals we are americans, let us live our lives the way our founding fathers intended

    3. Jim says:

      The marijuana movement isn’t the only group getting a bit tired of the nazi corporatist direction of our country. I don’t see Obama as much of a change in the direction we want to go.
      Not long ago there was the white arm band movement idea. Maybe we could get all of the activists site to promote the idea for a specific date. Soon. It would be nice if all of us slaves saw how many of us we were.
      We all have a say in how our country is run. Let us hold him to his words of being a builder, not a destroyer. We cannot continue this course anymore. Peace, Jim

    4. JJ says:

      I have no problem with the DEA’s presence, if only they were going after meth labs and meth dealers.. It is sad to see they go after marijuana because it is so common and easy to find, yet for every ‘bust’ they make, they lose more respect for themselves and the the population now can see that. The demand for marijuana is so strong, and entire economys in certain cities in america now depend on marijuana to bring business, and i think it is a great idea that will work wonderfully. Mark emery was able to trump the DEA, just by being one person who sold seeds.

    5. Anthony says:

      We’ll win. I just don’t think we’re fighting hard enough. Damn it, put down the joint and fight. I’m not a slave to my government, I’m not a slave to my job. The only thing that matters to me is self and family. Unfortunately, the government knows this because they do the best job at destroying self by imprisoning us and destroying our families over a beautiful flower of choice. Fuck them! We need a revolution.

    6. Anthony says:

      In furtherance, I think the liar should stop raiding the medicine cabinet of the sick and dying especially when he promised not to.

    7. Cyryl says:

      I was shocked and appalled by this news, especially since I live in Colorado. Hopefully Obama will work towards keeping his promise. I sent him an email about my concerns. Hopefully many others will do so.

    8. steven says:

      we need to get obama to include legalization in his economic plan. thats where it should be.

    9. Sweetskunk says:

      Everyone please send letters to Obama !!
      And visit my non-profit website
      All proceeds go to the fight for marijuana law reform

      Thankyou for your involvement!!!

    10. Kyle says:

      Maybe there is a way to show Obama how many votes he will lose if he doesn’t STOP DEA RAIDS ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA. A website with an official count maybe? I know if he doesn’t end the DEA raids, I will know his CHANGE is a LIE and I will vote for someone else.