Los Angeles Daily News: “Time Has Come To Legalize Pot!”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 9, 2009

    California NORML Coordinator Dale Gieringer has an excellent commentary in support of California’s proposed marijuana legalization bill in the Sunday edition of the Los Angeles Daily News.

    Here’s an excerpt:

    Time has come to legalize pot
    via The Los Angeles Daily News

    Every year, the state shells out millions in taxpayers’ dollars to arrest, prosecute and imprison marijuana offenders in a vain attempt to stamp out its use. Meanwhile, legal and more dangerous drugs such as tobacco and alcohol are generating billions in revenues for the state.

    … A new Zogby poll shows that 44 percent of voters now support taxing and regulating marijuana – and as many as 58 percent in the western states back legalization. As usual, California is ahead of the rest of the nation. Ammiano’s bill provides a path-breaking blueprint for change that would benefit our economy, safety and freedom by making marijuana a winning proposition for California.

    This is the second major newspaper in California to publish NORML’s op/ed. Several other prominent papers, such as the Sacramento Bee and the Fresno Bee, have opined similarly in support of regulating pot like alcohol.

    California’s cannabis community has also shown unprecedented support for AB 390: the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act. In the past two weeks, supporters have sent some 2,400 letters and e-mails to their state elected officials in favor of the proposal. Another 3,000 e-mails have been sent via MPP’s website. If each e-mail represents — politically speaking — 100 voters, then over half a million Californians have demanded an end to prohibition!

    Our community is becoming more and more outspoken, and the mainstream media is listening. In recent days, NORML spokespersons have appeared on Air America radio, and have been quoted in MSNBC, U.S. News and World Report, and the world wide news wire Agence France-Press.

    In short, our message is reaching more people than ever before, and the public is responding in record numbers.

    2009 is truly shaping up to become an unparalleled time for marijuana law reform. NORML wants you to be a part of it. Will you join us?

    43 responses to “Los Angeles Daily News: “Time Has Come To Legalize Pot!””

    1. Nathan says:

      I am interested if the price of marijuana will remain ridiculously high if it is ever legalized? I can’t imagine people abandoning their local illegal dealer in favor of buying equally priced herb with a fifty dollar an ounce tax.

    2. Kasey says:

      This is great! Maybe this legalization, should it pass, will be a fine example to the American government, and they will decriminalize it entirely, and eventually legalize it everywhere.

      Obama said he is not for legalization, but I would say that, if that is what the people wanted, then he would oblige.

      Where can I find out the progress of the bill?

    3. Fireweed says:

      I feel a change a’coming. I’m ready to move to California if this passes, or at least plan my next vacation. but what did that editor of the Sacramento Bee mean when he said habitual use of marijuana is dumb?

    4. Cherokee Fred Hussein aka Stupid old man says:

      This site seems dead? But let me share a thought you can share. I was listening to our leader President Obama he was stressing the need for health care reform. He stated the fact that one American every 36 seconds has to file bankruptcy over a medical bill they cannot pay.

      People keep asking on this and other sites why we stoners try to make the war on drugs a big deal. I am not a stoner but I do understand the tyranny and senseless suffering the war causes.

      If an Americans goes bankrupt they can recover they are not having their ability to make a living stolen. They can recover given the time and the ability to keep their job.

      One American ever 36 seconds is arrested following the rules of the war on drugs. They are jailed, made felons, have their house and property taken away. Their life is destroyed they are warped for life. The corner grocery in my town will not hire a bag boy with a felony record.

      If I had my choice I would rather face bankruptcy than jail and ending my future. What do you think? That is why we the informed or enslaved say ending the war on drugs is the number one issue to me and many others.

      I am also an activist for providing universal health care for all Americans at no cost. But my idea is to pay the bill by ending the war on US (drugs) and returning the freedom of choice our founders had the wisdom to grant us. Now the corporations and the religious right have fought and paid to have laws that take away your right to choose. I want mine back and fight the war ever day of my life…..

      Why should you care right? Most of the people jailed are those darkies and they deserve having their lives ended, destroyed put them all in jail! They are just n_______s anyway right? This is the attitude that started the war to re-enslave people of color……

      Like Lady Bird Johnson when she had her drinking problem it is a personal issue not a legal issue. I have never known a person to have a problem with cannabis and I have known thousands of them. You know one or he knows you! Drug problems of any type are to be handled by love ones, doctors, clergy and friends. It is not OK to destroy and enslave Americans just because it is a growth industry. How sick can this thing get?

      Cherokee Fred Hussein Jesus
      Help me end the nightmare
      restore our Rights! before it’s
      your Rights they want!!!

    5. Anonymous says:

      How come alchoholics don’t get arrested until they turn violent, but potheads get arrested immediately?

    6. Many people are still scared and remain hidden from politically being active. One on one coaching to recruit advocates is slow but it’s the only way to reach people who don’t normally follow marijuana issues in the media. By contacting one person per week to become a fellow advocate and NORML MEMBER, your local recruiting will produce an enormous chain reaction in support.


    7. Jeff says:

      Now i wanna move to California…Lols

    8. JoeJoe says:

      So,i moved from Atl. to Fl.a couple of years ago. at that time i had not used in a long time. In the last 2 months i have been using Mj. to help me curb my craving for Beer.i,m doing outstanding.i have lost 30 pounds in 3 months. I walk 3 miles. and i consume a herb that maks me enjoy my walk and i do not want to drink. so what does this have to do with this peace? well…Florida is back in the Salem witch hunt times for MJ consumers. Florida please we need to unite. and march on the capitol. Christ is a backwards gov. please on Florida boards we need to set a date to show them our strength

    9. Bradson says:

      It surprises me that Dale Gieringer and other advocates for reform really think that a $50/ounce tax is in any way similar to alcohol and tobacco taxes. An ounce of tobacco, about 2 packs, includes about $3 of state and federal taxes (or it will when federal tax increases to 1.01/pack next month). Alcohol has a similar proportion of it’s retail value as tax. Good quality cannabis costs no more to produce and process than tobacco. It shouldn’t retail for 10-20x more in a legal world. As Nathan#1 points out, the black market will still thrive if legal prices are so high. In fact, the illegal distributer will be able to easily undercut legal prices because the profit margins are so absurdly high. This will be fine with me if I can buy good pot for $20-30/ounce on the black market that used to cost 3-4x more. The illegal dealer will still make a nice profit and the legal market will collapse.

    10. David says:

      I will book a vacation to California immediately following legalization. I’ve been wanting to try white widow for quite some time now.