Dr. Grinspoon Needs Your Help Answering The Question: Why Do I Use Marijuana?

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director February 19, 2009

    Author, Harvard academician, NORML Advisory Board member and respected physician, Lester Grinspoon, recently updated his webpage and is seeking cannabis consumers to contribute essays to his newly launched blog devoted to furthering understanding and appreciation of the way in which cannabis enhances a variety of human experiences.

    An awesome essay submitted to Dr. Grinspoon’s definitively written Marihuana Reconsidered by a mysterious Mr. X originally inspired this ‘Uses’ project, later to be revealed as the late, great Dr. Carl Sagan.

    Dr. Grinspoon is looking for material for a new book examining the myriad and compelling reasons why so many people use cannabis.

    Essays can be anonymously submitted…or not.

    The ‘Uses’ webpage is companion to Dr. Grinspoon’s comprehensive medical cannabis-related webpage: www.rxmarijuana.com

    106 responses to “Dr. Grinspoon Needs Your Help Answering The Question: Why Do I Use Marijuana?”

    1. dave matthews says:

      one of the many reasons i use marjiuana…it helps me play baseball better. i swear. anyone else try it?

    2. Jeff says:

      Thas Whats Upp…

    3. John Thomas says:

      Dr. Grinspoon’s “Marijuana Uses” is probably the greatest little-known site on the web. I believe no other site goes on the offensive for marijuana reform as well. That is, instead of defending against the incessant charges of marijuana’s “harms,” its expressive contributors spell out in vivid detail what’s GOOD about marijuana – not medicinally, but recreationally – even spiritually.

      I’m a little curious about describing it as a “newly launched blog,” though. I have been referring and linking to it for years – before the term “blog” even appeared on the scene. What’s up with that?

    4. Dr. Kush says:

      I have been smoking marijuana for over 45 years. I started at the age of 15 years and I am now just turned 60. I am an activist actively propagating the virtues of this wonderful herb…not simply for recreational useage but for spiritual passage and medicinal purposes.
      I have had a lot of experience with psychedelic substances from the 60’s up to the present day and I now consider marijuana to be a “leveller” in my psychological makeup.

    5. Grahm Friedman says:

      I use marijuana as a nice cap to a hard day’s work. Whereas many people turn to a drink, dessert, or television, I enjoy a puff and a hobbie. I often use it to make music from a more subconscious level, I find my guitar playing is more from the heart than head when I’m stoned. Furthermore, I use it when i’m over stressed, it allows a moment to think and a means to shut down the unmanageable overdrive that the brain can so often go into.

    6. far out!! yall know it take we the people to relegalizge it..

      so far… let do it…

    7. 0n1n3 says:

      Thanks for the link, I have submitted an essay about why I use marijuana. I hope it enlightens someone out there.

    8. D-Bag says:

      What’s up with me not ever hearing about his site before? I guess better late than never. It’s an amazing source though and such a refreshing change from all the controversy I read about surrounding something so benign and innocent.


    9. dennypain says:

      For relief of chronic,sleep-denying cervical and lumbar spine,left knee pain caused by motor vehicle accidents and degenerative changes,(alternativly w/ Tyelenol and Hydrocodone);to get inside music and my guitar;to aid in personal and spiritual growth and understanding;for a laugh.

    10. BEANO says:

      I’ve seen Dr. Lester Grinspoon from “Penn and Teller: Bullshit!” -He does a great job as an expert to talk about marijuana and it’s benefits. I am in college and recently I was busted by a campus officer for possession of marijuana. I had to talk to the school about the offense and they made me pay a fine and write a paper on my view of marijuana… they expected it to be a 1/2 piece of crap… I made it eight pages with a page and a half of sources. The school was blown aawy. I’m thinking about submitting the paper to Dr. Grinspoon to read.