President Obama’s Half-Brother Busted For Marijuana

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director January 31, 2009

    While not physically occurring in the United States and seeming a million miles away culturally, the arrest today of President Barack Obama’s half brother George Obama on marijuana possession charges in Kenya is yet another stark reminder to the world (and our new President) of the absurdity of marijuana prohibition.


    44 responses to “President Obama’s Half-Brother Busted For Marijuana”

    1. Jake says:

      This potentially could help us 🙂 sorry for him though 🙁 probably an ok guy just trying to get a little high

    2. Tara says:

      On Jan. 29, just two days before Obama’s brother got busted, I got busted as I was entering the screening area on my way to the visitor’s center at the Capitol…for carrying a bud the size of my thumbnail in a canister attached to my keychain–by a literal army of capitol hill police. what added to the frustration was the horror of realizing that they do everything by HAND, filling out multiple forms, in pen, only entering the info into a computer at the end of about 4 hours of form-filling. the “crime scene” team took at least 12 pics of the canister. yes, i was handcuffed and transported to a sorry little capitol hill police station that looked like something out of hill street blues. Obama’s team at the White House were dismayed to discover that much of the software on the PCs (!) was 8 to 9 years old microsoft software. talk about homeland security.

    3. Jeffrey says:

      Wow look how stoned he is! I hope this sends a clear message to our president that this war on cannabis is an complete failure.

    4. Gabriel Robles says:

      lol will you descriminalize or legalize now Mr. President Barrack Obama!?

    5. Mike says:

      LOL I’m so sorry it’s so wrong but i read this this morning and lomst died laughing. They’ve arrested so many people i know, and caused so much heart-ache for my family (the cops). We can only hope this will stick in Obama’s mind

    6. Jeff says:

      This kinda News should draw President Obama’s attention because IF he really cares about his family & Relatives…He would Legalize Marijuana =)

    7. business says:

      hahaha bitch slap legalize or realize its the answer to the world

    8. Anonymous says:

      wow… this will have a big impact on the way Obama sees things.

    9. Kevin West says:

      While I do not wish for anything bad to come to George Obama, his arrest may very well be a turning point that hastens our President to action on this issue in the United States.

    10. Raibies says:

      I hope this doesnt have the Jimmy Carter/Stansfield Turner affect.

      Legalize For Peace.