NORML Blog and Daily Audio Stash now integrated with Twitter

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 23, 2009

    We’ve added a new feature to our blogs!  Now whenever there is a new post to this NORML Blog or to the NORML Daily Audio Stash blog, the title and link will be sent out via Twitter.  You can follow @NatlNORML to receive the updates from the NORML Blog and follow @RadicalRuss to get the latest commentary on the Stash.  You can find everybody’s coverage of NORML by searching the hashtag #norml, which will be attached to all our updates.  Finally, don’t forget to re-tweet our updates to your followers to help spread the growing truth about cannabis!

    23 responses to “NORML Blog and Daily Audio Stash now integrated with Twitter”

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    2. Chrokee Fred Jesus says:

      Another tool to help in our fight…Cool

      Cherokee Fred Jesus

    3. I hate to sound like the old man I am but How do I twitter? I would give a tweet if I knew how. : ) LOL

    4. John says:

      Sooo, lemme get this straight, the more people know the truth the more the people in charge who obviously don’t care will change the laws? Yup, sounds like a plan! Ugh

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    6. Jeremy R. says:

      Yea…. Talk about a use full tool it should help the cause a lot. and even if it does not we are still here ready to fight for what we all know is right ….. Lets keep up the fight till they finally legalize and tax MJ…

    7. R.O.E. says:

      Can anyone give me a web site for Ron paul? I did a search on”Ron Paul” but didnt come up with something that would be for his site. Also as teen activist said, How do I tweet or give a tweet?

      I think having more tools to spread the truth is great, but I’m wondering, will it do any good? Like John at #4 is point to, The ones in office are doing as they please sooo….how do we force them to change it? Is there any news of Barney Franks bill?

    8. Jeremy R. says:

      #7 As far as I see the Bill at this time it is still in the Referred to Committee phase and may be tracked here:


      Other than that I did ask the question of how long does it usaly takes to go through the Referred to Committee phase but it does not seem that any one knows or have given me back an answer. I have been tracking the Bill since the 18th when it was introduced but as I have said it is still in the Referred to Committee phase as for how long it shall be in that phase until it goes to the Reported by Committee and then proceeds to the being voted in House and Senate stage. At this time it is all I have for us but at least it is some information wish it was more.

    9. Jeremy R. says:

      Every one you need to check this out it deals some what on the cause and is found here:


    10. Jeremy R. says:

      I take that back it is a Bill that Kirk the jerk is trying to get passed that we need to get stopped……