$10,000 In Prizes Awarded In NORML’s Pro-Marijuana Ad Contest

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director February 22, 2009

    Over 6,000 online voters cast their single ballots for top three NORML ad contest submissions.

    Cave Art: Humanity’s First Pro-Cannabis Ad?

    Checkout the winners of NORML’s $10,000 cash prize contest for best pro-cannabis law reform ads here.

    ‘Got to get over the hump!’
    NORML’s survey and polling work indicate that a strong majority of Americans support both decriminalization and patient access to medicinal cannabis, but, frustratingly as exampled in the latest Zogby polling, only a strong plurality (44%) of Americans currently support actually taxing and controlling cannabis like alcohol and tobacco products.

    The change in presidential administrations, cannabis’ popularity in the country, the outing of Michael Phelps, the record number of reform bills introduced in the states and the crushing economic crisis facing the country have collectively cast a great deal of focus on the question of ending cannabis prohibition portend that now is the best time in 30 years to widely broadcast NORML’s longstanding message of cannabis law reform for responsible adult use.

    What will it take to finally move public opinion sufficiently from tacit support for legalization to majority support?

    For decades some law reform advocates and communication experts have argued that advertising could be the likely missing component.

    Let’s find out!

    We can all afford to kick down $10 to purchase 125 TV ads, or $50 for 625 ads!

    Please make a tax-deductible donation to the NORML Foundation today in support of this important project.

    Let’s start a nationwide ‘cannabis conversation’, please donate in support of placing NORML’s ads on TV and the Internet, let’s get over the hump and achieve real cannabis law reforms as soon as possible.

    35 responses to “$10,000 In Prizes Awarded In NORML’s Pro-Marijuana Ad Contest”

    1. :) says:

      Can you please keep us updated on how much NORML has received in donations? Maybe a ticker with the amount on the top of the homepage so we know how much farther we have to go.

      I’ve sent a message to everyone I know and have donated $25.


    2. Mark says:

      Agreed! The only way to fight fire (Big Pharma dollars) is with fire (our dollars).

    3. Dave Lepage says:

      I donated but I am not clear if these adds will be shown Nation wide or just in certain areas!? I live in Florida and being the state with the most strict Marijuana laws, We need these adds on our local broadcasting BADLY!

    4. Stephen says:

      This I will.

    5. Bob Jones says:

      Finally the right steps are being taken now let’s get out there and raise the money people !!!

    6. juxtapostle says:

      Power to incarcerate determined by a popularity contest?!

      The Bill of Rights is supposed to protect us from this bad form of government: tyrant Majority rule.

      Don’t just fix a symptom…
      Fix the problem.
      Marijuana is medicine for sick justice.

    7. Rae says:

      For people to donate, we need visual motivation. I propose something like this:

      A meter that shows how much is donated and how much is left until we have enough to launch the Ads. Not only will this help people see how much more donations is needed, but will also let us know that our donations go straight towards advertisement.

    8. […] NORML Blog wrote an interesting post today on $10,000 In Prizes Awarded In NORML’s Pro-Marijuana Ad ContestHere’s a quick excerpt … of Americans currently support actually taxing and controlling cannabis like alcohol and tobacco products….Please make a tax-deductible donation to the NORML Foundation today in support of this important project…. […]

    9. Jason says:

      Just donated. I really hope that this can work out. I feel like we are on the brink of something big. In my side of the corner, I openly speak about cannabis and try to bring people together to openly discuss the plant and America mostly just suffers from a case of ignorance. It’d be nice if somehow NORML could come up with an ad that dispelled the popular myths about marijuana and exposed the contradictions that the government supports.

      Yes We Can.

      I encourage everyone to help out. This is the time we need it the most! We are the American people and we can change what we see is wrong. It’s time for our voices to be heard. We have nothing to be ashamed of and we have kept our heads down long enough.

    10. Freedom Forall says:

      Hello I know we are all broke right now, and so am I but the ads are great and I can’t wait to see them on tv so I dug down deep and scraped up $50 . Come on everybody dig up fifty bucks so we can see our message on tv. Thanks Stay Free