The Feds’ Position On Medical Pot: Organic = Bad, Organix = Good; Any Questions?

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director June 2, 2009

    Marijuana chemical may slow multiple sclerosis
    via insciences.org

    Armed with a $1.5 million National Institutes of Health grant, Temple researchers are studying more effective ways to treat multiple sclerosis. And their research utilizes synthetic cannabinoids based on chemicals derived from the marijuana plant.

    … Using a compound (O-1996) synthesized by scientists at the Medical College of Virginia and the company Organix, Tuma and Ganea performed animal studies and found that the synthesized chemical affected cannabinoid receptors present primarily on immune cells.

    … “This is a totally new approach to treating this disease, “says Adler, director emeritus and senior advisor for CSAR and Laura H. Carnell professor of pharmacology research. “These cannabinoids hold enormous potential, and that’s encouraging since we’re limited in options when it comes to preventing or reversing MS.”

    Okay, follow along with me if you can.

    The U.S. National Institutes of Health appropriates over one million dollars to fund medical research — not to investigate the therapeutic effects of natural cannabinoids (bad!), but rather to investigate the therapeutic effects of synthetic chemicals (good!) that are designed to mimic the effects of natural cannabinoids.

    Equally ironically, the research is taking place at Temple University in Pennsylvania — where any use of natural cannabis (bad!) as a medicine is criminally illegal, but where research into the use  faux cannabis (good!) is embraced.

    Makes sense, right? Well about as much sense as the federal government claiming that pot (bad!) has no medical utility while simultaneously patenting certain natural occurring chemicals in the plant — those that the Feds hope to one day profit from (good!) — as, you guessed it, a medicine.

    Any questions?

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    1. G says:

      just one big wow. totally outrageous. those greedy bastards.

    2. Anonymous says:

      God that’s so messed up in many ways.

    3. Ever since reading Micheal Crichton’s “Next” I’ve become a strong believer in not patenting things that occur naturally. No one entity can/should lay claim to something like that. Call me crazy, but I’ve always felt like they’re just afraid of the “enlightening” that usually comes with regular consumption.

    4. Rick says:

      The United States government is out of control.

    5. One of my last posts on http://therealmaloneny.com

      I could use some back up!

      How is this thread propaganda?

      I post Stories written by experts in their field…

      These people have researched the issues and reporting the fact….

      I am posting the truth!!!!!! Like it or not!!

      When the Government tells you the Pot is a gateway drug ——— that is propaganda!!!

      When the Governments tells you if pot was legal more people would smoke it ————– that is propaganda!!!

      When the government tells you it has no medical value ————– that is propaganda!!!

      When the government tells it’s farmers they can’t grow industral Hemp because kids will be getting high ————– that is propaganda!!!

      When the Police tell you that pot causes crime ————– that is propaganda!!!

      When minority of citizen impose it’s will on the mass’s with lies ————– that is propaganda!!!

      So you see it is not I, who speak with lies it is our government!!!

      I am allways up with a debate on facts….

      But really this goes much deeper,,, at the core of the problem is BIG Government telling me how to live!!!!!!!

      What gives you the right to drink a beer while you build your ice castle,,,
      Yet you turn me into a criminal if I choose to smoke a joint??

      is pot really that bad, that one who consumes it is a danger enough to socitiy that he should be caged!!!

      and caged at a cost of what???
      how far would you go to impose your will on others!!!

      This so called ” WAR on Drugs ” is killing america!!!!

      As americans WE “yes you Ice castle man” should be able to do as we please in our own homes,,,

      Would you give the gov’t your guns —– NO
      Would you give the gov’t your Tabacco —– NO
      Would you give the gov’t your Beer —– NO


      Why Ice Man? Why do you disagree with me??
      Their must be some reason why you feel the way you do Please Tell Us!!!
      Take a Stand Ice Man, Tell me why I am wrong!!!!

    6. Axel says:

      …and the Capitalist wheel keeps turning…

    7. […] the original: The Feds’ Position On Medical Pot: Organic = Bad, Organix = Good; Any Questions? Share and […]

    8. Timothy says:

      Unfortunately, the disconnect in government between actual science and enacted legislation isn’t anything new. I’d posit that the struggle facing cannabis supporters has always been grounded in the field of politics, and perhaps more importantly, image. Empirical data may sway opinion and shape overall support, but until politicians are made to believe there is a net gain in votes to be harvested from supporting new marijuana policy, it’s not likely things are going to change.

      The new NORML advertisement was a good start, but efforts to make medical (and perhaps recreational) marijuana legal need to hemorrhage, not merely bleed, into media outlets.

    9. Whitney says:

      Reading things like this makes me hate everything. Why can’t people just… I dunno, open their eyes? ;LKSDNF;Owinef;lkd.

    10. Tom says:

      All the hypocrisy with our government is really starting to make me sick to my stomach

      Literally. THIS is *our* government????