Over 2,500 NORML Supporters Contacted Their Legislators This Week! Did you?

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 5, 2009


    Over the past few weeks, an unprecedented number of you have used NORML’s Capwiz tools to write your legislators in support of pending marijuana law reform in your state. In fact, so far this week more than 2,500 of you have taken the time to e-mail your elected officials! And while this tally is impressive — and your actions are making a political difference — think about this:

    Did you know that each time a legislator hears from a constituent, they count it as representing much more than that one person’s opinion? The numbers below illustrate just how much of a difference you can make by sending an e-mail, writing a letter, or placing a call.

    one e-mail represents 100 people

    one letter represents 500 people

    one phone call represents 500 people

    one personal visit represents 1000 people

    In other words, the 2,500 e-mails (and counting) generated this week represent the public opinion of 250,000! And those 8,500 e-mails generated by NORML supporters in February represent the public opinion of 850,000 Americans!

    Is it any wonder that legislators in Montana, New Jersey, Illinois, and Minnesota have all voted in favor marijuana law reform in just the past few days? Politicians in those states heard from you — and they received the message loud and clear. And they have responded!

    With this kind of strong showing of support, how could they not have?

    Of course, now is hardly the time to rest on our collective laurels. In fact, now is the time to step up our efforts and make our voices heard at an even higher decibel!

    If you haven’t written your state elected officials, now is the time to visit NORML’s Action Alert page and do so. If you have already written your state senator and representative, why not pick up the phone today and give them a personal phone call? Or even better, if legislation is currently pending before a Committee in your state, take time out to call the Chairperson of that Committee and urge him or her to support sensible marijuana law reform. Need contact information? You can find it all here.

    In the coming days, legislators in Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Montana will hold hearings and/or votes on significant marijuana reform measures. On Tuesday, March 10, members of the Montana House Judiciary Committee will hear testimony in favor of House Bill 541, which seeks to reduce marijuana possession penalties to a $100 fine! Want to see this proposal become law? Then consider sending and e-mail or getting on the phone.

    In the fifteen years I’ve been with NORML, I’ve never witnessed legislators more responsive to enacting common sense pot law reform than right now. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to hear from you.

    So keep up the pressure and act now! Changes are on the horizon, and your efforts are helping to make them a reality.

    67 responses to “Over 2,500 NORML Supporters Contacted Their Legislators This Week! Did you?”

    1. Dave Lepage says:

      please, PLEASE, Florida is in dire need! We need tp hit them hard with e mails, phone calls, and letters. Any/all support would be much appreciated!

    2. I contacted Rep. Johnny Bell, our district’s state legislator about the marijuana bill currently here in Kentucky about my opposition, and he agrees that it is an abomination to sober cannabis consumers who are driving! He will vote down any legislation targeting responsible cannabis consumers.

      Thank you Rep. Johnny Bell!

    3. JasonD says:

      Norml should integrate with the USPS email-2-post (Click2mail) program. Preset a designated letter, and we fill-out the sender info, which would be inserted into the actual letter also. (Create a list of replacement words and phrases, which would be used to randomly generate a letter with the same or similar content.)

      For a small fee, the letter would be sent, with a portion of the fee kept as a donation. (You might be able to get the bulk rate applied.)

      The letter would be from NORML, but the letter content would indicate the users information. (That would be a requirement, as well as a statement acceptance of, “I am from the state of _____ , and I am of legal voting age.”) A quick check of the letter, before it is sent, would be needed, but worth the effort towards the cause.

      You could also make a, “Print this letter”, option. On the location of the e-mail letter, which we could mail, to the printed address. (Using the same auto-fill form, and random letter generator.)

      Hire me, I have time. LOL.

    4. Anonymous says:

      Utah needs help

    5. Agent says:

      Quick question about the auto generated forms…if I submit it would I get letters in the mail from the representatives that the letters are sent to? Are these reply letters specific as far as what the content was or are they generic?

    6. Terry says:

      It will happen. We will not stop this fight. CBS News just aired a small piece, and he’s asking for your opinions on medical marijuana. (doc@cbsnews.com)

      I too am noticing a large amount of my friends who never smoked, and were slightly against it, are now more open to this debate.

      We will win this fight. It’s a fight of humanity and compassion, and that beats fear of the old administration. I don’t want to sound too political, but CHANGE IS HAPPENING.

    7. Josh says:

      Let’s keep the pressure up people! Now is the time to convince all your like-minded friends and family members to take the time out of their days to just send an email, mail a letter or phone a call to their representatives.

    8. Jay Wolf× says:

      Truthfully this goes beyond marijuana to the fabric of the governing dynamics of America. We can no longer stand idle on the sidelines while American people are being punished senselessly for marijuana. Prohibition of a plant or its fruit? If this is allowed to continue to be policy, we continue to tell them its OK to tell us how we are allowed to live our lives. Is that not prohibition of Freedom itself.

    9. Jeff says:

      Wow Thas Alot Of Marijuana Supporters…

    10. I emailed my State Senator, James Sullivan, 5th Wisconsin District. He replied in less than 24 hours. I made my thoughts/beliefs known to him and he asked that I forward him my home address and phone number. He wants to speak further about this matter. Unfortunately, there’s nothing being planned in Wisconsin…..at least that I’m aware of. I’ve gone from Recreational use of Cannabis, to using it almost exclusively for Medicinal purposes. Let’s go Wisconsin!!! I don’t want to move, but it’s getting a bit easier with the states around us implementing common sense. Peace & Pot!

      Jeff Peterson