Take A Marijuana Use Survey, Advance Science, Possibly Win iPod or $250 Amazon Gift Card

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director February 28, 2009

    Want to participate in an anonymous survey that can help advance scientific understanding regarding marijuana use?

    Want to possibly win a $250 Amazon gift card? How about a free iPod?

    This survey from NORML advisory board member and university researcher Dr. Mitch Earleywine assesses a number of attitudes and personal preferences.

    Some questions are directly about marijuana and some are more general beliefs and opinions. the survey also takes a close look at drug and alcohol use, some symptoms of anxiety and depression, and personality characteristics.

    It’s markedly shorter than surveys in the past NORML’s highlighted and should intrigue most folks in the NORML community.

    As usual, the survey is completely anonymous, and there’s a chance to win prizes. Registration for prizes comes via a code number generated at the end that participants send to a separate email address, so there’s no way to connect your responses to your email or your identity.

    Take the survey here.

    61 responses to “Take A Marijuana Use Survey, Advance Science, Possibly Win iPod or $250 Amazon Gift Card”

    1. Adam says:

      I took it.
      It’s surveys like these that can open up people’s eyes to the truth about marijuana.

    2. TNT says:

      not a bad survey, I hope we get to see the results or how they use the surveys.

    3. Jeff says:

      The Green Life…

    4. smiles says:

      done… hope it helps.. free the weed

    5. Darrell Kilgore says:

      Took the survey seems to be good content.Hope it helps.

    6. alfonso says:

      The survey was interesting. I do not currently use drugs because I am a truck driver. I would smoke pot if it was legal. It should be legal and taxed just like tobacco and alcohol. Afterall, do we not live in a Free country?

    7. Lea says:

      The survery didn’t take me an hour to complete, maybe because I used to work for a survery company.
      Overall it was a good survey but I would have liked some personal medical questions in it to explain why certain questions were answered the way they were.

      Please let us know the end results Allen St.Pierre.

    8. Anon says:

      Imma win dat sh*t

    9. Matthew says:

      Awesome, took the survey! 🙂

    10. Voodoo says:

      page 9 cont’d “7. I usually think about what I am doing to do before I do it.” WHAT THE FUCK DOES THAT MEAN.

      page 9 cont’d “9. I limp from an airplane accident. ”

      what the fuck does that mean too??

      guys…what the fuck is this bullshit test? it doesn’t make any sense. most of the questions if answers truly make us sound like complete and utter idiots and fools. why the hell would anyone want us to answer these questions seriously unless they wanted us to be complete stupid morons.