NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director March 27, 2009

    As I wrote on NORML’s blog yesterday, let the White House laugh for now but the public knows that the marijuana law reform issue is no laughing matter.

    More states are moving forward to reduce or eliminate criminal penalties for marijuana offenses, and this week has been especially busy.

    If you have not yet gotten active in your state, now is most definitely the time to start.

    Here’s this week’s latest summary of how you can get involved!

    Taxing & Regulating Marijuana: As we noted previously this week, a pair of bills — House Bill 2929 and Senate Bill 1801 — seeking to “tax and regulate the cannabis industry” have been introduced in the Massachusetts legislature. You can show your support for these measures here.

    In California, next Tuesday’s scheduled hearing before the Public Safety Committee on Assembly Bill 390: The Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act, has been postponed. However, this is a good news! Members of the Committee on Public Safety and Health were anticipated to vote on AB 390 immediately following next week’s hearing. While it is impossible to know how the Committee would have voted, all early indications were that several powerful members of the Committee were expected to oppose the bill. We now have additional time to lobby the Public Safety Committee and the Assembly to support AB 390, which you can do here and here.

    Decriminalizing Marijuana: Members of the Connecticut Joint Committee on Judiciary heard testimony this week from NORML and others in favor of Senate Bill 349, which seeks to reclassify the possession of minor amounts of marijuana from a misdemeanor to an infraction. This measure is backed by a solid majority of state voters, and you can urge the Judiciary Committee to support this effort here.

    Members of the Rhode Island Senate Judiciary Committee also heard testimony in favor of a similar bill, Senate Bill 320. You can read about the hearing here, and voice your support by going here.

    Finally in Montana, members of the House Judiciary Committee deadlocked in a 9 to 9 vote this week on House Bill 541, which seeks to reclassify the possession of thirty grams or less of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor to a civil infraction. This action does not kill HB 541, as the Committee can reconsider the issue if just one member is persuaded to change their vote. Help them do so by going here.

    Legalizing Medical Marijuana: In arguably the biggest legislative news of the week, members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted Wednesday 234 to 138 in favor of House Bill 648, which seeks to authorize the physician supervised use of marijuana. The vote marked the first time that either chamber of the legislature had voted in favor of the medicinal use of cannabis. You can learn more about this effort by going here and here.

    In other progress, legislative committees in Illinois and Minnesota also approved medical marijuana bills this week. Key hearings and committee votes are also scheduled in the coming days in Montana and Alabama. You can learn how to support these and other statewide medical cannabis efforts at NORML’s Take Action Center here.

    To learn about additional pending legislation in Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Washington, please visit NORML’s Legislative Action Alerts page here.

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    1. Vote like a Beast says:


    2. David says:

      Still no word from Wisconsin.

    3. David says:

      Why is it so hard to find the donate button on this website?

    4. Troy reefer madness says:

      ya make flyer’s and make sure to vote I’m a bush voter myself don’t hate bush’s love to party point is Vote in the people make sign march on Washington call or see in person both you state and fed rep’s the place where law’s are made pound Obama with this over and over just like gay rights’s people do put down the bong pipe etc etc get the red out and VOTE make a real CHANGE don’t get told there will be CHANGE by a lier VOTE in the right people and make a CHANGE

    5. Ray says:

      Did anyone see the Debate between Montel Williams and that Baldwin Boy…?!?! Montel Kicked his ASS BIG TIME..!!

      Where can I get the information about the info that Montel talked about.. I need the information to make a HUGE evidence list to send to some Tennessee Legilators.. that want more evidence… I have the information and links to the Patent that the 2nd Bush administration put on Cannabis in 2003.. They Lied and claimed it has no medical properties. and at the same time they were telling everyone it has no medical properties.. they were awarded a patent in 2003 that states the cannabinoids have all kinds of medical properties.. I didn’t know that the government has a place in Mississippi where they grow POT and stamp it and send it out to what used to be 25 .. but is down to five people..

    6. steven says:

      agree with #13 your ‘donate’ icon should be better placed and BIG!

    7. watcher says:

      Put a paypal donation button on NORML. Only take about 2 mins to do it.

    8. Nightwitch says:

      If your Broke and have no money to give. Use good search and enter a charity name.

      If every search you a run a penny will be given to the charity of your choice

      How many searches a day do your run?

      NORMAL and MPP are charities on good search

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      This is FREE money you can give NORML or MPP

    9. Al says:

      Hey NORML can you people start organizing rallies in favor of current legislation happening in CA and MA? we need to be preemptive not reactive! Lets take it off the net and into real life! This is how alcohol prohibition ended: http://library.thinkquest.org/04oct/00492/we_want_beer.jpg

    10. David says:

      I just wanna take the time to tell you all that I love you people. We can get through this. Times are tough, especially after Obama’s town hall debacle, but we’re strong and our numbers are humongous. Probably larger than most of us realize. There are plenty of cannabis users out there that have yet to make their voice heard, for fear of prosecution, naturally. We’re fighting for them because we’re sick and tired of being treated like kids and criminals. We WILL stand tall. We will unite and we WILL win this war.

      March on Washington this year!

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