GOP Senator Assails Administration’s New Stance On Medical Pot

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 19, 2009

    Charles Grassley


    I have a more in depth commentary on Holder’s comments and Chuck Grassley’s inane response online today on The Hill‘s influential Congress blog — which is primarily read by Capitol Hill insiders, members of Congress, staffers, and legislative aides. You can read my commentary here.

    Want to send Sen. Grassley a firm message right in his backyard? Post some feedback on The Hill‘s blog and your comments will get to him loud and clear.

    Republican Congressman Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) really, really doesn’t like the idea of patients using medical cannabis — even when their use is compliant with state and local laws.

    Just hours after U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reaffirmed that he will no longer authorize the federal justice department to undermine statewide medical marijuana laws, Grassley lashed out.

    “The first rule of medicine, first do no harm, is being violated by the attorney general by his decision,” said Grassley, whose comments were reported by the Associated Press.

    Funny, last time I checked Chuck Grassley represented the state of Iowa and only the state of Iowa, which is not one of the thirteen states that have legalized the possession and use of medical cannabis under state law. If Senator Grassley so desperately wants to control what people do in states other than his own perhaps he should consider running for President. Or, better yet, maybe he should just mind his own business!

    Senator Grassley’s arrogant comments are an affront to the 72 million Americans who reside in states where the use of medical cannabis is legal, and are objectionable to the 80 percent of voters nationwide who support the physician-supervised use of therapeutic cannabis.

    Offended? Insulted? Just plain pissed off? Then why not give him a piece of your mind?

    After all, he certainly doesn’t mind imposing his own views upon you.

    128 responses to “GOP Senator Assails Administration’s New Stance On Medical Pot”

    1. Darrell Kilgore says:

      Senator Grassley; Most times when people do not know what they are talking they should keep their mouth shut. So— SHUT YOUR PIEHOLE,until,of course , you are better informed.

    2. Stephen says:

      What a closed minded ignorant person. These are the kinds of people we really don’t need in positions running any part of this country. America was founded for freedom, and assholes like this guy are taking ours away.

    3. RevRayGreen says:

      Dude is a jack of an ass……I’m already working the local news hacks over this.

    4. Alec says:

      just sent him a piece of my mind 😛 Basically i said that i was offended that he would attempt to undermine the hierarchy of how our government works and that he should do his job and worry about his own state

    5. marton says:

      You can leave Chuck Grassley a comment on his youtube post at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAf0HYpmnoo

    6. Luke says:

      I sent him this message.

      “Senator Chuck Grassley:
      You should consider learning the facts about marijuana. Find a good scientific objective source. The gateway theory is quite ridiculous; the vast majority of marijuana users do not decide to use any other “illegal” drugs. If you honestly believe in this mythical hypothesis then you might as well start making a lot of simple popular luxuries illegal too, I mean consider how many hard drug users started with things like bread and water first! Please do not attempt to hinder our laws in California, we do not attempt to manipulate how you choose to run your own state.”

    7. SAINT RICO says:

      If You are a stoner from Iowa; I’d say the best way to help narrow minded relics like him on his way out is to : register to vote; then VOTE his hash outta there. POT may be illegal….but politics sure the hell ain’t!! We, as stoners gotta start VOTING!!! Get involved somehow; and let’s give ’em an “ich” that only the scratches of Legalization can sooth.

      RICO out**************

    8. Well let’s give Charles a piece of our mind folks.

      University Of Maryland’s, Center For Substance Abuse, published the following.

      Is Marijuana Addictive?

      The debate between marijuana and addiction has been growing steadily over the last decade. Many users may not display any signs of addiction or withdrawal, yet the number of users seeking treatment has been growing steadily over the years. Overall, it is difficult to say whether or not the drug is physically addictive, but it is known that marijuana use can lead to psychological addiction and social dependence.

    9. brewmaster says:

      I sent an email to him, telling him how outraged I was that he does not support medical cannabis. I am glad he does not represent my state! I highly recommend to vote against him in the next election!

    10. Sean says:

      Sent him a message. Don’t you worry.