Dictionaries for the Drug Czar

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 30, 2009
    Dictionaries for Drug Czar Kerlikowske - click here to donate online to NORML and we'll remind Director Kerlikowske and President Obama that "legalization" needs to be in their vocabularies.

    Dictionaries for Drug Czar Kerlikowske - click here to donate online to NORML and we'll remind Director Kerlikowske and President Obama that "legalization" needs to be in their vocabularies.

    Remember this statement from our Drug Czar that “legalization” is not in the president’s vocabulary, nor in his own?

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    Numerous writers in the blogosphere (including me) said, “Somebody get Gil a dictionary!” So we decided here at NORML to launch the official “Dictionaries for the Drug Czar” Campaign.  Here’s how you can participate:

    Dictionaries for the Drug Czar Campaign

    1. Go to your local discount store and buy a cheap pocket dictionary.
    2. Find legalization inside and mark it with a yellow highlighter and a Post-It® or paper-clip on that page
    3. Mail that dictionary to the Drug Czar at the address below.

    Cheaper Option:

    1. Buy a postcard.
    2. On the postcard write: “Director Kerlikowske, here is a new word for your vocabulary: le·gal·i·za·tion (noun): the act of authorizing something previously illegal.”
    3. Mail that postcard to the Drug Czar at the address below.

    Cheap and simple no-mail option:

    1. Click that graphic up above to donate online to NORML.
    2. Fill in the boldfaced fields.
    3. Click the “Comments (Add any group affiliation here)”.
    4. Enter “Dictionary for the Drug Czar” in that line.


    Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP)
    Executive Office of the President (EOP)
    Attn: Director Gil Kerlikowske
    Washington, DC 20503

    75 responses to “Dictionaries for the Drug Czar”

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    3. This is awesome! They will have to listen to us! Legalize for the win!

    4. John says:

      Oh man this is exciting, Im sure total legalization is just a matter of days after he rec. and then tosses out all those postcards and dictionaries! The plan is FOOL PROOF!

    5. Mars says:

      Let’s do it.

    6. The Oracle says:

      This is a nice bit of agitprop. I’m going to mail him a dictionary. Apropos, in the Netherlands, politicians sometimes get mailings of joints from grass roots groups, anonymously of course. Maybe the next agitprop should be to mail President Obama and Congress joints. In the US one should probably wear latex gloves and leave no fingerprints on anything and pay the postage in cash. Agents can detect fingerprints on paper using an iodine lamp process. Let’s hope such an agitprop action is not necessary. That would be a very embarrassing demonstration of the failure of cannabis prohibition if it ever hit the mainstream network news.

      Here are a couple of great web sites of a couple of great men who were amongst the very first cannabis coffeeshop pioneers in the Netherlands. They are my heros, and I’d like to see Fred Armison of Saturday Night Live play the one if a story is ever made. Those of you in the know will undoubtedly recognize both of these cannabis heros, as well as the high profile Americans shown or mentioned.

      The webshop is closed, but their fan has got some great growroom pictures and menu pictures on it, now that it’s 3rd party because someone not involved with the coffeeshop (a fan) has to run the site because prohibitionists bitched about coffeeshops not being allowed to give even the hint of advertizing, not even online. Prohibitionists pulled the same crap in Switzerland and got the government to force the hemp shops and cannabis shops in Switzerland to take down their websites because they too now are not allowed anything that even hints of advertising.


      This other site (below) has some YouTube videos in it in English. Some of the links take you to pages in Dutch.


      Maybe some of the joints in such an agitprop would get through to Obama or the Congress, and then they would finally pull those sticks out of their asses and legalize it! 🙂

    7. Avoidance of the issue is fare play, we have to change something to make opponents understand that we’re seriously going to be in their faces to the end of prohibition. Just as I said before, tit for tat doesn’t solve anyone’s problems. We’ve been stalled, now what would turn the war in our favor?

    8. Styles215 says:

      Send it to the president too. Dont not Forget he doesnt know either.

    9. I gotta admit dam good idea. I might do a spanish-english dictionary and highlight both so there is no confusion. Im gona tell everyone to i know to do it to.

    10. i wonder if they are hearing the peoples will about legalization.it seems they have programed responses.

      I wonder if they realize that this question will never end until the say “yes we can” legalize, “yes we can” stop punishing americans for choosing a less toxic way of relaxing.”yes we can”allow the american people to use ther free will to choose to consum what they prefer…YES WE CAN?