Congressman Ron Paul and Steven Baldwin Debate Marijuana Legalization On Larry King

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director March 13, 2009

    I received a late Friday afternoon call from one of Larry King’s producers in Los Angeles seeking some cannabis-related factoids and related information for an apparent debate tonight on CNN’s Larry King between libertarian Congressman and former presidential candidate Ron Paul, M.D. and, well, actor Steven Baldwin.


    Watch the video of the debate here.

    141 responses to “Congressman Ron Paul and Steven Baldwin Debate Marijuana Legalization On Larry King”

    1. Ben Straub says:

      This may end up being painful to watch. Anybody that debates Dr. Paul usually ends up looking foolish regardless of the topic.

    2. runlevel says:

      Ron Paul is clearly on the Pro Cannabis side.. so I can only assume steven baldwin is Con? If so.. who… really cares…. what an actor… has to say…

      Dronabinol is Schedule II (95% THC9)
      Cannabis is Schedule I (5-20% THC9)


    3. JASON says:

      Glad to see once again marijuana reform is making the mainstream media. The more mainsteam marijuana becomes, the more likely people will stop hiding it or feeling ashamed of using it.

    4. Kasey says:

      I hope this is good.

      Whoever is debating Pro-Marijuana/legalization better know their stuff.

    5. E says:

      Stephen Baldwin the ex Coke fiend turned “god fearing chrisian?” vs Ron (I should have been president) Paul? This will be good.

    6. Kasey says:

      ah, Ron Paul.. duh

      My bad, didn’t read it all thoroughly.

      Ron will do good. No doubt.

      And exactly as runlevel said… who…..really cares…what an actor has to say?

      Change might come, relatively(hopefully) soon too.

    7. PinayWhitey says:

      Definitely glad too see that marijuana is making its way in the media with positive people like Ron Paul. He is one of the many that will help people see that marijuana is just a plant! And it could help our economy during these tough times…

    8. Elaine says:

      ALSO__RIGHT NOW on CNBC they are re-broadcasting Marijuana Inc.
      Also–hoping Paul or Allan read this–one of you needs to go on Ron Reagan’s radio show next week and debate that Right Wing fear inducer-as well as a “drug counselor”–who were on tonight talking about how harmful legalization would be to society!!

    9. Jimbo says:

      Tonight ? Its not on the King website. What did they call Norml an hour before the show starts ? Im so confused. When does this air ?