The End Of Marijuana Prohibition — In Under Three Minutes!

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 21, 2009

    The criminal prohibition of cannabis is an indefensible public policy position. Why can I say that? Just watch the video below.

    It’s been clear for quite some time that proponents of marijuana prohibition have nary a leg to stand on. When their position is scrutinized, even the least bit, it ends up collapsing like a house of cards. In this case, the look on FBI Director Robert Mueller’s face two minutes and forty-three seconds into the video says it all. His empty rhetoric has failed and he has no more artillery left in his arsenal. He’s been defeated and he knows it.

    What’s most amazing about this exchange is just how quickly it all unraveled. Faced with the job of defending a multi-billion dollar public policy — one that’s been in place for more than seven decades — one of Washington, DC’s top bureaucrats found himself looking for a place to hide in under three minutes. That’s all the time it takes to destroy marijuana prohibition.

    As the public support in favor of legalization continues to grow, we can expect to see more and more defenders of prohibition squirm like Mr. Mueller. That is, if there are any public defenders still left to be found.

    204 responses to “The End Of Marijuana Prohibition — In Under Three Minutes!”

    1. burt says:

      Thank you, the whole time i was thinking i’d like to be able to talk to a cop like that and be able to get away with it. nice job embarrassing that dude.

    2. jon says:

      i love it

    3. bromontana says:

      “continues to grow” link is broken.

    4. Aleister Wilson says:

      No, he’s right. I started off with milk, then went to Frosted Flakes, then Chuckles, and then Marijuana. Then I went back again, and had some more Chuckles.

    5. Rob says:

      What exactly was this hearing? I really expect one of these clowns, one day, to say, “ok it’s what I was told to say, damn im sorry, i’ll shut up now”

    6. CKDK29 says:

      Hell yea the FBI Muellur guy shut his mouth right away

    7. J says:

      Shut Down!

    8. Ninjavitus says:

      That is fantastic

    9. B says:

      Personally I think the gateway theory does exist to some extent. But, if pot were legal, the buyer would not have a reason to associate with black market distributors. Thus narrowing access to any other drugs even if the person want’s to buy them.

      Video was fantastic, by the way.

    10. Dustin says:

      That’s one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. I’m so happy that we have REAL people in office. Maybe someone will listen to them!