America’s Pro-Marijuana Reform Conference: NORML’s 38th National Conference in SF, Sept. 24-26

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director June 24, 2009

    If there were ever a year to attend NORML’s national conference, this is it.


    NORML 2009: Yes We Cannabis!
    September 24-26, 2009
    Grand Hyatt Hotel
    San Francisco

    There has never been a greater cultural, media or political zeitgeist to re-legalize cannabis than right now. Indeed, even more so than the 1970s era of decriminalization.

    Indicative of such momentum, last Thursday U.S. Representatives Barney Frank (D-MA) and Ron Paul (R-TX) have re-introduced the cannabis decriminalization bill that NORML help to write and champion for introduction in the 111th Congress.

    Take Advantage Of Great Early Bird Registration and Reduced Room Rates At a Four-Star Tower Hotel in San Francisco
    For this and other numerous reasons, if possible, please take advantage of NORML’s early bird discounts resulting in 35% off the conference registration and socials by registering ASAP.

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    Also, don’t delay in reserving your room for the national conference as NORML always sells out the reserved room block of discounted rooms. Don’t miss out on a room at a great 4-star tower hotel in San Francisco.

    Discounted Rooms at Luxury Hotel in SF…Reserve Now!
    I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the greatly discounted hotel rooms available at the beautiful, and centrally located Grand Hyatt Hotel San Francisco on Union Square.

    Single (or double) occupancy is only $165/night (rack rate for rooms at the Grand Hyatt are usually $275-$400/night) by calling 415-398-1234 (must refer to ‘NORML – National Sales Meeting‘).

    Add $75/night for an executive upgrade; triples and quads also available at $190 and $215 respectively.

    Negotiating $55/night for a 4-star tower hotel in the commercial district of San Francisco is one way to make the conference as affordable, and popular, as possible.

    Limited Number of Reserved Smoking and Wheelchair Accessible Rooms
    There are only 30 reserved ‘smoking’, and 10 wheelchair-accessible rooms available for cannabis and/or tobacco consumers. Act fast.

    Reserve your room here.

    Affordable Airfare Available Right Now
    A number of staff have already reserved flights at very low costs, i.e, $215 non-stop, round-trip on Virgin Airlines from Washington DC to San Francisco. Other similar deals currently exist on most airlines.

    Medical Cannabis-Only Day
    Lastly, the very first day of the conference is devoted entirely to the topic of medical cannabis, the emerging ‘cannabusinesses’ in a number of medical cannabis states (such as California) and ‘best practices’ for patients and providers. At the last two NORML conferences (in Los Angeles and Berkeley) the medical cannabis-only days were very successful and held on day #3 of the conferences; this year it is front-loaded into the day #1 slot.

    Once again, guided tours of medical cannabis wellness centers in ‘Oaksterdam‘ and other parts of the SF Bay area available.

    About 70% of conference attendees come for the ‘regular’ sessions and the rest come for the medical cannabis-only day, so if you have strong interests in medical cannabis (as you should), please plan on attending all three days of this year’s 38th annual national NORML conference.

    Can Last Year’s Conference Party Be Topped?
    For those who attended last year’s conference in Berkeley, the best efforts are being made to make sure that, if at all possible, this year’s Saturday Night Fundraising Party during the conference tops last year’s. If you can conceive of that!

    Again, with the incredible social, media and political momentum swinging cannabis law reformers’ way since the beginning of 2009 (building on decades of hard work), this really is not the year to miss NORML’s national conference.

    Please email conference@norml.org with any questions or concerns about this year’s conference, and I sincerely hope to see you at NORML’s ‘Yes We Cannabis!‘ national conference in September.

    >> REGISTER NOW <<

    Thanks for all your hard work and support for cannabis law reform!

    Kind regards,

    Allen St. Pierre
    Executive Director
    Board Member
    NORML/NORML Foundation

    p.s. The conference planning committee has left open a few slots for either your speaker or panel suggestions, please forward your suggestions or proposals to: conference@norml.org

    Partial listing of panel topics for this year’s conference include:

    -The Zeitgeist of Legalization: Why and How Did This Happen?
    -Pot Politics 2009 and beyond
    -Has Support For Legalization Reached The Tipping Point?
    -What Impact Would Legalization/Regulation Have On Use Rates
    -Cannabis Law Reforms Missing Link: Law Enforcement
    -Putting The Mexican Cartels Out Of Business
    -Marijuana Legalization as a Local, State and Federal Revenue Stream
    -Pot, Parenting and Legalization
    -Cannabis and Athleticism

    Medical Cannabis-only day
    -Panels and lectures on the health effects of medical cannabis;
    examinations and discussions led by expert lawyers focusing on emerging medical cannabis distribution models; taxation; zoning and business license issues and criminal defense representation.

    98 responses to “America’s Pro-Marijuana Reform Conference: NORML’s 38th National Conference in SF, Sept. 24-26”

    1. CKDK29 says:

      Sounds Very interesting.Shitty part is im from iowa an the way the economy is i cant afford to go but hopefully there will be somthin tht happens outta this.

      Hell Yea Normal

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    3. Manford Mantis says:

      An X’er is anyone born between 1960 and 1980, or the X Decades. There are 85 million X’ers, or the X Generation, and are the “largest voting block in the United States.” The reality of that is…X’ers can have anything they want…simply by voting for it. That’s right!…but…you have to vote for it, because prohibs don’t give a tinker’s damn about your opinion.
      Opinions don’t get the job done…it takes “INDIVIDUAL ACTION.”

      A gray…signifying the color of their hair…are retired persons. The world knows “the time tested power of grays.” Bring it on!

      Milleniums are the population following X’ers. These are X’ers sons and daughters of X’ers, and grays grand children. One thing to keep in mind is that Milleniums are not children, and are a force to reckon with. X’ers can make anything happen…but…when the grays jump on the band wagon it’s all over. The Milleniums complete the package, and are the final nail in the prohibs coffin.

      This may not coincide exactly with what has otherwise been described as X’ers, grays, and milleniums..but…
      if you add up the census, regardless, what the hell is left? Oh ya!…prohibs. Wake up prohibs…we’re going to play a little political game, and you’ve already lost…but…take your best shot.

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    5. Trent says:

      I loved the idea of going to this! Unfortunatly, I live on the East coast. I would love to go to an organized rally in Washington DC, perhaps that enthusiastic lawyer we recently heard from could speak. I heard that a rally like this may going on this July 4th, 100,000 tokers strong. Is this true?

    6. Chrokee Fred Jesus says:

      Our oppressive lawmakers and Bush moved more money from the hands of the middle class and poor. To the rich and themselves. What we have left is the poor and the rich. I think it is time to change the game. There are way more poor than rich. Lets get together and change the deal!!! Ending the war on drugs is number one on my list. Then universal health care for all. Fixing the TAX/IRS system. Stop our lawmakers from taking bribes and working not in our best interest. Fair wages for work given including making the minimum wage $10.00 per hour…. Lets fix these first then we can work on really ending the war in other country’s..
      And Government waste!!!

      Cherokee Fred Jesus

    7. Chrokee Fred Jesus says:

      I want the poster how much you need??


    8. Right on NORML. Wish you guys would produce that kik ass picture into flags and sell em. i want a huge one for my livingroom. Id pay dam good money. It could help you guys get extra income.

      [Editor’s Note: NORML’s 2009 conference poster is being printed and will be available in two ways, 1) it is a part of NORML’s conference ‘swag’ bag, provided with registration and 2) The 24 x 18 full color posters will be available for $15 (s/h included) or $25 (personalized and signed by NORML’s Executive Director). The posters are being printed in Oakland and will appear soon as a stand-alone purchase from NORML’s online store and the ‘2009 Conference’ section. Lastly, the 2009 conference artwork is already available on t-shirts and other doo-dads at: http://www.cafepress.com/norml/6771836%5D

    9. V says:

      Wish I could go; you guys do well and get the message out! Legalize to end the hatred of the world!

    10. R.O.E. says:

      Awesome, unfortunately I to live in Iowa , making it to this event wont happen.

      Yes I would like the poster too.

      Cherokee Fred Jesus, I like your ideas but raising the min wage would only result in the same thing that greed always does..price of everthing will go up as producers see we have more money to take, eating up any wage increase. Its just wrong how we are used, and abused at the hands of the rich. When your down they put a boot to your neck to try keep you there.