Get the NORML Blog on your mobile phone! Share NORML Blog with your friends!

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 13, 2009

    Thanks to a wonderful WordPress plugin service called “Mippin”, you can now access a text-and-thumbnails quick-loading version of the NORML Blog by pointing your cell phone’s web browser to our URL — http://blog.norml.org.  You can even browse the comments on a post and Twitter it to your friends.

    We have also installed a new sharing service which you can find by clicking Email, Tweet, Post, Share at the bottom of any post.  It will give you options for email, text message, Twitter, Digg, Facebook and just about every other social network and web tagger there is.  Spread the Truth about Marijuana!

    20 responses to “Get the NORML Blog on your mobile phone! Share NORML Blog with your friends!”

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    3. JJ says:

      Hey NORML, this is great. I love to get on here and blog away. Is there a monthly fee? Any extra charges? Just wondering if there is a catch, used to big government.

    4. Chrokee Fred Jesus says:




      Cherokee Fred Jesus

    5. Jeremy R. says:

      What we need is for ALL MPP , NORML and all others besides our selves to attend the AC360 and show them that their are more reasons why to legalize marijuana as well as educate them vurses letting them give BS excuses to keep marijuana illegal.
      I will be on there and will be posting this:

      “Evening Anderson and fellow Americans.

      I and many thousands of other Americans know that if marijuana was legalized and taxed that the the cartel would be lose 60 + % of their annual profit which would be like cutting off the legs of a chicken to the cartel. The only thing the Govt. is doing is suppling the cartel which gets more stronger drugs from the Taliban in which is also suppling the Taliban / Terorists. What we and the Govt. need to be doing is not suppling them but helping our nation by taking away the cartels annual profit which would also cut off the Taliban which would make it much easier for our Govt. to fight terorists who pose a threat to our nation. Alcohol & Tobaco are more addictive and more dangerous than marijuana ever could be combined yet marijuana which has a 0 death number is keep illegal when Alcohol and Tobaco causes more death and violence yet alcohol and tobaco are legalized and taxed.

      I think if we have strong facts and information like this as well as others such as violation to our rights etc…. with facts and other reasons why marijuana should be legalized and taxed that it would strengthen our cause even more. I told every one what I will be saying and urge every one to prepare what they will be saying and join the fight this up coming week on AC360 starting Monday at 10pm Est. Look forward to hearing / seeing every one their ….

    6. Glen says:

      Fantastic! Thank you!

    7. marcos says:

      hey jj are u retarded norml is and organization they dont charge for blogs, but they do accept donations, for support

    8. R.O.E. says:

      Hey ya people time to get on ac360 and protest Now if ya really want a protest,look at what the iranians are doing about their election. Ya Ya I know. Take away any violence and the fact of thier governments position,but these people are pissed and not taking it!Are we so lazy here? Any way I’ll be watching ac360 all week with the rest of ya.

    9. Jeff says:


      Mobile Marijuana


    10. Jeremy R. says:

      Now now guys we do not need to fight each other lets just take it out tonight on AC360 with facts and numbers and show them that they no crap in this field vurses the MPP , NORML and the rest of us who know the trueth . We have the spot lite now what we need to do is shine bright and do our best with out giving the enemy any thing to use against us. We are more mature than that and have the chance to educate America if not any thing else which is still a huge step . Personally it is a stupid war on Americans and American rights that is well over due to be put to an end through legalization and taxation instead of the govt. wasting Billions annually on something that they can not stop as well as helping the cartel and Taliban become stronger through the illegalization of marijuana that is in a way suppling terrorists . After all does it make sence to throw money at a problem to get rid of the problem or would it make sence to just legalize and tax marijuana use the money that is from the taxation as well as the Billions annually that our govt. is wasting and use it for the greater good to help our nation? The American tax payer is the one who votes and makes our nation strong and with out us there would not be a govt. a lone we make little difference but together we have a vast number that they must and have no choice but to listen to us. In short lets do are best tonight and help MPP , NORML and every one else who is on our side preveil over the injust and show to the govt. that when they violate our rights and push us around that we will not stand back and do nothing like the govt would like us to do. Lets prove them all wrong and stand together as Americans.